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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

I have to recharge my batteries more time then... Crap I can't come up with anything good... It's about T.V shows

    I am literally sitting in my living room right now just staring blankly at the t.v. I cannot come up with a good sports post today.  You think I would be able to with the NBA likely back and the rumors of CP3 coming to the Knicks , how bad the Giants are right now, with the back and forth support of the Jets being more annoying then the Super Bowl rants that they normally do , the Mets going after all the best 4 A talent in the bargain bin, or how NFL players are actually idiots like super sized morons. But none of those ideas are clicking. The only thing that I can think of is " Why don't I write about my favorite T.V shows or how much I hate Words with Friends or an open love note to my girl T-swift [that wouldn't be at all creepy ). Yeah so I am in a sports loss for now. I think the beard I have grown this month has sucked out all of my smart brain cells so that I can have a pretty sweet red beard.  So out of those three pretty flimsy but somewhat comical ideas I am going to pick one.... The one that wont make me look like a creep. So I am going to try to trick my brain in to jump starting by writing something completely pointless and way off our mission statement of sports and other bro stuff.  Well, there are two other writers on this blog so they could... Oh wait it appears its just been me since halloween.

   Right so I am not going to list like 10 show that I think everyone should watch or be watching like I work for T.V guide or those other publications that only deal with spouting out  moronic swill because I have my own brand of moronic swill I pour on the masses that influences. Look at the Royals I said they can make some moves and now they locked down Jonathan Broxton   to make a mess of their bullpen. So I am just gonna throw out some shows if you want to watch them your life will be greatly made better if you don't you'll die alone in the back alley of a crack house that you got kicked out of for being too cracky... Well probably not but you should watch these shows.

      ________________________________Lets Begin_______________________________
* Do you like that I think I am going to try it out . Give me some feed back on the Facebook site.

Breaking Bad - I know a lot of people have been signing the highest praises of this show but I never got into it because I didn't know what channel it was on until season 3 and I didn't know if I could handle Malcolm's dad being a total boss after years of him being kind of a bitch. But pre conceived notions shatter. Walt White is a bad ass. So far I am in season two so don't get on me. It's funny because I have had two separate conversations about how big of a bitch Walt's wife is. I do also like how Walt and Jesse who are bumbling along the crystal meth game are trying to move some of the cleanest meth ever seen but they keep on getting in to shenanigans. But they  ice two high level dudes in the drug game and seem to not have any angry soldiers of those guys on there shit so far. Remember only in season 2 episode 6 so I could be wrong. But right now I am hooked and I keep on  making hooked on skontay   or meth jokes that are falling flat because most of the people I know don't watch the show so they think I have a drug problem.

The Walking Dead - If you don't watch this show your as dumb as Sinoe Pouha  . Read the article I linked because it's a doozy. Pouha   thinks Stevie Johnson's dance number was an insult to 9/11 when it totally was it. It was a rip on Plax . But enough about that non sense lets talk about fucking ZOMBIES! This show is amazing, its test the boundaries of how much gore will cable show each week. This past sunday was the mid season finale and oh man it was sick. I wont tell you what happens but I gotta say watch this show. Rick Grimes , his wife and his son lead a rag tag group of misfits through the zombified state of Georgia. This show basically has the two mind sets of a zombie invasion. One side is to survive find a spot and take care of what you have and the other is to go around and fuck shit up. These two view points are masterfully acted by Andrew Lincoln ( Rick ) and Jon Bernthal   (Shane, though he might also be know for his more famous role as Al Capone in Night at the Museum 2: The search for Curly's gold).  I have been watching this fire ass show since day 1 and have yet to be disappointed well the second season moved pretty slow up until the finale but that had to happen. Shit is a bout to go down. Watch this show.

   Law & Order :SVU - I am talking about seasons 1-12 season 13  I haven't watched because I watch other shit. But the old school episodes are a straight up game changer. You can't go one season without being hooked. I know that sounds weird that a show about sex offenders, kid murders, and just the worst kid of people is addictive but when Benson , Stabler, Munch and Tutuola   put a stomping on these monsters you just get into it. It gets a little dull when they kick it over to the A.D.A's but Casey Novak is my gurl  . All I am saying is watch this show it's really good.

   The League - This might be the show that all my friends are trying so hard to relate to. Not saying that  there aren't any parts of the of the show we don't relate to the characters we do. The League has to be the most original sitcom on t.v today. It doesn't try to be overly funny like sitcoms with a laugh track . It basically is a bunch of successful bros who have known each other since high school and have stayed good friends through out college, marriage,kids and jobs  as they compete in an 8 team league. So thats pretty much it. I mean its doesn't try to be nothing more then just a group of normal dudes who play fantasy football. These guys have normal jobs that people would go to college for . Kevin and Ruxin  are lawyers, Andre is a doctor, Pete does some sort of office work and Taco is a stoner. The show is amazingly funny. It feels so real , I mean I could have conversation with my friends and it would basically be like  an episode of this show. I know it sounds stupid but I am having trouble explaining why this show is so good but it is .

   How I met your mother - This is a staple in my t.v repertoire. I got into this show probably the day after  my  brother bought the dvd of season 1. If you haven't seen it basically it's the only show with a laugh track that is funny. The show would work without the laugh track because the actors are really funny. But CBS loves laugh tracks. We have been a this roller coaster of Ted Mosbey , architect  love life for about 7 seasons now and with  more twists and turns  then a M.Night Shaymalalnanana  movie. But really Ted goes about having relationships with some way out of his league shaw'tes . This season has been pretty good except for the downfall of Robin Shabotski . What the hell happened? Seasons 1-6  she was unreal now she looks like the lamest form of hipster chick.  Shit has to go back to the good ol ' days. The de-evolution of Robin has been the reason why I don't feel too bad about missing an episode on monday night.  But still its pretty funny  Lilly is bringing heat like she did in American Pie 3. You should check out the great thing is the season 1-6 is on Netflix streaming now so that is extremely helpful.

  Curb Your enthusiasm - If you loved Seinfeld  you will  devourer this show. It's  Seinfeld with cursing. The show centers on Larry David who just says whatever he is thinking to the dismay of everyone around him. It's honestly fantastic. I can't express how much I love the show . Ok just imagine you  screen is about 50 feet wide and the edges of this post reached those 50 foot edges . I love it this much
Get it ?

   So yeah that is that. I watch a bunch of t.v but  my laziness has been multiplied by Netflix. Actually every show except for Curbed is available on Netflix streaming.  So I do recommend getting a Netflix account at least the streaming part because for about $9 its hot fire. Also if you dig Arrested Development like I do, I hear that there will be a season only available on Netflix. If you are good at counting I have mentioned Netflix at least  5 times in the past 3 paragraphs. Thats how much I like the service. I think I might be the only one left but I love being able to watch show on my PS3 ( btw is also Hot fire). SO if you have Xbox 360 or the WII you can get Netflix streaming through those system. So get your self some Netflix.... You think that can get me a sponsorship  form Netflix or any of those gaming consoles.

   Hint de hint hint- I want a sponsorship I have no problem being a prop for big companies.... This site is powered by Google. And I got some bills to pay. Hell I will even say shitty teams are good so that the proven Phantom Spotlight shines on them  so that I can go to a game ( Travel, Hotel and game) Totally down.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Week 10 and 11 combo


   These past two weeks have been rough for football recappers  such as my self  because of the thursday game flow that has been going on since I guess week 8 or whatever. But I am going to let you know whats up.

