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Friday, November 11, 2011

Read how I blame Will smith for the economy and some other stuff... and a link that really doesn't make sense but it in there.. Titles will get better soon

     So I was thinking about what to write about today and a few ideas crossed my mind. Now sometimes most of my ideas are so amazing I could write for days and days without any question. But today for some reason I couldn't see any of my ideas a full post.  So I am going to break them up in to another sweet sweet  jumbo post. Shit thinking about it I should write my week 9 recap. Whatever this seems like a better plan. I couldn't really find a good image of thinking so I just picked this one. I like it don't really care  if you do. Yeah I said it.

    Today kidnapped major leaguer Wilson Ramos was returned or rescued  whatever the guy is safe.  Back about 50 hours ago Washington Nationals rookie catcher who is one of the building blocks for the  future Nationals power house that will drop on our unsuspecting asses with in the next few years, was taken by armed men as he went to his home town Venezuela. Luckily he was found after 50 hours but kidnapping is a very serious issue in a lot of countries even our own. Even though this is not a funny subject at all and normally I would not make light of this situation if it was not a major league ballplayer. But I do have to  put out these humorous ideas because that is what I do here. So I don't know if this is a terrible thing to say but did the kidnappers release him because he plays for the Nationals is not Miguel Cabrera ? Yeah thats pretty bad. I am going to stop because I can't morally allow my self to make another joke but what would have happened if he was on a good team ? Thats it, next topic.

     When did sports broadcasters start becoming huge dicks? Every week I watch the big boys try to tell me what I should think about who ever hey deem worthy enough to receive their criticism. Right now every one of these paid pro bro's are  hating on the undefeated Packers. It seems every match up they are say " This is the week the Pack gets its first loss," and then A-Rod and the Pack drop a billion points on what ever clown car defense they are playing. How come when the Patriots were  chugging along in 07-08 everyone was like "Tom Brady is amazing he is so good  he make me feel like less of a man, I wish we were friends so we can go on road trips to vineyards and laugh as the sun goes down and he'll give me his cardigan because I am cold..." this was all said by turd burglar Chris Berman . I just don't get how they determine who they are going to hate on. If its personal opinion or ratings hunting they are doing a piss poor job of it.  Look I am a Tebow  supporter not because he his a super chirtian I couldn't care less about that , its because he wants to win and you see that and in his 3 starts he has lead the Broncos to 2 wins. Oh he can't keep playing like  in the option. Bro just games so deal with it. This whole Carson Palmer is a terrible trade for the Raiders the monday after he was traded there on the thursday before that game against the Chiefs. He played in Cincy  for 7 years and had to learn a brand new system in 3 days. They gave OchoCinco  a 4 week pass for learning a system but a guy who plays the most important position on the field has learned the system in 72 hour take away 5 hours for meeting the press 3 for getting fitted  for gear, lets say take away 12 or so for finding a place close to the Stadium to live. I know he is a Cali kid but Cali is a big ass state. So burning him bad after that game was completely asinine. And when they are right on one aspect of their idiotic rambling they blow it up like they knew something special. Look I know its a stupid issue to get mad about but seriously I can barely watch some of these shows anymore. Oh yeah What makes Mike Ditka  a fucking football genius? He won 1 super bowl with the best defense in football back in the day, then he destroyed a teams future for Ricky Williams who didn't work out that well in NawLans . Oh but because he was in a soccer movie with Will Ferrell we have to listen to him shit on quarterbacks who are way better then Jimbo  McMahon and who is Steve Young  to shit on Eli or Tebow . He had Jerry Rice, Primetime, Ricky Waters and Bill Walsh. He was a scrambling quarter back with a shitty throwing technique and was bounced out of the NFL and was lucky to have the AFL to save his career so he could hold Montana's jock for a few seasons before getting in their with hall of famers. So him saying Tebow  can't make it in the NFL is a joke. Arrrgh  now I am angry. I need to switch topics

    Earlier today my father and I were hanging out and watching some t.v while I was looking to see how the NBA talks were going( not good) and whats up with the Ramos kidnapping.  I turned on an H.B.O channel and Men in Black 1 was playing needless to say thats what we watched because Will Smith is Fire Flames in that movie. Then I looked up Mr. Smith on Imdb  because I wanted to see when the 3rd installment of the Men in Black franchise comes out(2012 by the way)  I noticed something strange. His last movie Seven Pounds came out in early 2008 I think it was out in January but unlike all of Will's movies it did not do as well in the box office like his other master pieces to the surprise of everyone. After the failure of Seven Pounds the American economy collapsed. I knew Will Smith was America's greatest treasure with Nicholas Cage, Christina Hendrickson's rack and making oversized food while people starve in our own country. But I didn't know that Will Smith controlled our countries economy. Since Will hasn't come out with a movie since 08 I am holding him responsible for the whole crash. So when MIB 3 Black in time( they go back in time I think) comes out everything will be ok and America will be fine. Also he can come out with a new album to get out of debt with China because those shits sell. So I am putting you on notice Mr. Smith no more sad movies unless you play a poor dude down on luck and then you catch a break and become Ronald McDonald, you are only allowed to make movies where you save the world from Aliens, Zombies, Drug Lords and any Giant Robot animal. Also for some reason you are the only person who makes Michael Bay a watchable director... And If you are reading this , Thats awesome you are sooo  cool I had Big Willy style on cassette tape because I didn't get a Cd player until I was 14 and if you want to give a shout out or even hang out I am totally down. We can talk about how lame Carlton was and how parents just don't understand. But you're the reason  we have no money. Just wanted to let you know.

     I know the last post was not completely accurate but if you read it you will see Mikey  was in school so the fact he covertly wrote something is better then nothing. But if you want to read a more detailed post about it just scroll on down to mine. Look We aren't perfect we are just very close. Tomorrow when I get home from work I 'll get you your favorite NFL recap and then I can lip sync to Miami as I break in my new Miami Marlins fitted. That last sentence was a joke...50% of it was guess which part. 

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