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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Can You name the Four Teams in the NBA that names do not end in S ?


   So I have been hyped about the return of basketball this year but I haven't really gotten into it yet. Well, its because I have been up in my attic trying to locate my  92 Dream Team Jerseys. I had a whole bunch of them Jordan 9.Bird 7,Johnson 15,Stockton 12 ,Malone 11, Mullin 13, Pippen 8 , Ewing 6 , Barkley 14, and Robinson 5. Me and my brother the Big Q who wasn't the Big Q back then he was the little J. So I am gonna do some quick hits on some of the NBA past 3 games.

    Poor Kobe man. First he gets a pretty sweet deal to play over in Italy I think with Derrick Rose and a few other all stars then the NBA lock out ends  and real training camp starts and he hurts his wrist before the pre season, then his wife dumps his ass after 10 1/2 years because she claims he is unfaithful... Really Kobe Bryant is unfaithful, if Kobe Bryant can't stay faithful to his wife what hope do us normal humans have at staying faithful, and finally the Lakers lost a heart breaker to the Bulls and maybe the love of the Los Angeles fan base. The Lakers are right now 1-2 and are looking really old. But All I know is I want a Metta  World Peace Jersey... If you can get your hands on one send me and  Email at

  The Los Angeles Clippers I don't know if you have heard  acquired some guy by the name of Chris Paul and apparently he is pretty good or something. He made a couple of all star games and junk. But thats not the biggest kicker for the Clippers who might have a nickname coming down the pike. The Clippers look good bro. They won their opener against the Warriors by 21. Paul, Blake Griffin and Chauncey Billups  had over 20 points.   So with one game down the Clippers are heading back to the playoffs and there is nothing you can do to stop them.  Except play out the rest of the 65 games without injury and trades or anything to that extent.

   The Knicks beat the Celtics for their Christmas Day matchup. Even though Kevin Garnett missed a clutch jumper to give the Celts the last second lead and the win and he showed that the Celts are just as old as the Lakers and the Knicks are a tough group of players going into their prime and ready to set this city on fire. Yes, Kevin Garnett showed the world that he sucks.  He starts a fights with Bill Walker by grabbing his neck. Then Baron Davis steeped in and shut KG up.  Not by hitting him with a fist but by showing him that his beard is nothing to be trifled with. This season is going to be great. GO NEW YORK GO NEW YORK GO.... That always reminded my of Ninja Rap.

   Surprising to me and probably a bunch of other people who watch basketball.  Besides the Celtics, Lakers, and Timber wolves (I needed a 3rd team) the most surprising team to come out to a 2 loss start in the first 3 games of the season is.... The Champion Dallas Mavericks! Sorry for the exclamation point there  but the little green lines wouldn't go away without it.  Yeah so the Champs are down a two spot. With an opening day beat down by the Jawun  Howard Eddie Curry and Mike Miller helmed Miami heat. What isn't that the big 3 down in Miami ?  With the followed up 22 point loss to the Denver Nuggets. The Mavs  have a tough test on taking on the Durancula and the Thunder on thursday.  Hopefully they can start winning or else all of that championship hype might just be hype.

   Yeah so thats pretty much it. I am waiting on the Knicks Warriors game tonight and there is some big baseball news coming up. I feel like something huge is going to happen in the baseball world. But there is a sliver lining is.... More photos of cheerleaders. That is possibly the best thing about basketball , also the fact I can start wear my Starter gear again. Good times ahead. Oh yeah the four teams without S's are the  Heat, Magic, Thunder and Jazz . Use that question at a bar to get a free round or a phone number. It works , the success rate is about 65%.


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