Green Bay is still undefeated despite everyone saying the Bucs  would be them

The Jets and Giants are on a two game losing streak respectively. Brady and Tebow  both stunned the Jets ad their fans because they thought they had a chance. The Giants top ranked defense  let two sad excuses of busts owned their asses

Michael Vick is leading the charge on dog of the year... Get it because he sucks and that other stuff he did.

Tim Tebow  is  doing his best  Dj Khaled impersonation  ... and not have sex with women

The Lions have taken their dirty play too far... Stomping and whining the Lions are really just

The Chargers are a bigger joke then Eagles. Both teams were picked to be in the Super Bowl but have failed to live up to the hype. But thats what you get when your head coach is a bitch and your offensive line coach

Carson Palmer is turning out to be the quarterback the Raiders deserves and no the quarterback they need right now... Because he is Batman

The Bengals thought winning was easy up until they played the Steelers and Ravens back to back weeks. And Andy Dalton kinda looks like Mike McQueary  ... Google it I am in no mood for those photos.

The Texans playoff run relays on the steady hand of Matt... Lineardt   so pick up  Ben Tate and cement
Foster in your fantasy line up because they are about to get some work. Sorry Andre Johnson  looks like your triumphant return wont be as prosperous as you wish

Cowboys fans everywhere are having raging boners because of the cake walk schedule hat the NFL gifted them for their bullshit 4 game win streak.

The Dolphins are officially out of the Suck for Luck race and the Colts are still sucking hard.  The Dolphins had been really hot and Reggie Bush looked like an every down

Jay Cutler went down and now the Bears have to rely on Matt Forte and their defense. And the are totally ok with that.

 Thats pretty much the past two weeks. Surprisingly short but thats what happens when the NFL . But  Really what I am pumped on is that the NBA lockout is kinda tenitivly back on. Boom baby welcome back and see you later college sports and shitty ass hockey. There are some super important games this week to watch  and probably next week I will give a better recap.


Thursday, November 24, 2011

In the Holiday mood, So I am about to troll all over your face

    Happy Thanksgiving Phuckers. I hope you enjoyed your meal and I hope you brought your home made shiv out for black friday so you can get that sweet as tits 80 inch T.V so if you are at any Long Island Walmart by the Nassau /Queens boarder watch your ass. Thanksgiving is strange to me because we are all nice to each other and thankful for what ever. So while everyone is all lovely dovie   I saw fuck that noise I am about to list some hate on more talented then me but I just don't like them for reasons I will explain. You see kids that last sentence started out as me shit talking  but soften up by showing humility and being humble of my athletic prowess thats called a comedic phrase or not I don't know I'm not an english major, get off my shit.

   The reason why I want to spit so much hate right now is because I realized something about my self last night at the bars. I fucking hate people I don't know. Let me clear that up the surrounding assholes around your group so I can be in a group with people who I barely know but since I am such a bro I make friends with everyone real quick. But the other dick bags that are trying their damnedest to get or give out an S.T.D, douche nozzles who don't move when you ask them politely to move so you can get to the bar to refill  and look at you like a fucking creep when you bump into  them when you just power house past them because their conversation with some turd jackass in her  film and lit  course said she was so smart and could be a movie writer or a critic because she has an eye of things normal people don't have, It has also nothing to do with the rumor she is a dick basket and is dressed in something that would make strippers blush.... I don't suffer people when I have to make moves. So I got to thinking , everyone is being super nice today everyone is ether genuinely thrilled to see people or are just fucking miserable sitting with a fake smile and tuning out what ever some people are saying to you just waiting until someone you like or death comes into the room or death to just end this conversation. Like you'd watch an endless loop of those ASPCA commercials and the sports centers make-a-wish spots that just ravage your man hood as you're weeping with your hand over your face trying to hide your tears from everyone but your just so happy/sad that these kids are fighting the worst kind of cancer or were born with like a 5 set of teeth in their arm just heartbreaking shit.   But that would be sweet relief in comparison to people just getting on your grind about your job or whatever you just don't want to talk about that day.  So obviously I have some  issues. So instead of ending this day with a facebook status saying "Happy Gobble Gobble day everyone :-) eat turkey and be thankful we have so much and know that Thanksgiving isn't celebrated else where " I am going to eviscerate ten fucking athletes or actors or who ever I want because I'm in a trolling mood... My rage is being fueled by my pandora just failing every step of the way. Look I love Pandora I think its great but they have slacked off in the past few weeks as I say that "Rich Girl" comes on.

Here we go

Ndamukong Suh- The young defensive tackle from the Detroit Lions. I know I have sung your praises a little bit earlier in the season and I totally get you trying to show that the Lions are not a joke any more and you're doing a fine job of it. But you are a fucking dick thats the message from that man up stairs you always are talking about. You want to be a bad ass you want to be real as shit don't stop on a dude who's the ground and say you didn't intentionally step on a guy when its clear as day you  had more intention on stepping on that dude then White Castle has the intention to make me shit water. Don't you know there are billion cameras around you watching you we all saw it bro.Your a leader on this team and your team needed you to be there to lead them to upset the Pack and you failed your team.Good thing you don't have one of those C's on your jersey because your assholeyness is a detriment to your team.  And why can't you be named Nick or Nate or something that doesn't sound like just a bunch of letters smashed together. Its like your Mom was still loopy from the drugs when she had you and said I am going to name him "King Kong Suh" and someone said "Not him name Kong us" and the nurse just wrote that whole exchange down and boom there you are. Actually I really don't have  too much of a problem with you. You seem to be a good dude with your donations but you're a fucking role model now champ. Fight the dude in the streets thats fine but not on national t.v with little Kong Suhs watching.

Derek Jeter-Who do you think you are? You think your hot shit because you have 3,000 hits and fuck hot chicks. Well, your an asshole. You are the reason why I find Yankees fans more stubborn then mules. "He's the Captain, ITs DJ3k, they should retire #2 through out baseball when he calls it a career, So what if this other shortstop hit over .300 and 20 bombs he's Derek Jeter". Do you know how annoying that is ? No, you don't because you sell fucking Fords when you get driven  by  Mr. Belvedere around while you pick up way to hot actress like hookers. You enjoyed World Series wins off the pimple ridden backs of your steroid filled teammates beat down their wives and threw broken bats at " Huey   the bat boy" when the kids name is Harold. So take your 3,000 hits and your stupid kid and play fade and go handcuff a team. On a normal team your bullshit 2010 season would have earned you a 4 million over 2 year deal and that would be too much. I would have loved to see the Yankees move on when the negotiations went "south". Lets see that market for an over the hill shortstop who is a 7 hitter but is bitching about hitting in the top of the line up.

Hootie  and the Blowfish-The  greatest band in the world. Why the fuck did you break up? So Hootie  can be a country star? Are you kidding me , America needs you guys. Drop another sweet tune on the population. Hold my hand ended racial tension from 1995-1996, Only want to be with you saved marriages and encouraged engagements in Dolphins fans 400%. Your cover of I go Blind straight up Hot Fire. But no Hootie  wants to sign about whoppers and other country shit. Leave country to my girl T-swift and those d-bags with tap out shirts and Vag-jazzled  hats. Go back to the BlowFish.

New Uniforms - What the hell is going on. It  seems like  teams are just coming up with ways to fuck with me. So I finally got that baller ass Blacked out Blue Jays hat and boom they come out with this  old school looking swagger and  here I am looking like a jerk. The Mets are going to rock these 50th anniversary  shits that look like no big deal, I feel like the Mets are going to throw out these jerseys to try to get more cash in their pockets so they can get back in the flow of things but I never heard anyone saying " Yo I got this fresh throwback Jerry Grote  jersey" so that is just a poor move. But like NHL teams put out new flow for the winter classic and they are terrible. I think in a few years Nike is going to take over the NFL jersey and equipment and It looks gross as ass. So What I am saying is I am all for sick ass jerseys but lets not go overboard fellas.

