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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

I call this one: To be a fan or not to be that is a question ? Is it ? I am asking you is it ?


      This was a tough weekend to be a New York football fan. Both Giants and Jets  lost heart back breakers to the 49ers and Patriots.  So instead of turning my disappointment toward the Giants defense for not shutting down Alex Smith weak ass passing game I kind started to root for the Patriots against the Jets in their sunday night matchup. Needless to say I caught some heat for this. After the game was over I had some words with my pops about how bad the Jets are and on Facebook some words with a Jets Fan, not many but still words. After the exchange I was going through the reasons in my head on why the Jets suck  but who was I to say anything my team lost just like the Jets and then it hit me. Why am I  ready to start a whole war of the words that really accomplish nothing?

    Why am I so ready to defend my team to the bitter end, why do I think my team is better then anyone else's team (besides record I am talking history fool) , what is it about  this team that I know that I will probably never play for ( heads up Big Blue I run a 6.4 40 and I have hands made of glue... It's an actually medical problem I have been getting looked at for years) that I identify with, Why stick around after being disappointed,   and not change to a winner , there is just this one team /fan base I just don't like and even though I love that team so much I have these plans to make them better so why wont they listen ? So like any other annoying person with a cell phone and a Facebook page I started bugging people I know.  I asked them a series of questions just like those theoretical ones  I just asked my self ( that is the right term right ? Well, the grammar police will pay me  visit later any way) and I was lucky enough to get some great answers. So before I get into it I would like to thank everyone who answered  my lame questions.

   So  I was lucky enough to get text response from my people, here so I don't have to do that memory thing. Only nerds remember  things ... wait what. Ha , yes another joke that would probably be funnier if I was actually speaking instead of writing. Right, so I received responses from some of my friends, some of my family  and none off the Facebook site. Seriously you click that like tab and I will listen to you, if you're not bonkers.  What makes this a better study is that some of them do root for the same teams I do and yet a lot of them don't so let me list it.

Me- Mets, Giants

Louis - Ravens fan
Jack -  Eagles and Yankees fan
Joe E - Mets, Giants fan (as well)
Ron - Giants, Bills  fan
Hambone - Mets fan
Big Cat - Astros and Mets fan
Funch  - Panthers, Ravens and Mets fan
Jmart  - Baseball and Football fans

Mikey  - Cowboy, Yankees and Rangers fan
Kevin - Giants and Yankees fan
Jay -  Jets Ranger sand Yankees fan
Melissa - Cowboys and I am pretty sure she is the only female reader of the Phantom so she is the smartest one in the bunch.

So instead of writing  everyones answer and having this going on and on I will a few of them that I feel best answer the questions . If thats cool with you guys.

1. "Hey I am working on an idea for a post . I want to know why  Do you root /defend  the team you like? "
  Big Cat - "Truth be told it's largely based on childhood memories and stuff. And  as I got older when I didn't have anything else going my way I always had my teams."
   Joe E - " I like being a part of something bigger than me."
  Ron - " Good question. I guess its like a lil brother. You might rip on him when he messes up but you don't want other people to say bad things about him"
   Jmart  - " Your dedication to a particular teams has multiple factors. The teams history or your and memories of moments are reasons to like and remain loyal to a team . Me personally I root for teams that are built through drafts and trades. I tend to dislike teams who purchase players especially in baseball where there is no salary cap. I also like tradition in which players remain with teams for a long time."
   Funch - " Hmmm"
   Melissa-"Asking me to defend my precious Cowboys... because I grew up watching them. I was born in TX(Texas) and they are Americas team!"
 Jack and Kevin  all said that family and the place you grow up played a factor in what team you root for.

2. " As you got older why do you believe your team is better then other teams"
   Jack - " Historically they do better and cause other teams are whack"
   Kevin - " All the teams I root for are first class organizations. I love how they do things the right way and can win"
    Mikey  -" I mean I grew up on all of my favorite teams. So I guess I was raised to like them rather then finding out one year, their good and going on the  bandwagon , cause then I wouldn't be a Cowboys and Rangers fan
    Ron - " You gotta be true to your team."
    Jay-"I really don't. I hope they would be better then others.LOL. Just for the reasons the players skills and what they can bring to the game. If you put together everyone's skills then it makes a good team and that point I feel that my teams skill,heart and determination will be better."
Louis - " The coaching staff is great and have made good decisions in the draft."

