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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Week 6 in your face... In your face!!!!!!


   Here it is Your favorite time of the week. The Week 6 recap. Yes, this has become a staple of the Phantom just as taking credit for shit that we had nothing to do with and the sales of Kanas City Royals hats in the New York area.  So lets continue the best part of your week looking back at last week.

 Lets Do this ....Its 6 for kicks , I don't know if anyone has noticed. But every recap I try to find pictures of the that weeks number  of cheerleaders in the picture. Like last week there was 5 this week there are 6. I have too much time.

     Steelers V. Jaguars-The Rookie and the Bowling ball took on the Steelers in what should have been a blow out turned into a close one. Big Ben and the boys cut up the Jags early going up 17-3 before the half. When the 3rd started it seemed like the Steelers left  the fight in the locker room.  The Jags made a bit of a comeback scoring 10 unanswered points in the second half.  MjD showed how tough he was by knocking off  Troy Polamalu's head with his knee. Basically tis game shouldn't have even been close but thats what happens when you fall asleep on a young team. Steelers play the Cardinals and the Jags take on the Ravens on monday night... wait what?

  Packers V  Rams-What has happened to the Rams this year? Weren't they one win away from "claiming" a home field playoff game last season? Well, this years is completely different an 0-5 start  has them not sucking for luck but sucking for who ever is the second best option. They need a true #1 wide out to help out Bradford who threw for 328 with 0 td's. On the other side, the Packers have been fire flames to start  the season. A 6-0 start with no plan on stopping. A-Rod has shown the world that he is the real deal.  Problem is their  running game is for shit  but it doesn't matter when A-Rod is throwing 300+ a game with 3 td's a game. Packers play the Vikings in a battle of the North, and Rams look to win game 1 against the Cowboys.

  CowboysV Patriots-This was a game that makes you say "Ugh Fucking gross" . I don't see how this was a good game. 3 total picks 3 total fumbles, 3 total touchdown, and  5 field goals made.  How can anyone say this was a great game when two High powered offense can't beat to low powered Defenses. This game should have been  54-48. But no Brady and Romo  besides giving reports wet dreams every time the ball was snapped looked lost and uncomfortable the whole day until Brady hit Aaron Hernandez with a last drive td to end what ever magic the Cowboys never had. New England is on the Bye and Dallas swagger their crap back home against the Rams.

   Buccaneers V  Saints - The big Nfc  south matchup the Bucs are looking to break out of the Saints and Falcons shadow. And they did with a last minute end zone interception of all of sudden elite Drew Brees. When did this guy become so good that everyone is scared of him? Wasn't he forced out of San Diego because of Philip Rivers? Now all of sudden he wins one super bowl which was really won by the defense and now he is the second coming of Arthur Fonzerllie .  I don't get it yeah he has a big arm and can lead but so can Eli and he has made the playoffs more times then Brees . Sorry, the Bucs and Josh Freeman took control of first place of the South and look to extend the lead when they play Bears. While the Saints pull their float into Indy to play the  0-6 Colts . Maybe they'll see some Indy boobies... Highly doubtful .But the hype surrounding this game is deplorable " the Rematch of the 2009 Superbowl. " I know they make these promos in the pre-season but I think networks should do some editing a week or so before the game to fix it.

  49ers V. Lions-The Lions suffered their first loss of the season and the niners continue to surprise the world. Everyone thought once Big Jimmy Harbro  came into the fold they were gonna pack it in early so they could be the team to suck it hard for luck. But Surprise Phuckers  there will be no luck sucking in San Francisco  you can write your own jokes on that one. Even though this game was probably the best game on tv  . Lions took the first quarter lead, Niners came close, half time, All Niners to the end. Megatron  only had 113 yards, joke. Something else happened in this game which I am blanking on. Oh I know something huge happened like headline grabbing. It Shook the world it handed the NFL a black eye. Fuck it I am not koy at all. The Lions Play the Falcons and the Niners take it easy on a bye.

   Jets V. Dolphins-To quote Derrelle  Revis " I don't care". Jets beat the fuck out of the Fins. It was so bad my dude Chester had to call me up at 12am and tell me that he was burning his Brandon Marshall Jersey which made me think "they actually sell Brandon Marshall Jerseys ? I thought you had to be good." The Jets play the Chargers which is now a rivalry somehow and the Dolphins take on Tebow  after they Honor him. Yes thats right Florida is going to Honor Tim Tebow  before the game. You can't make this shit up.

   Bills V  Giants-After getting humiliated by the Seagulls last week the Giants were looking to inflict some pain on the only team that actually plays in New York State. But the Bills had other plans. They put together a hell of a game. Fred Jackson smoking fools on the ground Fitzpatrick through the air just bust'n their nuts were ever they wanted. Until the 4th quarter when Corey Webster remembered he plays in the NFL and picks off Fitz  twice.Also it helped when Ahmad Bradshaw  had 3 rushing td's. Both these teams have a bye this week so I will be working on sunday afternoon.

   Well, thats that. Look for Christian Ponder to get his welcome to the show slapping around by Green Bay and John Beck starts for the Redskins but seriously this looks like a shitty week of games. The Flacons and Detroit game should be the best one but I have little hope that these matchups  will blow any one away. Who will suck for luck this week?

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