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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Work In Progress

Hey Guys I know it has been a few days since I have dropped some knowledge or some pretty awesome comedy that would make those british soldiers that wear those hates and they stand in front of that place with all that stuff. Yeah look I have been doing a lot of research for this so maybe I have to focused all my intelligence into this upcoming work. Its about 2:30 in New York so I  might be tired who knows. So until my brain can work properly I will leave you with  a few pictures of hot chicks and something funny like I always do. Oh yeah before I go apparently this whole Penn St quagmire has totally taken the oddest turn. Sandusky went on Rock center and creeped everyone out and probably torpedoed. But just like most things torpedos hit everything that is around it will  burn to the ground. Also what the hell is LMAFO are they serious with those lame ass afros and terrible auto tune and sad attempts to dance like Morris Day and the Time. This one video they are like jacking it , I don't understand music today...its terrible is that whats #OCCUPYINGWALLSTREET ?  I'll be back way before the NBA will so head up. This next post will be super awesome I am really doing some work on this.

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