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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

We found Em'... The Bad Guys of the NFL


       I know I know its zero hour for SlutO'Ween the time were the normal we see every day shed their harden shell of sexual harassment law suits and  don't look at me attitudes to expose their take on inner crazy and dress like slutty cats, Slutty doctors, slutty nurses, slutty soldiers, slutty police officers, slutty super heros, slutty cartoon characters, slutty girl scouts, slutty Liberians, slutty nuns, slutty teachers, slutty moorage adjusters, slutty I.R.S tax auditors, slutty Aunt Jemima, slutty Ruth Bater ginsburg.… Sorry I lost  track because I realized that halloween might be the greatest holiday. Whatever by tomorrow everything goes back to normal. Enjoy it while you can. Oh  wait... Yeah thats right so after week 8 I realized that there is one team that will  be the one team you root against. The Detroit Lions! I was fooled frankly I thought this would be the feel good story of the year but surprise they are dicks.

       I bet most people thought that when the Lions started to win games this year they would be that "Awe shucks,  we are just playing great team football," team that everyone thought they'd be  but no they turned out to be huge dicks.  But you know what that is what they have to be.

      The Detroit Lions have been bad. They have been bad for a long time. I am sorry I haven't really described how bad the Lions have been over the past 12 years.  Since All time great Barry Sanders said adios to the Lions and the league before the 1999 season. Think with their asses they hired former NFL Linebacker to run the team. Matt Millen    brought in a 7 year run of amazing first round draft picks and  amazing win loss records that would make the Kanas City Royals ROFL. Somehow Millen  kept his job for 7 years. He only picked 1.5 good  players in his 7 years. Only Calvin Megatron  Johnson and Roy Williams  were really the only good picks he had everything else was fruit from the poisonous tree. Bust after bust. But Finally after an 0-16 season the brass had enough of the Millen  so they axed him and what ever filler coach they had and hired Jim Scharwtz traded off  Roy William ( happened in the season) to Dallas for two-first rounders , two-second rounders , 8 small fries and 3 large shakes.  Which they turned it into a pretty good team Matthew Stafford, Brandon Pettigrew, Nadikum Suh, Javid Best  and who ever they got this year has helped turn this sad franchise around fast.

       Now back to the 2011 season.  Since the 49ers game the  NFL media has been keyed onto the shenanigans that the Lions have been pulling. With getting in  the Flacons  grill  before the, the whole trash talking crap that happened after, and linebackers doing the bartman  shit is going crazy. But the Lions need to have this attitude. They have to be the bully now they have to get their hands dirty. Look at teams like the Packers, Patriots, Eagles, and the Jets. All of these team have one thing in common. They are full of douche bags. Right now the Packers are getting the SuperBowl pass on their  doucheness   but guys like Clay Matthews , Aaron Rodgers, and A.J. Hawk  all have talked up a shit storm, same with the Jets they always seem to find themselves on the bulletin board for something someone said,  The Eagles starting the hype train on their rush to the season acquisitions and the Patriots  they do not give a crap who you are if you play them they always will bring an A game or they will steal  yours. Greatest common dominator they all are dicks. So when they lines start to draw a line in the sand against the rest of the league I am all for it.

   Its their time to be a contender. They have been blacked out shut out and beaten. Its time for them to return the favor. Nice guys finish last and they just flipped off your grandmother.

   Yeah its pretty short so I guess I will throw in another slutty halloween picture or something.  Merry Christmas PHuckers.


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