3. Has there ever been a point where you have been disappointed in your team that you think of leaving  for a winner"
   Big Cat - " Yes... I might I've F-ing had it with the Wilpons... I dunno I might just say  fuck NY baseball and just keep my love of the Huston Astros and the Twins and Dodgers." I think I might of talked Big Cat out of being a Mets fan...OPPS.
   Melissa - " Nope… just briefly stopped caring... It's more a family / heritage thing than a football nut thing...It's an institution ! And you can quote me on that lol . " I just had to ask what was an institution " Cowboys!" I kinda walked through that door.
   Jay - " Look at last night " I texted him on tuesday..."But I never would because I can't my heart belongs with my teams "
   Hambone - " Because I love them. Thats really a hard question lol.
   Jack- " Nope that's pussy shit"
  Mikey  - " No... I find that band wagon hopping poser. I find no problem rooting for a team in the super bowl or world series , if your teams not in it, but you gotta be loyal, otherwise most teams would have a sucky  fanbase"
  Ron - " Of course I though about jumping ship but who would I like the crappy Jets, or jump on a band wagon and like Green Bay. Na man I bleed blue there is no one I rather like"
   Jmart  - " Yea, numerous times but I stay loyal to my teams. Since 2004 I started fantasy sports and really got into College sports as well as gambling so regardless if my team is having a winning or losing season I have plenty of rooting interest for fantasy, gambling or individual athletes to have successful season. "

4. What is it about your team that you Identify with ?
    Kevin - " Giants I would say how they stay out of the lime light. Just go about their work behind the scenes and don't ask for any credit "
   Jack - " Yeah I'm a bad ass mother fucker and black"... He is not
   Jay -  So  after I a got the text about leaving your team from my cousin Jay  I asked him " So you identify with the teams philosophy and your dedicated to them because you feel that since they are hard working and give everything  during the game that is what you stand for. If that makes sense" and very simply and possibly in a very Lando  Calrissian way he texted back "Yea". I have managed to be extremely insightful and then I go all nerdy with that.

5. Is there a team/fan base you just don't like?
   Louis - "Philly"
   Jmart  - " Yea I dislike the Yankees, Heat and Manny Pacquiao  "
   Kevin - " Never liked the Red Sox or Cowboys."
   Jack - " Dallas"
   Hambone - " Yes, the Phillies  fans they can burn in hell"
   Melissa - " Ugh! Maybe.. But not seriously "
   Mikey  - " Pats and Steelers"

6. Is there something you would change about your team?
   Melissa - " No, maybe get Tony Romo a jaw implant... No I don't care that much lol "
   Kevin - " Wish the Giants were more open with media and went after big free agents"
   Jay - " The quarterback. lol.  Honestly I don't know maybe some coaching at times and some players nothing crazy"
   Hambone - " Yea, buy them so I could get rid of the Wilpons" 
   Ron-" I always wished that the Giants would be a lil more aggressive  on the offensive side  with thing the ball which they have been doing this year. I would like a better special teams."
  Mikey  - "More community and charity work. " 

 Jack - " I wouldn't make an Offensive line coach defensive coordinator"

I would like to thank everyone who answered the questions I asked them. Thank you for taking time out of your day to help me out I really appreciate it.

 Now I have had a few days to study all of this feed back and try to understand it so that I could conclude my survey.  So here is my conclusion. 

     This is has to be the hardest part of the whole post. See the thing is we  will constantly fight over who's team is the best and no matter what the championship game at the end of the season say we still feel our respective team is way better because they are a part of us. I know it sounds weird and possibly super lame but if you are a sports fan and I mean a real sports fan your team is a part of you. People can say what they will about your team but the memories you have that keeps your loyalty strong. It could be going to your first game or bonding with your family in front of your t.v  during the big game. No matter what it was the love you have for your team is yours and your alone. So if you do get into it this weekend after the games just know to take it easy and have a good time. 

  I really wanted a good closing sentence there  but I couldn't really come up with an awesome insightful closing line that would blow your minds. But thats not my style.... French Fries are not from France... BOOM your mind is blown! Your welcome .... Sorry no links youtube is acting odd at 4:30 in the morning. Back To the Future was on. Shut up.   

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