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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Two Top 10's with in 2 weeks of each other how can it be...

     It has come to this another top 10.  I can't believe it after a pretty good weekend of match ups and some breaking news that I might need more time reading so I can make it slightly funny. But I could only muster up another list based on  my opinion and some facts. So unlike the top ten lists about food, songs, hot chicks, and beers. This list is about the top ten Quarter Backs in the game right now.  Let the bitching and moaning begin.

 Unlike most top ten lists  done by those so called "professionals" I will take other traits other then stats. Side note before I begin , I think I want to start a "rap battle" type feud with a major sports reporting site or sports reporter. I don't know why but I feel like I want to be a bastard of some sort. Lets get to the list

 10.Ben Rothelsberger- I know most of you think that Big Ben here is a top tier guy and I almost agree with you. I feel that his play gets over looked because of the defense he plays with. This year he has 15 td's and 8 ints and has lost 4 fumbles. So he turned the ball over 12 times. But has all ready thrown for almost 3,000 yards and since the Steelers running game has been non existent this year so far. So but since the Steelers are in 3rd place right now firmly behind the Ravens and the Bengals its doesn't look good for Big Ben. Normally I wouldn't care for standing and stats but with a 2x super bowl champion like Rothelsberger I feel he should be better. They almost lost the Jaguars a few weeks ago.

9. Cam Newton-It's hard not to put this guy on a top 10 list of who the best quarter backs are this year. Newton has been burning up defenses so far but the problem is he has yet to have "the game". He has yet to have a game where he wins it just by his performance. Cam has thrown for over 400 yards run like he is being chased by the NCAA ethics board but he only has two wins. last few games the Panthers have been close but they fade. I know for a fact Cam is going to get better in the upcoming years. But his talent will be magnified by a knack for closing out opponents. Once Cam gets over that hump he will be on real top ten lists.

8.  Josh Freeman-The Tampa 3 year  starter has been put in a bad spot since the start of his career. He was thrown into a division with  2 high profile teams and as the Saints and Falcons got better and the Panthers got worse the Bucs  could of went either way and no one could care because the Bucs have steadily declined since John Lynch bolted to Denver and they drafted the Cadillac. But Freeman has them hunting for a wild card spot. Last year was his first as a full time starter and he brought the normally mediocre Bucs to an 11-5 record and if it wasn't for their division record and the fact a west coast team has to be in the playoffs the Bucs could have caused some havoc in the playoffs last year.  Freeman is set up in a pretty good system with two young wide outs in Mike Williams and Arrelious  Benn ( that is a realious his first name... see I can be as clever as Chris Berman ), The solider  Kellen  Winslow Jr and the young knock out champ Legatee Blount who when is healthy is a pretty good running back. I doubt they will get in this year after the loss to the Saints on sunday but next year with a healthy team they are danger in letter form.

7. Alex Smith-Another surprise pick. But the leader of the 7-1 49ers. Right now Smith is rocking 10 td's with 2 ints . It seems that firing Mike Singletary was the lighting  of the Alex Smith's fire. Taken first in the 05 draft  Smith has been a bust but since San Fran has been building around him for the past 6 years to make the team as a whole work. Building up the defense , Running game, tight end, and O-line but Smith was late bloomer. With Singletary and his  turtle looking head kept delaying the progress of Smith. He actually sat Alex Smith for former Heinemann trophy winner Troy Smith. Which didn't work out? But in the weakest division in the entire NFL with 6 years under his belt and a  brand new coach who knows how to deal with NFL quarterbacks since he used to be one and coached a future first rounder in college Smith has finally stepped up. He will never be Joe Montana or Steve Young but he will make the playoffs interesting this year.

6. Matthew Stafford-The Lions are thrilled this gun slinger is finally having a healthy  campaign. There is something else about Stafford that makes him the 6th best Q.b on this list. Oh thats right Clavin Johnson. This tandem is killing it. Stafford has 19 td's and 11 of them are to Megatron  here. But Stafford is a grinder. even though the last few wins they had were blow outs but if you look at the losses you'll see a leader who will drive his team down and try to score. Stafford and his bros will be playing some hard ass games in the upcoming weeks. But If they can end the season with 10 or over wins I think he deserves this slot in the 6th spot.

