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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

What is everyones deal lately


      I don't get  whats going on in sports lately?  Drinking beers, talking shit on the field , and being critical  of  game officials all of that is apparently like shouting "666, Satan is awesome and Lets kill a billion puppies" at a pre-school  presentation of  Jason and his technic-color dream coat. When did all of this normal stuff be come contraband? Let me explain.

    I mentioned before that the Red Sox during their collapse a few of their star pitchers on days that they were not starting would go into the clubhouse and drink rally beers and ate some Popeye's Chicken.  Now Joe Torre  is looking into drinking in the club house. This story was brought to my attention by Barstoolsports  and Espn .  And I am extremely mad at baseball. This has to stop now. Everyone who is suspected of downing probably Bud heavies because thats the only beer you should be drinking at baseball games because it gets you messed up fast, is over 21 and did not drive anywhere drunk or harm anyone. I am still trying to figure out what the problem is? Torre  said some shit about being role models to kids. I don't know where Joe Torre  played Little league  but when I did me and the boys never drank beers in the club house due to the fact there was no club house attached to the little league, high school fields. I am so mad at this story that I can't form sentences to show how mad I am. Seriously this is such a non story and it probably wouldn't be a story if they made the playoffs. But if the whole reason  the second coming of localized prohibition, which honestly never works because if players can't get loaded on days they are not going to be a factor, in the club house they are just going to go out and get loaded somewhere else. Which will lead to a rise in DWI's  and more hilarious mug shots but this could start some shit that wont be funny.  Just because the Texas Rangers are a bunch of "Straight edge" pussies doesn't mean the rest of the league should tattooed up their arms with "XXX". Joe Torre  is slowly draining the fun out of baseball. He is like a lame vampire, the douches from twilight are cooler then Joe Torre. Why hasn't any team given this ass bag a managing gig? Oh I know why because without a load team with a high payroll he wouldn't get past the wild card.

    Oh no the Detroit Lions said so mean things about Matt Ryan when he was lying on the ground. Oh did they? I was watching SportsCenter after the  Jaguars and Raven game which  was an expo in  kicking. Kids if you want to be an NFl Kicker just watch this game . But SportsCenter had this segment on how trash talking is in the game. They pulled out all the stops. Getting their Basketball guys  and  NCAA dudes as well.  As they went on and on it became white noise to me because isn't the whole point of sports is to prove your better then you opponent both mentally and physically? Well,  I guess you can put up 62 points on a struggling team but if you say boo to them you're  a douche. Sports are the one place where you can call someone out and tell them how they couldn't stack up to late 90's Christopher Reeves when they are covering you in the slot. I know the Lions said some shit like get the cart and shit like that. Boo Fucking Who! Grow up I have said worse when I beat my 12 year old cousin at Guitar Hero. The thing that I don't get is now I know I could be outlandishly wrong about this but isn't talking trash on the field the same as when one of these  former players and reports rip apart athletes on sports shows? Correct me if I am wrong but If someone hits me and says I am no good I get that but when someone who is a thousand miles away and never even came near me says I am trash  but instead of it only being on the field where only I and probably a few other people can hear it they are saying it where millions of people can hear their brand of shit talk.  So what I am trying to say since that might have been jumbled because I am still pissed about banning Rally Beers, is that  the reports and analysts are talking worse shit then the players. I could be wrong but if you think about it I am right. So  when Joe Torre  gets hired by the NFL to stop on field bullying and suck the fun out of that sport too. Also ease up on Carson Palmer the week before he was jacking it on his couch, he wasn't supposed to be in that game at all the fact he even completed a few passes is mildly impressive.

     I don't know if I should write this part I might be fined $5,000 for being to harsh on these clowns.  I don't know if its me or maybe someone else has noticed but in both the NFL and MLB the refs/umps  have been terrible. If you saw game 3 of the World Series in the top of the 4th a very "Questionable" call on a double play. If by questionable they meant totally blown call they are right. Matt Holliday who is the king of getting shitty call his way, Padres fans know what I am talking about, is call safe after Mike Nappoli   punched him in the back of the head 5 feet before the first base bag.  There has also be a rash of terrible penalties in the NFL. Mostly where players can hit another player. Actually where can you hit someone in the NFL? Can't hit a guy below the knees, can't hit a guy above the numbers so that leaves about 2-3 feet of hittable space. I'll be sure to remember that when I am running full speed trying to stop some dude from catching a pass. Seriously let them hit each other. They all ready have more protection on them then cops and soldiers might as well as let them beat the shit out of each other.  It is raining so much yellow R.Kelly is blushing. Whatever man no matter how much you complain to these guys they just will fine you and call against you. The Officials are that kid in school who causes so much shit but when you call him out he'll rat you out to the principle for being a bully.

   I am tired its about 2:30 am right now so I am gonna hit it. When you see this in the Morning or afternoon or on google images I will be sleeping day off tomorrow. Sadly I really want to work or do something creative so obviously not blogging. I think I might have some rally beers in the morning and then go work out. RALLY BEERS! They'll taste so much better when Torre  bans them.


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