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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Doing fine because I just recapped Week 9. Everything in this post rhymes... no it doesn't


  Last week was a huge week for football. There were a lot of games  that were shocks and not so shocking results. I mean its football  what did you thin was going to happen ? Everyone gets a participation trophy after the games? No, it's the NFL or whatever. That joke went absolutely nowhere so lets just get into it. Did I use that photo before? Oh well.

Lets do this .

   Seahawks V. Cowboys-In the no brainer game of the week. The Cowboys won this game by a ten spot. Romo was lucky that Seattle has a terrible defense and an equally terrible Quarterback to make him look like a stud by comparison. Jackson who drew the short straw to go  under center for the Seahawks three picks. Dallas has to be the luckiest team in the NFL right now, while every team who is hunting for a playoff spot has a back breaking schedule they Cowboys have it pretty easy. The only real tough games they have left are  two against Big Blue so they could wind up with a Wild card spot. As for your 2010 NFC west champions not so much they are dead ass in the water. I wonder what quarterback they wont take in the first round next draft. The Cowboys play the Bills and the Seahawks are taking on the high flying Ravens so thats going to be a good game for the Hawks.

   Falcons V. Colts-Two words. JULIO JONES! The rookie from Bama showed up after sitting a few weeks with a hammy issue   came out and caught his first 2 NFL touchdowns and tore up the Colts sad excuse of a defense with 131 yards on only 3 catches.   The Flacons dropped 31 on the  unrealistically bad Colts. So really we can legitimately say the Peyton Manning is the best team player in the NFL. He is so good at his job that he makes his surrounding team worlds better. Teams used to fear playing the Colts now they want to get that easy win.  The Colts play the Jags and the Flacons take on the Saints for a first place matchup.

   Redskins V. 49ers-All and all just another  step for the strongest team in the weakest division taking on another team who is falling apart. Ok I am not getting on the niners but they have defiantly caught some breaks this year. Granted they have the best run defense in the NFL and the Redskins only handed the ball off 15 times. Frank Gore has carried this offense , he had his 5th game over 100 yards on the ground and that is the way to go. This sunday they play the Giants which could be their real late season test for them because this could be a playoff match up. While the niners take on Big Blue the Redskins take on the plucky upstarts Miami Dolphins. That right there is the game to watch, if you have a choice between that game or having brain surgery preformed by Buster Bluth .

   Saints V. Buccaneers-This NFC south battle didn't really live up to the hype that I thought it would. The Saints throughly held off the Bucs  and didn't let them score a touchdown until the 4th quarter. The Bucs  are slowly getting healthy with the return of knockout champ Laggarette  Blount. But their defense  just got a punch in the gut with the signing of Albert Haynesworth . Who hasn't at all  turned into albatross of human being. But since Drew Brees  and the Aint's  don't wait for no team Brees  dropped 2 td's and got a good performance from the running game. The Saints get #1 draft pick Mark Ingram back in their back field. The Bucs take on the Texans and the Saints take on the Flacons for that first place matchup I talked about a paragraph ago.

   Raiders V. Broncos-This game was an old school AFC west show down.You know back when the West used to be relevant. Instead of just a joke which it is now. But since the West dropped off in respectability on the defensive side of the ball but their offenses have been dropping bombs. Carson Palmer has really have had a tough start for the Raiders have two games with 3 interceptions but he did blow up for 332 yards through the air and the running game hasn't missed a step with Run DMC out. Even though the Raiders lost they look to be the favorite right now to win the West.  But lets give up to Tebow  for winning again. Tebow  and Willis Macghee both rushed over 100 yards. Yes, he might have a style that doesn't work for most people but it works out so far with wins over the Dolphins and Raiders Tebow  has a better win loss record then Kyle Orton  has in the past two years. The Raiders played the Chargers on thursday ( I'll get that out next week) and the Broncos take on the Chiefs.

   Eagles V. Bears-As everyone salivated on monday night over Michael Vick and the over hyped team take on the Bears who have been a hit or miss team. By hit or miss I mean the defense will hit you hard as Matt Forte makes you miss. Thank you , thank you it just came to me. The Eagles took a late lead but like most of their games they blew it. Vick had a less then stellar game since he only threw 213 with a pick. Jay Cutler out played Vick with the return of his favorite option Earl Bennett who got fined for wearing some slick ass orange cleats. The Eagles take on the Cardinals for a bounce back and the  Bears take on the Lions to move into second place of the North.

       Ravens V. Steelers-I think if you watch the video of what happened during the end of the game would do a better job of recapping then I could even try.

  Jets V. Bills-What to say about this game. It was an ego game, by that I mean if the Jets lost the fans would be saying that they were done for the season , but since they won Jets fans started booking flights to Indy for the Superbowl.  The Jets shut down the Bills  for most of the game. Sanchez  threw for 230 with a td to Santino  Holmes. Even though Fred Jackson had a good game by rushing for 82 yards and had 36 receiving  yards.  This game pretty much knocked out the Bills out of the division race and just for a wild card spot. But are the Jets for real. I can't ask anyone around here because they just start spelling loudly at me. The Bills go to Dallas for a battle of  90's superbowls and the Jets Face the reeling Patriots who might be looking to put a hurting on someone.

  Giants V. Patriots-Who was shocked at the out come? There was no way the Giants should have won this game says you. I was loving it. It was exciting Eli and Brady putting on a show, Tuck and the Giants  getting through the Pats o-line and causing  chaos.  The Giants gave up the lead  in the 4th and were given the ball with about 2 minutes left. Guess what Assholes thats where Eli lives. Eli drove the Giants down the field and hit Jake Ballard with two big passes one on the 50 and one in the end zone. With this win Eli should be looked at as one of the Top Q.B's in the game due to his clutchness .  The Giants take their outstanding passing game out to San Fran to see who is the second best team in the NFC. While like I said before the Pats look to hurt the Jets.

   So that was week 9. It was pretty exciting it made up for week 7  and some of week 8.  So like always best of luck to you and your favorite team and to your fantasy teams. I'll be back on monday with some other collections of words that aren't funny to you but make me laugh.


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