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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Back For a Minute. A post before we toast and have good times. Then Throwing up Thanksgiving morning.


      Hey guys sorry about that I kinda took an impromptu vacation had some shit to take care of around the homestead so not really a vacation. But I am back for a little bit since tomorrow is the number 2 out of 5 biggest drinking days of the year. If you don't know what the list of those drinking days they list as follow : 1. St. Patricks day, 2.Thanksgiving Eve ,3.  Halloween, 4.  Opening day (baseball or football),and  5. M.D's birthday.   So there are just a few things I want to hit be for I get wrecked tomorrow , yes at the tender age of 26 I still go hard for the eve, but yes I have to stay on point.

    One thing that is bugging the shit out of me is how bad the NFL hats are, is anyone else mad about this also? Look I know it sounds stupid to get  upset on how bad  hats looks but as a censure (that's the right word)  of a lot of hats. I like wearing them A. because they look cool and B. I am bald so the covering really helps out huge and since I love football( Sorry about not doing the Week 10 recap ). But when I was watching the games the past 2 sundays I realized that the hats the NFL is putting out are gross as shit. It makes no sense they have the market owned on Jerseys because its way easier to rock an NFL jersey out then any other sport to the bars but the hats are cutting it close. Look I have about 5 hats in my daily rotation as we speak. Yes 5 hats ( Mets, Blue Jays, The famous K.C. Royals , Old School Brewers blue with the yellow mitt, and  a broken in A.E hat that I've had for years that I sculpted to my huge ass dome ) but I wanted to add some fire ass Giants hat into the 5 spot so I can take the crafty veteran and move it to the bullpen to close down games, you know a softball hat. So I go into the LIDS by me which has the sickest hats cause I live in the hood. Kidding. But the new NFL hats are terrible looking. Why can't they just be hot fire like baseball hats. Is that too much to ask? Like an all blue hat with a white  N.Y with a red background  in the New Era style.  Thats all I want.  But instead  we get these multi layered shitty looking snap back hats that make you look like a 1980s asshole. What the hell NFL and the breast cancer awareness merch is shaky at best. Don't get me wrong I think its cool that they give awareness a full month where players show support by wearing pink all during their games. But the hats are gross boss. Just keep it simple bro.

   The award season just ended in baseball.  Does anyone else feel like they got something wrong? I kinda feel that someone got snubbed big time. Don't get me wrong Verlander had a great year and his C.Y young award is enough to prove it but the M.V.P I don't think so . I get it he won 24 games and was the reason why the Tigers bounced back to go into the playoffs, yeah I got  that but I feel that the M.V.P should go to an everyday player. Is the dude who can carry his team when everyone else is slumping or not preforming as well as they should? The guy who I think should have won the dude award is Curtis Granderson.  Granderson played in over 150 games which is over 116 more games then Verlander played in. Crushed about 41 bombs, 10 trips, 26 dubs, 25 out of 35  swiped bags and 119 rbis. Ok so he hit .262 and struck out 169 times but he still hit a career high 12 or more bombs off left handed pitchers which according to those really smart guys who are pros at writing about sports was the biggest hole in his other wise professional game. The other reason why I think Granderson should have won the dude award is because he was a pro all season. No whining about the unwritten code, no starting fights with asshole Red sox just going out there 150 times and doing his job. He was a straight up boss when he had to do interviews and he is a positive role model for kids. This is a Mets fan talking to you. Look I once saw this guys hit a ball that was basically in the dirt over the MO' zone at Citi  field. He earned it

*- I am re-naming the M.V.P award in all leagues the Dude.
     Yeah so thats pretty much it. Have a happy Thanksgiving eat your turkey drink your beers flip off your uncle make it memorable? I should be back by friday. With the Week 11 recap. Heres a spoiler alert : I am not super happy :


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