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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Drew Brees is a classy guy and this is a classy post. So read it jerk

   By the time this is going to be viewed by the loyal masses of Phantom Ballplayer readers Drew Brees would have broken the all time NFL passing record. This season has been a magical on for Mr. Brees only Brady and Rodgers have come close to him this year in passing yards but no one has passed him.  Yeah the Brees has had only so far 3 out of 14 games under 300 yards passing and has never had a Qb rating under 64.1% which is good  I guess. If you don't believe me I am going to list them for you because A. you're a dick and don't believe me  and b. I like lists.

Drew Brees 2011 Season

1. Green Bay Packers - Loss 42-34 - 32 of 49  for 419 yards and 3 tds  longest pass 36 yards
2. Chicago Bears - Win  30-13 - 26 of 37 for 270 yards 3 tds  longest  pass 79 yards
3. Houston Texans - Win 40 -33  - 31 of 44 for 370 yards 3 tds  longest pass 44 yards
4. Jacksonville Jaguars - Win 23-10 - 31 of 44 for 351 yards 1 td longest pass 59 yards
5. Carolina Panthers - Win 30 - 27  - 32 of 45 for 359 yards 2 tds longest pass 30 yards
6. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Loss  26-20 -  29 of 45  for 383 1 td longest pass 43 yards
7. Indy  Colts - Win 62-7 - 31 of 35 for 325 5 tds  longest pass 57 yards
8. St. Louis Rams - Loss 31-21 - 30 of 44 for 269 1 td longest pass 25 yards
9. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Win 27-16 - 27 of 36 for 258 2 tds longest pass 23 yards
10. Atlanta Falcons - Win 26-23 - 30 of 43  for 322 2 tds  longest pass 36 yards
11. New York Giants - Win 49 24 - 24 of 38 for 363 4 tds longest pass 50 yards
12. Detroit Lions - Win 31-17 - 26 of 36 for 342 yards 3 tds   longest pass 67 yards
13. Tennessee Titans - Win 22-17 - 36 of 47 for 337 yards 2 tds longest pass 25 yards
14. Minnesota Vikings - Win 42-20 32 of 40 for 412 yards 5 tds longest pass 47 yards

  With the monday night game still going on as I type and Brees is only 31 yards away from breaking the record you look at these numbers and just wonder " how the hell can any defensive coordinator still have a job at the end of these games" and also what could have happened if Brees didn't sign up with the Saints back in 2006.

  Before Brees was the apple of every color commentators eye he was almost considered a bust out in San Diego. If you think I am wrong tell me why would they draft a Quarter back in  2004 ? Well, they  traded a Quarter Back  to the Giants and they got a future TLC show in Phillip Rivers. But back to my point. Drew Brees  was growing into the Quarter back we see today with a very young and talented group out in Whales Vagina but since they could never get over the hump he took a lot of the guff that came their way.  So when he became a free agent after  hurting his shoulder pretty bad in a playoff game his days in Sandy ahgo were done. But three teams wanted Brees. The Jets were thinking about him but the injury turned them off so it was down to the Dolphins and the Saints. The Chargers I guess didn't think Brees would turn out to be this good

   The Miami Dolphins have been suffering since Dan Marino retired to find that franchise Quarterback . Apparently Jay Fielder, Brian Griese, Dante Culepepper , Trent Green, Chad Pentenington ,and Chad Henne couldn't hack it.  So they were neck and neck with the Saints to grab up Brees.  But The Saints shelled out more money and  promised Brees total control. Which is every Qb's dream?  But what if Brees signed up with the Phins?  With Ricky Williams in place and Nick Saban stopping by they could have given Brady a run for their money twice a year.

   Like I said before probably by the time I finished this post Brees would break the record. Well, like many things I have said before I am right. Drew Connected for a 9 yard  touchdown pass to Darren Spirals. Congratulations on such an amazing feet I know you will be reading this while you search through google images of Paul O'neil.  It has to be awesome to break a record infornt of a crowd that worships the ground you walk on. New Orleans is gonna have a huge blow out tonight ,Drew Brees is gonna get so laid tonight... By his wife. Congrats again and good luck in the Playoffs.


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