Cowboys-Yo you're not that great you're playing shitty teams now and this  4 game win streak is a joke. Take your false bravado and play a winning team with a tough defense . Get over your self fast because your shit is weak. Just because The NFL schedule  makers have a huge boner for the 90's and for some reason they think Tony Romo  is a good Q.B they gave you this soft served defense in the last chase months. The only team that has a winning record is the Giants and they are getting dick slapped in the next 2 weeks. So enjoy your cake walk to the playoffs you totally earned it. I hope Drew Brees rocks your face  when you play them in the first round.

  Ugh its late and I am running out of hate and just turning it into ramblings so I am going to call it a night. So whatever I 'll be back later.


Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Back For a Minute. A post before we toast and have good times. Then Throwing up Thanksgiving morning.


      Hey guys sorry about that I kinda took an impromptu vacation had some shit to take care of around the homestead so not really a vacation. But I am back for a little bit since tomorrow is the number 2 out of 5 biggest drinking days of the year. If you don't know what the list of those drinking days they list as follow : 1. St. Patricks day, 2.Thanksgiving Eve ,3.  Halloween, 4.  Opening day (baseball or football),and  5. M.D's birthday.   So there are just a few things I want to hit be for I get wrecked tomorrow , yes at the tender age of 26 I still go hard for the eve, but yes I have to stay on point.

    One thing that is bugging the shit out of me is how bad the NFL hats are, is anyone else mad about this also? Look I know it sounds stupid to get  upset on how bad  hats looks but as a censure (that's the right word)  of a lot of hats. I like wearing them A. because they look cool and B. I am bald so the covering really helps out huge and since I love football( Sorry about not doing the Week 10 recap ). But when I was watching the games the past 2 sundays I realized that the hats the NFL is putting out are gross as shit. It makes no sense they have the market owned on Jerseys because its way easier to rock an NFL jersey out then any other sport to the bars but the hats are cutting it close. Look I have about 5 hats in my daily rotation as we speak. Yes 5 hats ( Mets, Blue Jays, The famous K.C. Royals , Old School Brewers blue with the yellow mitt, and  a broken in A.E hat that I've had for years that I sculpted to my huge ass dome ) but I wanted to add some fire ass Giants hat into the 5 spot so I can take the crafty veteran and move it to the bullpen to close down games, you know a softball hat. So I go into the LIDS by me which has the sickest hats cause I live in the hood. Kidding. But the new NFL hats are terrible looking. Why can't they just be hot fire like baseball hats. Is that too much to ask? Like an all blue hat with a white  N.Y with a red background  in the New Era style.  Thats all I want.  But instead  we get these multi layered shitty looking snap back hats that make you look like a 1980s asshole. What the hell NFL and the breast cancer awareness merch is shaky at best. Don't get me wrong I think its cool that they give awareness a full month where players show support by wearing pink all during their games. But the hats are gross boss. Just keep it simple bro.

   The award season just ended in baseball.  Does anyone else feel like they got something wrong? I kinda feel that someone got snubbed big time. Don't get me wrong Verlander had a great year and his C.Y young award is enough to prove it but the M.V.P I don't think so . I get it he won 24 games and was the reason why the Tigers bounced back to go into the playoffs, yeah I got  that but I feel that the M.V.P should go to an everyday player. Is the dude who can carry his team when everyone else is slumping or not preforming as well as they should? The guy who I think should have won the dude award is Curtis Granderson.  Granderson played in over 150 games which is over 116 more games then Verlander played in. Crushed about 41 bombs, 10 trips, 26 dubs, 25 out of 35  swiped bags and 119 rbis. Ok so he hit .262 and struck out 169 times but he still hit a career high 12 or more bombs off left handed pitchers which according to those really smart guys who are pros at writing about sports was the biggest hole in his other wise professional game. The other reason why I think Granderson should have won the dude award is because he was a pro all season. No whining about the unwritten code, no starting fights with asshole Red sox just going out there 150 times and doing his job. He was a straight up boss when he had to do interviews and he is a positive role model for kids. This is a Mets fan talking to you. Look I once saw this guys hit a ball that was basically in the dirt over the MO' zone at Citi  field. He earned it

*- I am re-naming the M.V.P award in all leagues the Dude.
     Yeah so thats pretty much it. Have a happy Thanksgiving eat your turkey drink your beers flip off your uncle make it memorable? I should be back by friday. With the Week 11 recap. Heres a spoiler alert : I am not super happy :


Wednesday, November 16, 2011

I call this one: To be a fan or not to be that is a question ? Is it ? I am asking you is it ?


      This was a tough weekend to be a New York football fan. Both Giants and Jets  lost heart back breakers to the 49ers and Patriots.  So instead of turning my disappointment toward the Giants defense for not shutting down Alex Smith weak ass passing game I kind started to root for the Patriots against the Jets in their sunday night matchup. Needless to say I caught some heat for this. After the game was over I had some words with my pops about how bad the Jets are and on Facebook some words with a Jets Fan, not many but still words. After the exchange I was going through the reasons in my head on why the Jets suck  but who was I to say anything my team lost just like the Jets and then it hit me. Why am I  ready to start a whole war of the words that really accomplish nothing?

    Why am I so ready to defend my team to the bitter end, why do I think my team is better then anyone else's team (besides record I am talking history fool) , what is it about  this team that I know that I will probably never play for ( heads up Big Blue I run a 6.4 40 and I have hands made of glue... It's an actually medical problem I have been getting looked at for years) that I identify with, Why stick around after being disappointed,   and not change to a winner , there is just this one team /fan base I just don't like and even though I love that team so much I have these plans to make them better so why wont they listen ? So like any other annoying person with a cell phone and a Facebook page I started bugging people I know.  I asked them a series of questions just like those theoretical ones  I just asked my self ( that is the right term right ? Well, the grammar police will pay me  visit later any way) and I was lucky enough to get some great answers. So before I get into it I would like to thank everyone who answered  my lame questions.

   So  I was lucky enough to get text response from my people, here so I don't have to do that memory thing. Only nerds remember  things ... wait what. Ha , yes another joke that would probably be funnier if I was actually speaking instead of writing. Right, so I received responses from some of my friends, some of my family  and none off the Facebook site. Seriously you click that like tab and I will listen to you, if you're not bonkers.  What makes this a better study is that some of them do root for the same teams I do and yet a lot of them don't so let me list it.

Me- Mets, Giants

Louis - Ravens fan
Jack -  Eagles and Yankees fan
Joe E - Mets, Giants fan (as well)
Ron - Giants, Bills  fan
Hambone - Mets fan
Big Cat - Astros and Mets fan
Funch  - Panthers, Ravens and Mets fan
Jmart  - Baseball and Football fans

Mikey  - Cowboy, Yankees and Rangers fan
Kevin - Giants and Yankees fan
Jay -  Jets Ranger sand Yankees fan
Melissa - Cowboys and I am pretty sure she is the only female reader of the Phantom so she is the smartest one in the bunch.

So instead of writing  everyones answer and having this going on and on I will a few of them that I feel best answer the questions . If thats cool with you guys.

