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Monday, December 19, 2011

Davis to the Knicks, Latos to the Reds, and LeSean McCoy is going to be the #1 pick next year

     After an extremely good saturday I had an extremely disappoint weekend  of sports if you are a Jets, Giants, Texans, Packers, Broncos,Ravens, and Browns fans but every week is kind of disappointing if you're a Browns fan. But along with those teams my fantasy team suffered a wildly humiliating  showing in the semi finals. Right now I am down 201-121 with my kicker left so that sucks. God damn Drew Brees.   But besides the huge disappointment  football was this weekend there were a few things that did happen that I think you should be aware of .  The Knicks signed point guard Baron Davis to add depth to their back court and the Padres traded Mat Latos for Yonder Alfonzo and Edison Volquez.

   The Knicks have been making of  moves left and right before the opener on Christmas. But is signing Baron Davis the way to go ? I know he is a veteran who can run the point to an all star level but with his increased age and declining health. I am not saying he is dying I am saying he isn't as sturdy as he was back in Naw  Lans and Golden State . Right now is his estimated to be out for at least 8-10 weeks due to a back injury. So it look like his first real actions with the Knicks will be in late january. So now what do I think because thats what you all are waiting for. I think Baron will be big for the Knicks once he is healthy and since the Knicks have depth at point guard now with Tony Douglas and Mike Bibby this could help Davis last through out the rest of the season. Look I know I was wrong about them keeping Billiups and Tariff but I was right about Tyson Chandler so I might be a bout 75%  of the time thats pretty good numbers so I am a trusted source. I hope everything works out for the Knicks because with the way things are going I have one more game to give 2 shits about with the Giants and I highly doubt the Mets will give me anything over the Christmas season.  So I hope it  works out.

   This on is for my Fans or fan out in the San Diego area and for the fans out in the Cincy  area as well. This past weekend the Reds landed a young ace type pitcher in Mat Latos by sending off highly touted prospect Yonder Alfonzo and once feared and good pitcher Edison Volquez. Latos had a slow start after starting the season on the D.L  and putting up a 9-14 record. I know this because This guy was on my fantasy team and I thought "Oh hey Mat Latos in the 10th round suckers looks like I have 5 aces on this squad look out Championship here comes the Morgan Freemans. " but no.  Unlike me the Padres were able to send off Latos. But that is a huge mistake Latos is a good pitcher except he was in a shit offense so he would get the short end of the stick. He is like the southern Cali version of Doug Fister . Latos is going into an offense with a 30 home run hitting outfielder in Jay Bruce, a Triple Crown threat in Joey Votto, Drew Stubbs who yes last year struck out a bagillion times but can still smack a few dingers  and steal a ton of bases and by the end of last year started to take a couple of pitches, now with Latos in the fold the pitching staff is almost all righties ( Latos, Arroyo, Leake, Bailey, and Cueto), and hopefully Chapman throwing bullets as the closer it looks like the   Reds could be a surprise in the up coming season.

    But for the Padres this might be the a huge mistake. Alfonzo is a good prospect but  where is he going to play ? The problem with the Padres is that they have young player at almost every position. But this isn't the biggest concern for the young Padres who lost their closer to the Miami Marlins and then traded  for Huston Street and catcher Jeff Baker. But the key part of this trade is Edison Volquez. the pros are saying that Edison will be a great fit there. I highly doubt it because he will suffer the same fate that Latos did but the only difference is that since Volquez came back from Tommy John he hasn't been as dominate as he was before and has had a run in with the roid dragon. I don't think this move will help the Padres in the unpredictable N.L west.  No one really knows who will win it this year. I guess we will find out later.

   Al right thats pretty much it. If you're wondering where the NFL recaps are I stopped them because I have been working a lot saturdays and sundays so I haven't had too much time. I will try to get back to them after Christmas games because there are some good matchups and hopefully my hockey guy will come back to let us know whats going on there  but for right now I am gearing up for basketball.

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