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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Jail time, Firings,Riots, and Arrested Development Links... Must be a post about Penn State

   This whole Penn State issue has turned from ugly to hideous. With a "minor" riot last night in Happy Valley due to the firing of long time head coach and folk hero Joe Paterno.  To fill you in . Long time  coach and line backer guru Jerry Sandusky has been arrested for sexually assaulting a 10 year old boy in the Penn State locker room shower. Sandusky was caught by at that time graduate assistant Mike McQueary who then told head coach Joe Paterno what had happened. But due to selfish behavior by the higher ups and the coaching staff after the incident occurred and Sandusky was still allowed to come back to campus and interact with athletes of all ages. But after allegations broke about Sandusky's  disgusting act with children this week Penn State was turned upside down. Let us remember this most of the division on the situation is a morale issue and not spilt on the punishment Sandusky's faces.  I am going to try to give my views on this.

    Lets start with McQueary  . As you know as a graduate assistant in 2002 saw one time  line backers coach Jerry Sandusky in the shower with a ten year old boy committing unspeakable acts to the young boy. McQueary  then called his father who told him to tell Joe Paterno   who  was close to Sandusky. the heat that is being brought on McQueary   comes from two aspects. Aspect one : Why didn't you stop him. McQueary is 6'5 and is a former football player so taking down a naked old man should be easy, right? Everyone has the whole flight or fight part of their brain and his first action probably throwing up was to call his dad because he was most likely in shock. It's not everyday you see that and since Sandusky was a legend so what was his move. He had to tell someone so by instinct he called his dad who told him to talk to Joe because he would know what the right course of action is. Look at it like this ,some no name guy who is trying to make a name from him self on this staff is accusing a Legend of an atrocious act. Who'd believe him it he went public. So he went to his boss and a guy who excused Sandusky of his coaching duties in 98 because there was something going on behind the scenes. So Joe went to the top and McQueary  thought his part was done. Aspect 2: After that incident in 2002 Sandusky still came to some practices every year and McQueary did nothing. Now here is my take on his heat. I have no idea how I would have reacted or how stunned I would have been after seeing such a gross act. But the first time Sandusky stepped on to the field after you told Paterno   and He told the suits right then and there you pick up your cell phone and call the cops. There is no excuse , you went to the top and obviously the top didn't do their job so you take it into your own hands. You had your time to deal with it you know it was wrong  but you did dick.  No excuse for  standing back after you let the  system fail in front of your face. Did deserve to be fired? Maybe,  I mean he did do the right thing in a way he told someone  about what happened. I think he shouldn't be coaching this week and for the rest of the season. But he shouldn't be out right fired

  Now for the suits,  the School's President and Athletic Director. What they did I can't even  speak of. They swept these extremely serious allegations under the rug because it's damning to your schools bullshit reputation. Granted Sandusky is the worst kind of person for being an absolute monster but these guys are fighting for the top spot. I can't even continue describing what they did I am so pissed at these dick less morons.  I am happy that they can go to jail and it's not even going to be cheated on your corporate taxes jail. No shank your ass in the shower so you have to blow a guy named White Power Bill or Ahmed Johnson for some protection. So that should be nice for these pencil pushing fuck faces.

   Now for Joe. Who is getting fired was really on a morel stand I feel. He did do what he was supposed to,  he told his bosses about what he was told happen. So thats fine but heres where it gets messy. Should Joe Paterno  gotten fired? Yes, good God yes.  Should he has been let to finish out this season?  I don't know. What the school did was right. You can't allow him to coach no matter what. The School honestly  did the right thing. I know It's hard to hear right now but if you're going to give McQueary shit about doing nothing you have to give Paterno the same amount if not even more because of his stature in the college. Joe was the top dog  so really he could have called the proper authorities . Actually in every  situations that Paterno faced during the whole time he should have gone over everyones head and call the cops no question. Well since everyone puts them self in McQueay's shoes, put your self in Paterno's. You are living icon and your one time coach who help you built a legend of excellence,dignity, and always known to do the right thing is accused of child molesting and after taking it  to the head of the school and the athletic department and they did absolutely nothing. What do you do? Do you take it upon your self or let it go and hope someone else does something. Paterno has to live with his decisions for the rest of his life.

   Now for those loyal fans who took it upon them selves  to act like champions last night and have the police break out the riot suppression gear. I hope your proud of your selves. Granted  rooting for Joe is fun and he is the mascot of your school. But the fact that a few of you turned violent, flipped over a car and cause  what ever police presence there to use pepper spray and tear gas to make you scholars disperse. I hope honestly hope you put on your Facebook status's that you were there and next semester  your parents make you go to community college. Are you serious, yes I know he's been there for 60 years, he did a lot for your school I got that its sad stuff.  There are protests in other countries that they don't even flip over one car and their coach sucks. What you did was an embarrassment to our country.

   The two sides of this fight wont really get along because its based  on the emotional aspect of the whole issue. One side will fight for the legendary reputation of Joe Paterno  and the other side will fight for the ethical and morale side of it. The only positive is that  both sides should be fight for justice for these children. Joe Paterno  was going to leave he is really old, people are going to jail but no one knows how many kids really  have been assaulted they say 20 but thats all that have come forward so far. Justice will be served and hopefully it will help all those who have been hurt by this sad excuse for a man. So as you debate this topic just remember its the children who need all of our support because it's them we should be fighting for.

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