1. "Hey I am working on an idea for a post . I want to know why  Do you root /defend  the team you like? "
  Big Cat - "Truth be told it's largely based on childhood memories and stuff. And  as I got older when I didn't have anything else going my way I always had my teams."
   Joe E - " I like being a part of something bigger than me."
  Ron - " Good question. I guess its like a lil brother. You might rip on him when he messes up but you don't want other people to say bad things about him"
   Jmart  - " Your dedication to a particular teams has multiple factors. The teams history or your and memories of moments are reasons to like and remain loyal to a team . Me personally I root for teams that are built through drafts and trades. I tend to dislike teams who purchase players especially in baseball where there is no salary cap. I also like tradition in which players remain with teams for a long time."
   Funch - " Hmmm"
   Melissa-"Asking me to defend my precious Cowboys... because I grew up watching them. I was born in TX(Texas) and they are Americas team!"
 Jack and Kevin  all said that family and the place you grow up played a factor in what team you root for.

2. " As you got older why do you believe your team is better then other teams"
   Jack - " Historically they do better and cause other teams are whack"
   Kevin - " All the teams I root for are first class organizations. I love how they do things the right way and can win"
    Mikey  -" I mean I grew up on all of my favorite teams. So I guess I was raised to like them rather then finding out one year, their good and going on the  bandwagon , cause then I wouldn't be a Cowboys and Rangers fan
    Ron - " You gotta be true to your team."
    Jay-"I really don't. I hope they would be better then others.LOL. Just for the reasons the players skills and what they can bring to the game. If you put together everyone's skills then it makes a good team and that point I feel that my teams skill,heart and determination will be better."
Louis - " The coaching staff is great and have made good decisions in the draft."

3. Has there ever been a point where you have been disappointed in your team that you think of leaving  for a winner"
   Big Cat - " Yes... I might I've F-ing had it with the Wilpons... I dunno I might just say  fuck NY baseball and just keep my love of the Huston Astros and the Twins and Dodgers." I think I might of talked Big Cat out of being a Mets fan...OPPS.
   Melissa - " Nope… just briefly stopped caring... It's more a family / heritage thing than a football nut thing...It's an institution ! And you can quote me on that lol . " I just had to ask what was an institution " Cowboys!" I kinda walked through that door.
   Jay - " Look at last night " I texted him on tuesday..."But I never would because I can't my heart belongs with my teams "
   Hambone - " Because I love them. Thats really a hard question lol.
   Jack- " Nope that's pussy shit"
  Mikey  - " No... I find that band wagon hopping poser. I find no problem rooting for a team in the super bowl or world series , if your teams not in it, but you gotta be loyal, otherwise most teams would have a sucky  fanbase"
  Ron - " Of course I though about jumping ship but who would I like the crappy Jets, or jump on a band wagon and like Green Bay. Na man I bleed blue there is no one I rather like"
   Jmart  - " Yea, numerous times but I stay loyal to my teams. Since 2004 I started fantasy sports and really got into College sports as well as gambling so regardless if my team is having a winning or losing season I have plenty of rooting interest for fantasy, gambling or individual athletes to have successful season. "

4. What is it about your team that you Identify with ?
    Kevin - " Giants I would say how they stay out of the lime light. Just go about their work behind the scenes and don't ask for any credit "
   Jack - " Yeah I'm a bad ass mother fucker and black"... He is not
   Jay -  So  after I a got the text about leaving your team from my cousin Jay  I asked him " So you identify with the teams philosophy and your dedicated to them because you feel that since they are hard working and give everything  during the game that is what you stand for. If that makes sense" and very simply and possibly in a very Lando  Calrissian way he texted back "Yea". I have managed to be extremely insightful and then I go all nerdy with that.

5. Is there a team/fan base you just don't like?
   Louis - "Philly"
   Jmart  - " Yea I dislike the Yankees, Heat and Manny Pacquiao  "
   Kevin - " Never liked the Red Sox or Cowboys."
   Jack - " Dallas"
   Hambone - " Yes, the Phillies  fans they can burn in hell"
   Melissa - " Ugh! Maybe.. But not seriously "
   Mikey  - " Pats and Steelers"

6. Is there something you would change about your team?
   Melissa - " No, maybe get Tony Romo a jaw implant... No I don't care that much lol "
   Kevin - " Wish the Giants were more open with media and went after big free agents"
   Jay - " The quarterback. lol.  Honestly I don't know maybe some coaching at times and some players nothing crazy"
   Hambone - " Yea, buy them so I could get rid of the Wilpons" 
   Ron-" I always wished that the Giants would be a lil more aggressive  on the offensive side  with thing the ball which they have been doing this year. I would like a better special teams."
  Mikey  - "More community and charity work. " 

 Jack - " I wouldn't make an Offensive line coach defensive coordinator"

I would like to thank everyone who answered the questions I asked them. Thank you for taking time out of your day to help me out I really appreciate it.

 Now I have had a few days to study all of this feed back and try to understand it so that I could conclude my survey.  So here is my conclusion. 

     This is has to be the hardest part of the whole post. See the thing is we  will constantly fight over who's team is the best and no matter what the championship game at the end of the season say we still feel our respective team is way better because they are a part of us. I know it sounds weird and possibly super lame but if you are a sports fan and I mean a real sports fan your team is a part of you. People can say what they will about your team but the memories you have that keeps your loyalty strong. It could be going to your first game or bonding with your family in front of your t.v  during the big game. No matter what it was the love you have for your team is yours and your alone. So if you do get into it this weekend after the games just know to take it easy and have a good time. 

  I really wanted a good closing sentence there  but I couldn't really come up with an awesome insightful closing line that would blow your minds. But thats not my style.... French Fries are not from France... BOOM your mind is blown! Your welcome .... Sorry no links youtube is acting odd at 4:30 in the morning. Back To the Future was on. Shut up.   

Work In Progress

Hey Guys I know it has been a few days since I have dropped some knowledge or some pretty awesome comedy that would make those british soldiers that wear those hates and they stand in front of that place with all that stuff. Yeah look I have been doing a lot of research for this so maybe I have to focused all my intelligence into this upcoming work. Its about 2:30 in New York so I  might be tired who knows. So until my brain can work properly I will leave you with  a few pictures of hot chicks and something funny like I always do. Oh yeah before I go apparently this whole Penn St quagmire has totally taken the oddest turn. Sandusky went on Rock center and creeped everyone out and probably torpedoed. But just like most things torpedos hit everything that is around it will  burn to the ground. Also what the hell is LMAFO are they serious with those lame ass afros and terrible auto tune and sad attempts to dance like Morris Day and the Time. This one video they are like jacking it , I don't understand music today...its terrible is that whats #OCCUPYINGWALLSTREET ?  I'll be back way before the NBA will so head up. This next post will be super awesome I am really doing some work on this.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Doing fine because I just recapped Week 9. Everything in this post rhymes... no it doesn't


  Last week was a huge week for football. There were a lot of games  that were shocks and not so shocking results. I mean its football  what did you thin was going to happen ? Everyone gets a participation trophy after the games? No, it's the NFL or whatever. That joke went absolutely nowhere so lets just get into it. Did I use that photo before? Oh well.

Lets do this .

   Seahawks V. Cowboys-In the no brainer game of the week. The Cowboys won this game by a ten spot. Romo was lucky that Seattle has a terrible defense and an equally terrible Quarterback to make him look like a stud by comparison. Jackson who drew the short straw to go  under center for the Seahawks three picks. Dallas has to be the luckiest team in the NFL right now, while every team who is hunting for a playoff spot has a back breaking schedule they Cowboys have it pretty easy. The only real tough games they have left are  two against Big Blue so they could wind up with a Wild card spot. As for your 2010 NFC west champions not so much they are dead ass in the water. I wonder what quarterback they wont take in the first round next draft. The Cowboys play the Bills and the Seahawks are taking on the high flying Ravens so thats going to be a good game for the Hawks.

