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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Week 10 and 11 combo


   These past two weeks have been rough for football recappers  such as my self  because of the thursday game flow that has been going on since I guess week 8 or whatever. But I am going to let you know whats up.

Green Bay is still undefeated despite everyone saying the Bucs  would be them

The Jets and Giants are on a two game losing streak respectively. Brady and Tebow  both stunned the Jets ad their fans because they thought they had a chance. The Giants top ranked defense  let two sad excuses of busts owned their asses

Michael Vick is leading the charge on dog of the year... Get it because he sucks and that other stuff he did.

Tim Tebow  is  doing his best  Dj Khaled impersonation  ... and not have sex with women

The Lions have taken their dirty play too far... Stomping and whining the Lions are really just

The Chargers are a bigger joke then Eagles. Both teams were picked to be in the Super Bowl but have failed to live up to the hype. But thats what you get when your head coach is a bitch and your offensive line coach

Carson Palmer is turning out to be the quarterback the Raiders deserves and no the quarterback they need right now... Because he is Batman

The Bengals thought winning was easy up until they played the Steelers and Ravens back to back weeks. And Andy Dalton kinda looks like Mike McQueary  ... Google it I am in no mood for those photos.

The Texans playoff run relays on the steady hand of Matt... Lineardt   so pick up  Ben Tate and cement
Foster in your fantasy line up because they are about to get some work. Sorry Andre Johnson  looks like your triumphant return wont be as prosperous as you wish

Cowboys fans everywhere are having raging boners because of the cake walk schedule hat the NFL gifted them for their bullshit 4 game win streak.

The Dolphins are officially out of the Suck for Luck race and the Colts are still sucking hard.  The Dolphins had been really hot and Reggie Bush looked like an every down

Jay Cutler went down and now the Bears have to rely on Matt Forte and their defense. And the are totally ok with that.

 Thats pretty much the past two weeks. Surprisingly short but thats what happens when the NFL . But  Really what I am pumped on is that the NBA lockout is kinda tenitivly back on. Boom baby welcome back and see you later college sports and shitty ass hockey. There are some super important games this week to watch  and probably next week I will give a better recap.


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