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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Chris Paul Finally gets traded to.... The Clippers?

   So the first big blockbuster move of the upcoming NBA season has been made.  Chris Paul or more well known as CP3 has been traded to the Los Angeles Clippers. So  with the addition of Chauncey Billiups and Caron Butler earlier this month the Clippers look to have a team once again and this time Elton Brand didn't have to lie to Baron Davis to do it either.  So it looks like CP3 will sign up with the Clippers giving them a young tandem  with Blake Griffin.   It looks like the West is getting stronger well at least the 2nd team in the Staple Center is getting better.  Blake and CP3 might turn out to be the one of the most dominate forces in the West. Since Blake is in his 3rd year  and was a highlight reel last season in his first full year of action. Now with 2 all star point guards in Paul and Billiups on the court at the same time and Butler at shooting guard it's a nice team around the big guy. The Clippers have a team and I think they will be playing the Knicks in the NBA Finals . Good night, sorry my head is full up with windex and Kaboom. I cleaned out  bathroom tonight and there was very little ventalation so I am a bit spacey.... Also the internet is flush with stories about Miley Cyrus possibly having a boob job. She is 19 now so it's not as creepy as it sounded.


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