   Falcons V. Colts-Two words. JULIO JONES! The rookie from Bama showed up after sitting a few weeks with a hammy issue   came out and caught his first 2 NFL touchdowns and tore up the Colts sad excuse of a defense with 131 yards on only 3 catches.   The Flacons dropped 31 on the  unrealistically bad Colts. So really we can legitimately say the Peyton Manning is the best team player in the NFL. He is so good at his job that he makes his surrounding team worlds better. Teams used to fear playing the Colts now they want to get that easy win.  The Colts play the Jags and the Flacons take on the Saints for a first place matchup.

   Redskins V. 49ers-All and all just another  step for the strongest team in the weakest division taking on another team who is falling apart. Ok I am not getting on the niners but they have defiantly caught some breaks this year. Granted they have the best run defense in the NFL and the Redskins only handed the ball off 15 times. Frank Gore has carried this offense , he had his 5th game over 100 yards on the ground and that is the way to go. This sunday they play the Giants which could be their real late season test for them because this could be a playoff match up. While the niners take on Big Blue the Redskins take on the plucky upstarts Miami Dolphins. That right there is the game to watch, if you have a choice between that game or having brain surgery preformed by Buster Bluth .

   Saints V. Buccaneers-This NFC south battle didn't really live up to the hype that I thought it would. The Saints throughly held off the Bucs  and didn't let them score a touchdown until the 4th quarter. The Bucs  are slowly getting healthy with the return of knockout champ Laggarette  Blount. But their defense  just got a punch in the gut with the signing of Albert Haynesworth . Who hasn't at all  turned into albatross of human being. But since Drew Brees  and the Aint's  don't wait for no team Brees  dropped 2 td's and got a good performance from the running game. The Saints get #1 draft pick Mark Ingram back in their back field. The Bucs take on the Texans and the Saints take on the Flacons for that first place matchup I talked about a paragraph ago.

   Raiders V. Broncos-This game was an old school AFC west show down.You know back when the West used to be relevant. Instead of just a joke which it is now. But since the West dropped off in respectability on the defensive side of the ball but their offenses have been dropping bombs. Carson Palmer has really have had a tough start for the Raiders have two games with 3 interceptions but he did blow up for 332 yards through the air and the running game hasn't missed a step with Run DMC out. Even though the Raiders lost they look to be the favorite right now to win the West.  But lets give up to Tebow  for winning again. Tebow  and Willis Macghee both rushed over 100 yards. Yes, he might have a style that doesn't work for most people but it works out so far with wins over the Dolphins and Raiders Tebow  has a better win loss record then Kyle Orton  has in the past two years. The Raiders played the Chargers on thursday ( I'll get that out next week) and the Broncos take on the Chiefs.

   Eagles V. Bears-As everyone salivated on monday night over Michael Vick and the over hyped team take on the Bears who have been a hit or miss team. By hit or miss I mean the defense will hit you hard as Matt Forte makes you miss. Thank you , thank you it just came to me. The Eagles took a late lead but like most of their games they blew it. Vick had a less then stellar game since he only threw 213 with a pick. Jay Cutler out played Vick with the return of his favorite option Earl Bennett who got fined for wearing some slick ass orange cleats. The Eagles take on the Cardinals for a bounce back and the  Bears take on the Lions to move into second place of the North.

       Ravens V. Steelers-I think if you watch the video of what happened during the end of the game would do a better job of recapping then I could even try.

  Jets V. Bills-What to say about this game. It was an ego game, by that I mean if the Jets lost the fans would be saying that they were done for the season , but since they won Jets fans started booking flights to Indy for the Superbowl.  The Jets shut down the Bills  for most of the game. Sanchez  threw for 230 with a td to Santino  Holmes. Even though Fred Jackson had a good game by rushing for 82 yards and had 36 receiving  yards.  This game pretty much knocked out the Bills out of the division race and just for a wild card spot. But are the Jets for real. I can't ask anyone around here because they just start spelling loudly at me. The Bills go to Dallas for a battle of  90's superbowls and the Jets Face the reeling Patriots who might be looking to put a hurting on someone.

  Giants V. Patriots-Who was shocked at the out come? There was no way the Giants should have won this game says you. I was loving it. It was exciting Eli and Brady putting on a show, Tuck and the Giants  getting through the Pats o-line and causing  chaos.  The Giants gave up the lead  in the 4th and were given the ball with about 2 minutes left. Guess what Assholes thats where Eli lives. Eli drove the Giants down the field and hit Jake Ballard with two big passes one on the 50 and one in the end zone. With this win Eli should be looked at as one of the Top Q.B's in the game due to his clutchness .  The Giants take their outstanding passing game out to San Fran to see who is the second best team in the NFC. While like I said before the Pats look to hurt the Jets.

   So that was week 9. It was pretty exciting it made up for week 7  and some of week 8.  So like always best of luck to you and your favorite team and to your fantasy teams. I'll be back on monday with some other collections of words that aren't funny to you but make me laugh.


Friday, November 11, 2011

Read how I blame Will smith for the economy and some other stuff... and a link that really doesn't make sense but it in there.. Titles will get better soon

     So I was thinking about what to write about today and a few ideas crossed my mind. Now sometimes most of my ideas are so amazing I could write for days and days without any question. But today for some reason I couldn't see any of my ideas a full post.  So I am going to break them up in to another sweet sweet  jumbo post. Shit thinking about it I should write my week 9 recap. Whatever this seems like a better plan. I couldn't really find a good image of thinking so I just picked this one. I like it don't really care  if you do. Yeah I said it.

    Today kidnapped major leaguer Wilson Ramos was returned or rescued  whatever the guy is safe.  Back about 50 hours ago Washington Nationals rookie catcher who is one of the building blocks for the  future Nationals power house that will drop on our unsuspecting asses with in the next few years, was taken by armed men as he went to his home town Venezuela. Luckily he was found after 50 hours but kidnapping is a very serious issue in a lot of countries even our own. Even though this is not a funny subject at all and normally I would not make light of this situation if it was not a major league ballplayer. But I do have to  put out these humorous ideas because that is what I do here. So I don't know if this is a terrible thing to say but did the kidnappers release him because he plays for the Nationals is not Miguel Cabrera ? Yeah thats pretty bad. I am going to stop because I can't morally allow my self to make another joke but what would have happened if he was on a good team ? Thats it, next topic.