5. Matt Ryan-Listen I know he has not had his best season so far but the Falcons are turning the corner. They have a very weak second half of the season coming up with only two match ups against the Saints and one against the Bucs  and Panthers. Ryan has been nothing but a pro since he came into the league. When the Falcons drafted him in 08 they were miserable, reeling from the Michael Vick disasters, the whole Byron Leftwicth  +Joey Harrington+ Chris Redman  rotation didn't work out as well as they expected. Ryan did start out slow but with the return of Julio Jones and the ageless Tony Gonzalez Ryan has a chance to compete for a wild card. But lets be real if they do get into the playoffs and play the Packers  they'll lose.

4. Eli Manning-My Dude is for real and what can you say to argue it? Nothing. Eli has been playing some lights out football except for the Seattle and Washington games this year he has been Elite. Eli has thrown 15 td's and only has 6 ints. Eli has driven the Giants to 3 great 4th quarter drives and only won 2 of them I know. But with this weeks win  has showed the world what I have known for years Eli is the truth. The fact Eli lost his pro bowl receiver Steve Smith, tight end safety blanket Kevin Boss, and the rest of the team has lost some time do to injury but they still managed to lead the Giants to a 6-2 record for first place. There is no question he is the best 2 minute drill Q.B in the league and # 4 is pretty low since it's my list.

3. Tom Brady-This is just a phase. Tom Brady is going to shake loose and burn up his next opponent. See the thing about Brady is that he goes through these times where he looks to be rusty and crappy but its just because he feels unloved by Boston and Giselle. Look he has 20 td's this year and he still has Wes Welker. Tom Brady knows what he has to do to win in this league and I bet he would not be super happy if the Jets and the Bills some how get into the playoffs and they are looking like jack asses at Whiskey's or McGreevy's up in Boston. Then again Foxboro is far away from Bean town. Hmm Brady will still be a Pro bowl Quarter back and if they make it to the Superbowl he better pray Eli isn't there because Eli is Tom Brady's Tom Brady as Tom Brady is Eli' Peyton Manning. Wait that didn't really make sense let me try it again. Tom Brady is Eli's bitch, there we go that feels natural.

2. Drew Brees - Living is Breezy when you play the game so easy and the chicks in your town are so sleazy. I have to stop writing this posts at 3 in the morning. But Drew Brees  is throwing fire in the Big Titty  City.  All ready over 3000 yards and 21 td's Brees  is looking to get into a O.K. Corral shoot out with Aaron Rodgers in the NFC Championship game. Throwing to Jimmy Graham Marquees Colston  and a slue of other dudes who can catch bombs. Right now the Saints are tied for first in the NFC south with Atlanta and next week should have a knock down beat up game with the Falcons. Drew will probably drop 3 td's and throw for 400 because he knows how to do it consistently.

1. Aaron Rodgers-Was this even a surprise? A-bombs over here has been straight up winning like  Charlie Sheen . That joke would of killed it 6 months ago. But the Packers have won every game since they beat the Giants in Week 16 last year. Rodgers has 24 td's and only 3 ints with 2700 yards this year.  I am pretty sure the Packers will be getting to the NFC championship game since I just said they would in that last section. He also has 2 rushing td's and a State farm ad so I think he is doing pretty good. So Him being the best q.b in the game is a no brainer. The Pack is undefeated right now and it seems every week the pros are picking them to lose but they shove it  in their faces by blowing up on the offensive side of the ball.

   If you noticed I didn't put up guys like Mark Sanchez, Tony Romo , Phillip Rivers, Michael Vick, and   Jay Cutler because they are not as good as these guys. With Sanchez he plays in a run first offense and the ball is taken out of his hands. If he was allowed to lead  they still wouldn't have made the Super bowl last year but they would have made that game go into overtime,plus  he is soft . Tony Romo  the second coming of Brett Farve is extremely flashy and is as reliable as a game of tidally winks , that sounded funnier in my head he sucks when the game counts. Lets face it Rivers and Vick are garbage this season. Yeah their stats are super flashy and they throw for so many yards but with the talent they have around them they shouldn't be losing every other week. Rodgers has only one wide out over 6 foot tall, Brees , Rothlesberger,and Rodgers too have no running game and they win. For Jay Cutler while he is pretty funny on Two and a Half men  I think Steve Young said it the best tonight " He is not built to play like this week to week " oh yeah the Bears beat the Eagles.

   So that was it. It might not be my best top 10 but I stand by almost every word I stand by. I wrote a lot of words and its hard to remember each one.


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