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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Who's the better Q.B in New York. The question will finally be answered

       WHOA two posts in one day what a surprise! I have been lounging around today due to having the day off actually I have up until friday off so I might be doing these two a days so that I don't go insane watching Law and Order S.V.U on netflix .  So I was listening to the hype of Mark Sanchez to die off  faster then shots of Stole Razz at breakfast at Joe Namath's house.  It got me thinking  on who is the best Qb in New York . The only reason why I am bringing this question into the light is because its about that  been  4 weeks so that is the appropriate amount of sample time allowed in things like this.

     So I am going to put up their career stats. I know I know Eli has been playing longer then Sanchez but if the pros in the biz want to bring up this question every day then its fair  for this  jackass to bring it up.

     Eli Manning-  Drafted  first overall from Ole Miss by the San Diego Chargers and then traded to the New York Giants for a few first rounders in 2004  and took over as a starter midway through the  04-05 season. But since he took over as the franchise quarter back for big blue Eli has lead the team to 4 straight playoff appearances with a Super Bowl Championship and a SuperBowl MVP.  Here are his overall career stats: 164 touchdowns, 115 interceptions, 23,712 total yards 81.1 qb  rating, 58.2% passer and s now the holder of the longest active start streak heading toward Brett Farve's  record of a billion and one games  with 109 straight starts.

     Mark Sanchez-Drafted fifth overall from USC by the New York Jets, the Jets traded up a few spots to get their future star qb in 2009. Mark got the call right out of camp to take Rex Ryan's defense to the promise land. In his first two year he has lead the Jets in some pretty intense and impressive playoff games . Going to the AFC Championship game both years beating guys like Rivers, Manning, Brady and Palmer ( Palmer isn't that bad of a qb just was on a terrible team) but falling short due to bad play calling on key drives. Sanchez has shown the ability to be a leader. Here are his overall stats so far:  35 touchdowns, 38 interceptions, 6,740 total yards,71.0 qb rating, 54.4% passer rating and like I said before 4-2 playoff record with 3 victories coming on the road in very tough places.

   It seems unfair that I am going to judge these two since there is a 5 year difference. But like I said before if  Michael Kay can do it so can I. Actually to be fair the pros aren't going by the stats to judge these guys . But  how they fundamentally play the position and how they lead their team.

   Mark Sanchez despite this past week has been getting the most love in the Big Apple. Why ? Its because he plays for the walking hype machine and a very good defense. Sanchez has been playing for a run first offense but the running backs have not been good so far this season. Now he has to step up  and lead with his arm and gutsy-ness. I have watched enough Jets games to know that Sanchez is a product of the system. He came from a top 10 program in college and never faced any adversity  there so coming into the NFL he looked pretty good to the scouts. There is no qb better at the play action I feel then Mark Sanchez right now. He is really good at faking out the defenses, everyone expect him to have a weak arm that is not that accurate but it is. He can cut up a defense like the best of them . But as good as he can be  we have seen Sanchez crumble when nothing goes his way. Heres a play that will define Sanchez until he wins the Super Bowl.  The 2010 AFC championship game  the goal line stance. 4 running plays in a row that were stopped 4 times in a row. Was it because he was still a young qb and didn't want to question his coaches or did he not have confidence in him self to make the short pass. Only he knows.  This past weeks matchup  against the Ravens it showed that Sanchez can't really handle a ton of pressure.  He Still has a  long way to go.

    Eli Manning is coming off a terrible season. Fot the second year in a row the  Giants have failed to make the playoffs as Eli threw a career high in interceptions and look nothing like the Eli that won the Superbowl a few years before.  He was jumpy erratic and inconsistent. But still through all of that Eli threw for 4,000 and had 31 tds.  The big difference between Eli Manning  and Mark Sanchez is Eli's effectiveness in the  4th quarter and when the game is on the line. Over his career Eli has shown tremendous accuracy and unwavering focus in the 2 minute offense there are only a few better. Eli started off the season by saying he should be consider one of the top 5 like Brady. Now I am a giants fan but I am not going to say that Brady and Eli are on the same level. Brady is a way better and Eli  no question. But Eli is at least in the top 7 of QBs .  Eli has less to prove this year with the injury riddled Giants but right now you wouldn't know it.  The Giants are on a 3 game winning streak. Heres the truth  Eli is a Manning, no shit I know. What that means is that he is going to study  film and run drills for hours on end. Archie raised nerds.

    I really wanted that to sound unbiased but it did. But I stand by what I said. Eli Manning is the best Quarter back in  New York.  He is and will always be because He can play Quarter back better then Sanchez. Always did and Always will. Eli can carry  a team in any situation. When the game is close and you need a leader who would you pick.... Thats right the Goofy kid from Louisiana. The nerd  not the pretty boy.   I know its biased , But if you disagree go to the nearest mirror and say that when the game is on the line and the best receivers on the team are blanketed by the secondary  who do you want  with the ball? Thats what I thought....

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