     When did sports broadcasters start becoming huge dicks? Every week I watch the big boys try to tell me what I should think about who ever hey deem worthy enough to receive their criticism. Right now every one of these paid pro bro's are  hating on the undefeated Packers. It seems every match up they are say " This is the week the Pack gets its first loss," and then A-Rod and the Pack drop a billion points on what ever clown car defense they are playing. How come when the Patriots were  chugging along in 07-08 everyone was like "Tom Brady is amazing he is so good  he make me feel like less of a man, I wish we were friends so we can go on road trips to vineyards and laugh as the sun goes down and he'll give me his cardigan because I am cold..." this was all said by turd burglar Chris Berman . I just don't get how they determine who they are going to hate on. If its personal opinion or ratings hunting they are doing a piss poor job of it.  Look I am a Tebow  supporter not because he his a super chirtian I couldn't care less about that , its because he wants to win and you see that and in his 3 starts he has lead the Broncos to 2 wins. Oh he can't keep playing like  in the option. Bro just games so deal with it. This whole Carson Palmer is a terrible trade for the Raiders the monday after he was traded there on the thursday before that game against the Chiefs. He played in Cincy  for 7 years and had to learn a brand new system in 3 days. They gave OchoCinco  a 4 week pass for learning a system but a guy who plays the most important position on the field has learned the system in 72 hour take away 5 hours for meeting the press 3 for getting fitted  for gear, lets say take away 12 or so for finding a place close to the Stadium to live. I know he is a Cali kid but Cali is a big ass state. So burning him bad after that game was completely asinine. And when they are right on one aspect of their idiotic rambling they blow it up like they knew something special. Look I know its a stupid issue to get mad about but seriously I can barely watch some of these shows anymore. Oh yeah What makes Mike Ditka  a fucking football genius? He won 1 super bowl with the best defense in football back in the day, then he destroyed a teams future for Ricky Williams who didn't work out that well in NawLans . Oh but because he was in a soccer movie with Will Ferrell we have to listen to him shit on quarterbacks who are way better then Jimbo  McMahon and who is Steve Young  to shit on Eli or Tebow . He had Jerry Rice, Primetime, Ricky Waters and Bill Walsh. He was a scrambling quarter back with a shitty throwing technique and was bounced out of the NFL and was lucky to have the AFL to save his career so he could hold Montana's jock for a few seasons before getting in their with hall of famers. So him saying Tebow  can't make it in the NFL is a joke. Arrrgh  now I am angry. I need to switch topics

    Earlier today my father and I were hanging out and watching some t.v while I was looking to see how the NBA talks were going( not good) and whats up with the Ramos kidnapping.  I turned on an H.B.O channel and Men in Black 1 was playing needless to say thats what we watched because Will Smith is Fire Flames in that movie. Then I looked up Mr. Smith on Imdb  because I wanted to see when the 3rd installment of the Men in Black franchise comes out(2012 by the way)  I noticed something strange. His last movie Seven Pounds came out in early 2008 I think it was out in January but unlike all of Will's movies it did not do as well in the box office like his other master pieces to the surprise of everyone. After the failure of Seven Pounds the American economy collapsed. I knew Will Smith was America's greatest treasure with Nicholas Cage, Christina Hendrickson's rack and making oversized food while people starve in our own country. But I didn't know that Will Smith controlled our countries economy. Since Will hasn't come out with a movie since 08 I am holding him responsible for the whole crash. So when MIB 3 Black in time( they go back in time I think) comes out everything will be ok and America will be fine. Also he can come out with a new album to get out of debt with China because those shits sell. So I am putting you on notice Mr. Smith no more sad movies unless you play a poor dude down on luck and then you catch a break and become Ronald McDonald, you are only allowed to make movies where you save the world from Aliens, Zombies, Drug Lords and any Giant Robot animal. Also for some reason you are the only person who makes Michael Bay a watchable director... And If you are reading this , Thats awesome you are sooo  cool I had Big Willy style on cassette tape because I didn't get a Cd player until I was 14 and if you want to give a shout out or even hang out I am totally down. We can talk about how lame Carlton was and how parents just don't understand. But you're the reason  we have no money. Just wanted to let you know.

     I know the last post was not completely accurate but if you read it you will see Mikey  was in school so the fact he covertly wrote something is better then nothing. But if you want to read a more detailed post about it just scroll on down to mine. Look We aren't perfect we are just very close. Tomorrow when I get home from work I 'll get you your favorite NFL recap and then I can lip sync to Miami as I break in my new Miami Marlins fitted. That last sentence was a joke...50% of it was guess which part. 

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Joe P, and Gaming

I havent really been following up in sports lately, with the release of BattleField 3, Modern Warfare 3, and  now tonight at 12, the release of Skyrim. These are pretty much the reasons why I havn't been posting, but two things that have really caught my attention these past few days, which id like to talk about.

Joe Paterno, The coach of Penn states football team, has been removed of his position, one that hes held for 61 years, by the Board of Trustees. This began with Assistant coach Jerry Sandusky, molested and pro formed sexual acts with a ten year old boy. Mike McQueary told Joepa, and that led him to telling the Director of Athletics for the school, back in 2010.

This year, Sandusky was arrested. He had 40 accounts of molesting boys, over 15 years. Paterno said he wanted to retire at the end of the season, but Penn thought it would be okay to end it now.

Im not saying that what JoePa did was right, or anything like that, but i honestly think that he should have atleast been able to end an amazing college coaching career, the way it should have been, at the end of a winning, or losing season. He might had lent a blind eye, but he also was met with decisions that are not the easiest to make. Reports of students rioting at Penn, shows just how much everyone is angry with the removing of the beloved coach, in the middle of the season.

Well..On a better not, since Im in my Graphic Design class, I cant get fully into this post as much as I'd like, so I would like to continue this within the week.

The Rangers are on a 5 game win streak, and I could have sworn I told all the readers, that we are going to be unstoppable. Our next game is tough, were taking on the Canes, and its going to be a long night. Also, I'm hoping that Ryan Matthews kicks ass tonight on the Chargers, my newly equipped RB is going to help me take on @alwaysblueandorange.

Jail time, Firings,Riots, and Arrested Development Links... Must be a post about Penn State

   This whole Penn State issue has turned from ugly to hideous. With a "minor" riot last night in Happy Valley due to the firing of long time head coach and folk hero Joe Paterno.  To fill you in . Long time  coach and line backer guru Jerry Sandusky has been arrested for sexually assaulting a 10 year old boy in the Penn State locker room shower. Sandusky was caught by at that time graduate assistant Mike McQueary who then told head coach Joe Paterno what had happened. But due to selfish behavior by the higher ups and the coaching staff after the incident occurred and Sandusky was still allowed to come back to campus and interact with athletes of all ages. But after allegations broke about Sandusky's  disgusting act with children this week Penn State was turned upside down. Let us remember this most of the division on the situation is a morale issue and not spilt on the punishment Sandusky's faces.  I am going to try to give my views on this.

    Lets start with McQueary  . As you know as a graduate assistant in 2002 saw one time  line backers coach Jerry Sandusky in the shower with a ten year old boy committing unspeakable acts to the young boy. McQueary  then called his father who told him to tell Joe Paterno   who  was close to Sandusky. the heat that is being brought on McQueary   comes from two aspects. Aspect one : Why didn't you stop him. McQueary is 6'5 and is a former football player so taking down a naked old man should be easy, right? Everyone has the whole flight or fight part of their brain and his first action probably throwing up was to call his dad because he was most likely in shock. It's not everyday you see that and since Sandusky was a legend so what was his move. He had to tell someone so by instinct he called his dad who told him to talk to Joe because he would know what the right course of action is. Look at it like this ,some no name guy who is trying to make a name from him self on this staff is accusing a Legend of an atrocious act. Who'd believe him it he went public. So he went to his boss and a guy who excused Sandusky of his coaching duties in 98 because there was something going on behind the scenes. So Joe went to the top and McQueary  thought his part was done. Aspect 2: After that incident in 2002 Sandusky still came to some practices every year and McQueary did nothing. Now here is my take on his heat. I have no idea how I would have reacted or how stunned I would have been after seeing such a gross act. But the first time Sandusky stepped on to the field after you told Paterno   and He told the suits right then and there you pick up your cell phone and call the cops. There is no excuse , you went to the top and obviously the top didn't do their job so you take it into your own hands. You had your time to deal with it you know it was wrong  but you did dick.  No excuse for  standing back after you let the  system fail in front of your face. Did deserve to be fired? Maybe,  I mean he did do the right thing in a way he told someone  about what happened. I think he shouldn't be coaching this week and for the rest of the season. But he shouldn't be out right fired

  Now for the suits,  the School's President and Athletic Director. What they did I can't even  speak of. They swept these extremely serious allegations under the rug because it's damning to your schools bullshit reputation. Granted Sandusky is the worst kind of person for being an absolute monster but these guys are fighting for the top spot. I can't even continue describing what they did I am so pissed at these dick less morons.  I am happy that they can go to jail and it's not even going to be cheated on your corporate taxes jail. No shank your ass in the shower so you have to blow a guy named White Power Bill or Ahmed Johnson for some protection. So that should be nice for these pencil pushing fuck faces.

