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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

There is something rumbling in the Balla department


      For the past couple of days the new has been blowing up about whats happening down in Penn State and to no surprise everyone who has covered the story has weighed in and have given their " If it was me I would of " side of the story and granted they are right. What happened was a tragic course of events that will end the longest tenure of one of the most prolific coaches ever in the game of football. While it is hard to ignore this issue to crack wise on something that is not as important. I have to try because yes I do have my opinion and "If it was me I would of " but  the way it is unfolding I am ok with. The scum bag is going to go to jail, everyone who with held the info from the proper athourties are getting canned and Joe Paterno is going to retire after 60 some odd years of coaching and I think after this season there will be a total house cleaning with every coach on this staff will get the boot. But right now I don't think I know enough  yet except the cliff notes on the case. So I will read up on it and get a better handle on it to give write an educated and insightful post like all the other post I write.

      Whats going on in the NBA lock out. Right now its about 7:30 pm in good old New York  and they have yet to break from their meeting.  Today at 5 pm  they had  hard deadline on a 50/50 deal that would get the league back and it seemed pretty good. The players would get 50% of the league proftis, their full contract and a soft cap. All of that really doesn't matter because they'll get their money but we can get a shortened season but still something else to watch that isn't hockey or cup stacking.

  We have been waiting for this. Today might end the lock out and I am looking forward to be disappointed. I hope I am wrong, seriously I do but how many times through out this whole strike have we seen this.  They go in they argue about the money aspect the East coast teams(Billy Hunter) are not on board with the West coast teams( Derek Fisher) want to get done .The lawyers and agents are making total asses of them selves while David Stern who is begging for this to be over so the 3rd sport can start so  that I don't have to loose my teeth watching hockey. I know I don't have to have missing teeth to watch it but I would have to pull my teeth just to make watching hockey exciting.

   If they break from today and start the season. Since it would take a month with training camp and a short pre-season. Who knew that the NBA had a pre-season, the things you learn trying to avoid watching hockey. The season should start in January and run until the end of June maybe early july if they try to add some dates.  I will be super pumped because I get to root for the Knicks again.

   See back in the early 90's I used to be a big Knicks fan. Patrick Ewing, John Starks, Larry Johnson, Allan Huston with Jeff Van Gundy at the helm shit was fire. The rivalires with Reggie and the Pacers, Jordan and the Bulls, and  Alonzo and the Heat nothing was better after the Giants ended and the Mets were tripping through the off season. When I used to ball on the street when I was growing up I used to pretend I was Starks because my out side shooting was fire flames. After time passed I couldn't stand watching the Knicks during the whole Thomas, Brown, Starbury disaster that set the Knicks back a whole decade. But now I am all about how the Knicks and Donnie Walsh have revamped and retooled this team. A'mare my dude is a beast and if he is healthy can't be stopped, Melo is going to be a leader and a star so that he can bust out of Lebron's shadow and they will have enough cap space to sign up some major talent in the up coming years. I was thinking of rooting for them last year but I missed most of the season because the Giants were in a close race with the Packers so I missed a lot of the season. I felt I would look like a front runner so I held off until this year so I could watch game 1 to whatever.

   Now its about 9 pm here and there has been no new so I guess thats a good sign. Also I didn't take me over an hour to write this I ate some dinner and took a break and I was watching the Heat Knicks scrape when Van Gundy was latched on to Mourning's leg , that shit was crazy . Lets hope  tomorrow it's over.

p.s- Sorry about the picture layout I am having some trouble with this templet.

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