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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Week 5 recap... Lets make this quick because I am hung over


   So last night went off like hot fire. Had a great time getting absolutely  trashed.  What a time. Right so I figured before I fall back asleep to work off my  super sized hangover  I'd do a quick recap of a pretty interesting week of Football.

    Lets do this ( very quietly )

   K.C  Chiefs V  Indy Colts-The Chiefs are getting hot with their second win of the season. Though without the sticky hands of Dwayne Bowe  they probably would have lost. Let face it The Chiefs play in a shit division so they are technically  still in the hunt.  But on the other side of the ball the same can't be said about the Colts. 0-5  and falling fast. Curtis "Teenaged Thor" Painter  has been better then expected throwing to his boy Pierre. But they lost because their defense is terrible. Indy plays Cinci   and Kc has a bye.

   Cardinals    Vikings-The Vikings finally won a game.  They did what I said and just let A.P do it all with 3 tds  and 122 rushing yards. Unfortunately for the Cards they still suck ass. With some explosive offensive talent they can't seem to put it all together .  Ron Swanson and Fitz  are growing as a tandem but  not fast enough. The vikings are set to battle the Bears  and the cards have a week of practice ahead of them hopefully they can put together and come out with a new game plan . Or they can just keep on being terrible.

   Raiders V Texans- Now I  like the Texans but I really wanted them to lose against the sliver and black. A few days before the game their long time owner  Al Davis. Some might say that he didn't really evolve with the game and he drafted wildly, sign bad players to huge contracts that they can never live up to and then quickly cut them. Al Davis just wanted to win baby win. Back in the Day he changed the game for the better and gave the world John Madden. Rest in Piece Good Sir. The Texans play the Ravens while the  Raiders are on a bye.

   Broncos V  Chargers-Its officially Tebow  time. The unruly masses of Denver Colorado finally get their wish. Like I said in my Tim Tebow  post he came in to the game when they were losing 23-10 so it looked like he was getting some junk time. But it turned out The Broncos were just pulling their punches with Orton  and were just waiting to explode on the Norv " Whales Vagina " Turner  "coached" Chargers. The reason I put coach in quotes is because Norv  is not a coach.  He's a guidance Councilor actually he's not even a good one. If you asked him for advice he'd probably tell you to wait until the last possible minute. He sucks as a coach. I don't get how they fired Marty Shott  after a 14-2 season and a loss in the Playoffs and they sign this jackoff  to an extension and  the Chargers are the worst. Bye weeks for them both.

   Bills V   Eagles-The Bills are good. Like Really good.  They picked off Vick 4 times and made the Eagles  look like one of those Pizza hut commercials that make you think Reggie Bush is a fantasy stud. It's a joke how bad they have been playing.  Is this what the Eagles really are? A team that  loses a bunch of games but is still the heavy favorite because for some reason their  q.b  is beloved for accomplishing nothing.  Vick is overrated  so are the Eagles. The Bills take on the Giants and the Eagles play the Redskins.

   Panthers V. Saints-Cam Newton is the Truth.  The only thing that can hold him down is this brutal schedule to start  the season. Seriously check  it : Zona , Green bay, Jacksonville, Chi-town, the Big eZ.  And this sunday playing Atl who is looking to get back on Their  winning ways.  I also hate to say this but the saints are not stopping. I don't know how they do it. I don't know if its just me or if other people feel the same way but I always feel like they aren't as good as the record says they are. Does that make any sense.  I know they are good but they have no real star wide out a stable of running backs who in other systems would be trash  and an older defense that seems out matched. But they keep on winning . Drew Brees is also known as the Truth so I guess that could explain it to my feeble mind.  Cam takes on Matty  Ice and the Flacons while The Brees  blows into Tampa bay for an old vs young game.

  Packers V  Flacons-I was able to watch this game with very limited interruptions. The Dirty Birds looked like they had this game on lock. Then came half time and I was  mislead. But with how bad Matt Ryan played  and how good Aaron Rodgers played in the second half it made me realize something. This is the new Manning Brady rivalry for the NFL. Granted Manning and Brady are still slinging it (not yet for Peyton but he can still do some damage) . But how many more years can these two keep going before they start calling games on CBS and Espn .  If the NFL was worried  about who would take up the mantle a few more of these Packer Falcon games and you can forget about  those stupid man Uggs  and Sony T.Vs . Packers play the Rams and the Flacons play Panthers.

    Bears V. Lions-How good is Megatron  ? The answer is Really fucking GOOD. Even though the Bears took the lead by half time. The Lions we able to come back again for a 3rd week in a row and come up winners. This is great I hope the lions keep it up.  If they can battle the Packers for the north this year it will be a great season.Lions play the 49ers  and the Bears play Vikings

   GiantsV Seahawks-This was an ugly game. The Giants offensive line was crumbling around the running game so Bradshaw had a tough time getting it going. But thankfully Eli Manning can throw the rock. Dude 420 and 3 tds  except he also threw 3 picks and the fatal pick 6 at the end of the game. The Seahawks and their  q.B? Tarvis Jackson played just good enough to hold the lead but they really tried to give the Giants the game. But no, no 4th quarter come back again no just sadness. The Giants play the Bills and the Seahawks are on a bye so  Jackson can rest up or Whitehurst  can pretend to be an NFL football player.

   Jets V  Pats-This game went as I  expected it to. The Jets came into this came pounding their chests thinking that they are better then the Pats. Problem is that Tom Brady still plays for the Patriots and this other guys by the name of Wes Welker who can run routes better then anyone else. But the big Offensive star of the game was engraves GreenElis . The normally quite running game blew up with for 136 yards and 2 tds. Welker also had 120+ yards in this one. But the big story came  a few days after the game. You can't spell Super Bowl Champion New York Jets without Never gonna happen you over rated Cry babies.

   So I did more then I expected so I am just gonna go . Enjoy the games this sunday. I'll be back monday.


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