   Now for Joe. Who is getting fired was really on a morel stand I feel. He did do what he was supposed to,  he told his bosses about what he was told happen. So thats fine but heres where it gets messy. Should Joe Paterno  gotten fired? Yes, good God yes.  Should he has been let to finish out this season?  I don't know. What the school did was right. You can't allow him to coach no matter what. The School honestly  did the right thing. I know It's hard to hear right now but if you're going to give McQueary shit about doing nothing you have to give Paterno the same amount if not even more because of his stature in the college. Joe was the top dog  so really he could have called the proper authorities . Actually in every  situations that Paterno faced during the whole time he should have gone over everyones head and call the cops no question. Well since everyone puts them self in McQueay's shoes, put your self in Paterno's. You are living icon and your one time coach who help you built a legend of excellence,dignity, and always known to do the right thing is accused of child molesting and after taking it  to the head of the school and the athletic department and they did absolutely nothing. What do you do? Do you take it upon your self or let it go and hope someone else does something. Paterno has to live with his decisions for the rest of his life.

   Now for those loyal fans who took it upon them selves  to act like champions last night and have the police break out the riot suppression gear. I hope your proud of your selves. Granted  rooting for Joe is fun and he is the mascot of your school. But the fact that a few of you turned violent, flipped over a car and cause  what ever police presence there to use pepper spray and tear gas to make you scholars disperse. I hope honestly hope you put on your Facebook status's that you were there and next semester  your parents make you go to community college. Are you serious, yes I know he's been there for 60 years, he did a lot for your school I got that its sad stuff.  There are protests in other countries that they don't even flip over one car and their coach sucks. What you did was an embarrassment to our country.

   The two sides of this fight wont really get along because its based  on the emotional aspect of the whole issue. One side will fight for the legendary reputation of Joe Paterno  and the other side will fight for the ethical and morale side of it. The only positive is that  both sides should be fight for justice for these children. Joe Paterno  was going to leave he is really old, people are going to jail but no one knows how many kids really  have been assaulted they say 20 but thats all that have come forward so far. Justice will be served and hopefully it will help all those who have been hurt by this sad excuse for a man. So as you debate this topic just remember its the children who need all of our support because it's them we should be fighting for.

  If you have an opinion you would like to express you can always hit me up on the Facebook page.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

There is something rumbling in the Balla department


      For the past couple of days the new has been blowing up about whats happening down in Penn State and to no surprise everyone who has covered the story has weighed in and have given their " If it was me I would of " side of the story and granted they are right. What happened was a tragic course of events that will end the longest tenure of one of the most prolific coaches ever in the game of football. While it is hard to ignore this issue to crack wise on something that is not as important. I have to try because yes I do have my opinion and "If it was me I would of " but  the way it is unfolding I am ok with. The scum bag is going to go to jail, everyone who with held the info from the proper athourties are getting canned and Joe Paterno is going to retire after 60 some odd years of coaching and I think after this season there will be a total house cleaning with every coach on this staff will get the boot. But right now I don't think I know enough  yet except the cliff notes on the case. So I will read up on it and get a better handle on it to give write an educated and insightful post like all the other post I write.

      Whats going on in the NBA lock out. Right now its about 7:30 pm in good old New York  and they have yet to break from their meeting.  Today at 5 pm  they had  hard deadline on a 50/50 deal that would get the league back and it seemed pretty good. The players would get 50% of the league proftis, their full contract and a soft cap. All of that really doesn't matter because they'll get their money but we can get a shortened season but still something else to watch that isn't hockey or cup stacking.

  We have been waiting for this. Today might end the lock out and I am looking forward to be disappointed. I hope I am wrong, seriously I do but how many times through out this whole strike have we seen this.  They go in they argue about the money aspect the East coast teams(Billy Hunter) are not on board with the West coast teams( Derek Fisher) want to get done .The lawyers and agents are making total asses of them selves while David Stern who is begging for this to be over so the 3rd sport can start so  that I don't have to loose my teeth watching hockey. I know I don't have to have missing teeth to watch it but I would have to pull my teeth just to make watching hockey exciting.

   If they break from today and start the season. Since it would take a month with training camp and a short pre-season. Who knew that the NBA had a pre-season, the things you learn trying to avoid watching hockey. The season should start in January and run until the end of June maybe early july if they try to add some dates.  I will be super pumped because I get to root for the Knicks again.

   See back in the early 90's I used to be a big Knicks fan. Patrick Ewing, John Starks, Larry Johnson, Allan Huston with Jeff Van Gundy at the helm shit was fire. The rivalires with Reggie and the Pacers, Jordan and the Bulls, and  Alonzo and the Heat nothing was better after the Giants ended and the Mets were tripping through the off season. When I used to ball on the street when I was growing up I used to pretend I was Starks because my out side shooting was fire flames. After time passed I couldn't stand watching the Knicks during the whole Thomas, Brown, Starbury disaster that set the Knicks back a whole decade. But now I am all about how the Knicks and Donnie Walsh have revamped and retooled this team. A'mare my dude is a beast and if he is healthy can't be stopped, Melo is going to be a leader and a star so that he can bust out of Lebron's shadow and they will have enough cap space to sign up some major talent in the up coming years. I was thinking of rooting for them last year but I missed most of the season because the Giants were in a close race with the Packers so I missed a lot of the season. I felt I would look like a front runner so I held off until this year so I could watch game 1 to whatever.

   Now its about 9 pm here and there has been no new so I guess thats a good sign. Also I didn't take me over an hour to write this I ate some dinner and took a break and I was watching the Heat Knicks scrape when Van Gundy was latched on to Mourning's leg , that shit was crazy . Lets hope  tomorrow it's over.

p.s- Sorry about the picture layout I am having some trouble with this templet.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Two Top 10's with in 2 weeks of each other how can it be...

     It has come to this another top 10.  I can't believe it after a pretty good weekend of match ups and some breaking news that I might need more time reading so I can make it slightly funny. But I could only muster up another list based on  my opinion and some facts. So unlike the top ten lists about food, songs, hot chicks, and beers. This list is about the top ten Quarter Backs in the game right now.  Let the bitching and moaning begin.

 Unlike most top ten lists  done by those so called "professionals" I will take other traits other then stats. Side note before I begin , I think I want to start a "rap battle" type feud with a major sports reporting site or sports reporter. I don't know why but I feel like I want to be a bastard of some sort. Lets get to the list

 10.Ben Rothelsberger- I know most of you think that Big Ben here is a top tier guy and I almost agree with you. I feel that his play gets over looked because of the defense he plays with. This year he has 15 td's and 8 ints and has lost 4 fumbles. So he turned the ball over 12 times. But has all ready thrown for almost 3,000 yards and since the Steelers running game has been non existent this year so far. So but since the Steelers are in 3rd place right now firmly behind the Ravens and the Bengals its doesn't look good for Big Ben. Normally I wouldn't care for standing and stats but with a 2x super bowl champion like Rothelsberger I feel he should be better. They almost lost the Jaguars a few weeks ago.

9. Cam Newton-It's hard not to put this guy on a top 10 list of who the best quarter backs are this year. Newton has been burning up defenses so far but the problem is he has yet to have "the game". He has yet to have a game where he wins it just by his performance. Cam has thrown for over 400 yards run like he is being chased by the NCAA ethics board but he only has two wins. last few games the Panthers have been close but they fade. I know for a fact Cam is going to get better in the upcoming years. But his talent will be magnified by a knack for closing out opponents. Once Cam gets over that hump he will be on real top ten lists.

8.  Josh Freeman-The Tampa 3 year  starter has been put in a bad spot since the start of his career. He was thrown into a division with  2 high profile teams and as the Saints and Falcons got better and the Panthers got worse the Bucs  could of went either way and no one could care because the Bucs have steadily declined since John Lynch bolted to Denver and they drafted the Cadillac. But Freeman has them hunting for a wild card spot. Last year was his first as a full time starter and he brought the normally mediocre Bucs to an 11-5 record and if it wasn't for their division record and the fact a west coast team has to be in the playoffs the Bucs could have caused some havoc in the playoffs last year.  Freeman is set up in a pretty good system with two young wide outs in Mike Williams and Arrelious  Benn ( that is a realious his first name... see I can be as clever as Chris Berman ), The solider  Kellen  Winslow Jr and the young knock out champ Legatee Blount who when is healthy is a pretty good running back. I doubt they will get in this year after the loss to the Saints on sunday but next year with a healthy team they are danger in letter form.

7. Alex Smith-Another surprise pick. But the leader of the 7-1 49ers. Right now Smith is rocking 10 td's with 2 ints . It seems that firing Mike Singletary was the lighting  of the Alex Smith's fire. Taken first in the 05 draft  Smith has been a bust but since San Fran has been building around him for the past 6 years to make the team as a whole work. Building up the defense , Running game, tight end, and O-line but Smith was late bloomer. With Singletary and his  turtle looking head kept delaying the progress of Smith. He actually sat Alex Smith for former Heinemann trophy winner Troy Smith. Which didn't work out? But in the weakest division in the entire NFL with 6 years under his belt and a  brand new coach who knows how to deal with NFL quarterbacks since he used to be one and coached a future first rounder in college Smith has finally stepped up. He will never be Joe Montana or Steve Young but he will make the playoffs interesting this year.

6. Matthew Stafford-The Lions are thrilled this gun slinger is finally having a healthy  campaign. There is something else about Stafford that makes him the 6th best Q.b on this list. Oh thats right Clavin Johnson. This tandem is killing it. Stafford has 19 td's and 11 of them are to Megatron  here. But Stafford is a grinder. even though the last few wins they had were blow outs but if you look at the losses you'll see a leader who will drive his team down and try to score. Stafford and his bros will be playing some hard ass games in the upcoming weeks. But If they can end the season with 10 or over wins I think he deserves this slot in the 6th spot.

5. Matt Ryan-Listen I know he has not had his best season so far but the Falcons are turning the corner. They have a very weak second half of the season coming up with only two match ups against the Saints and one against the Bucs  and Panthers. Ryan has been nothing but a pro since he came into the league. When the Falcons drafted him in 08 they were miserable, reeling from the Michael Vick disasters, the whole Byron Leftwicth  +Joey Harrington+ Chris Redman  rotation didn't work out as well as they expected. Ryan did start out slow but with the return of Julio Jones and the ageless Tony Gonzalez Ryan has a chance to compete for a wild card. But lets be real if they do get into the playoffs and play the Packers  they'll lose.

4. Eli Manning-My Dude is for real and what can you say to argue it? Nothing. Eli has been playing some lights out football except for the Seattle and Washington games this year he has been Elite. Eli has thrown 15 td's and only has 6 ints. Eli has driven the Giants to 3 great 4th quarter drives and only won 2 of them I know. But with this weeks win  has showed the world what I have known for years Eli is the truth. The fact Eli lost his pro bowl receiver Steve Smith, tight end safety blanket Kevin Boss, and the rest of the team has lost some time do to injury but they still managed to lead the Giants to a 6-2 record for first place. There is no question he is the best 2 minute drill Q.B in the league and # 4 is pretty low since it's my list.

3. Tom Brady-This is just a phase. Tom Brady is going to shake loose and burn up his next opponent. See the thing about Brady is that he goes through these times where he looks to be rusty and crappy but its just because he feels unloved by Boston and Giselle. Look he has 20 td's this year and he still has Wes Welker. Tom Brady knows what he has to do to win in this league and I bet he would not be super happy if the Jets and the Bills some how get into the playoffs and they are looking like jack asses at Whiskey's or McGreevy's up in Boston. Then again Foxboro is far away from Bean town. Hmm Brady will still be a Pro bowl Quarter back and if they make it to the Superbowl he better pray Eli isn't there because Eli is Tom Brady's Tom Brady as Tom Brady is Eli' Peyton Manning. Wait that didn't really make sense let me try it again. Tom Brady is Eli's bitch, there we go that feels natural.

2. Drew Brees - Living is Breezy when you play the game so easy and the chicks in your town are so sleazy. I have to stop writing this posts at 3 in the morning. But Drew Brees  is throwing fire in the Big Titty  City.  All ready over 3000 yards and 21 td's Brees  is looking to get into a O.K. Corral shoot out with Aaron Rodgers in the NFC Championship game. Throwing to Jimmy Graham Marquees Colston  and a slue of other dudes who can catch bombs. Right now the Saints are tied for first in the NFC south with Atlanta and next week should have a knock down beat up game with the Falcons. Drew will probably drop 3 td's and throw for 400 because he knows how to do it consistently.

1. Aaron Rodgers-Was this even a surprise? A-bombs over here has been straight up winning like  Charlie Sheen . That joke would of killed it 6 months ago. But the Packers have won every game since they beat the Giants in Week 16 last year. Rodgers has 24 td's and only 3 ints with 2700 yards this year.  I am pretty sure the Packers will be getting to the NFC championship game since I just said they would in that last section. He also has 2 rushing td's and a State farm ad so I think he is doing pretty good. So Him being the best q.b in the game is a no brainer. The Pack is undefeated right now and it seems every week the pros are picking them to lose but they shove it  in their faces by blowing up on the offensive side of the ball.

   If you noticed I didn't put up guys like Mark Sanchez, Tony Romo , Phillip Rivers, Michael Vick, and   Jay Cutler because they are not as good as these guys. With Sanchez he plays in a run first offense and the ball is taken out of his hands. If he was allowed to lead  they still wouldn't have made the Super bowl last year but they would have made that game go into overtime,plus  he is soft . Tony Romo  the second coming of Brett Farve is extremely flashy and is as reliable as a game of tidally winks , that sounded funnier in my head he sucks when the game counts. Lets face it Rivers and Vick are garbage this season. Yeah their stats are super flashy and they throw for so many yards but with the talent they have around them they shouldn't be losing every other week. Rodgers has only one wide out over 6 foot tall, Brees , Rothlesberger,and Rodgers too have no running game and they win. For Jay Cutler while he is pretty funny on Two and a Half men  I think Steve Young said it the best tonight " He is not built to play like this week to week " oh yeah the Bears beat the Eagles.

   So that was it. It might not be my best top 10 but I stand by almost every word I stand by. I wrote a lot of words and its hard to remember each one.