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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

A few topics I would like to discus on this monday...


    It seems to be a common trend that I can't make up my mind on one steady topic and you the readers are stuck with a just a bunch of well written and well thought out just master pieces every 2 days or so. Yes, I am that full of my self. But there are just a few topics that aren't  strong as solo posts. Actually I kinda dig these three topic posts because it shows my range in the two sports I like, well basketball gets interesting in like 4 days so my range will expand. Plus I have a few movie reviews I'd like to do just to keep  it a vast tapestry of humor and information.... What ever I am going to probably just spit out stupid words about movies and Tv shows. But lets talk about sports.

    Chicago Cubs legend Ron Santo was elected in the Baseball Hall of Fame today. Santo played for 14 (1960-1974)years only for the Cubs 10 time All star 5 time Gold Glove winner. Santo was a career .277 hitter with 2,254 with 342 bombs and 1331 rbis. Ron Santo was a life long Cub, after he retired  stayed with the organization as different ways but is most remembered by being the lovable homer in the booth. For years and years Santo kept on getting shut down for his hall bid. But this year the Golden Era Committee voted Santo in with 15 of 16 votes as the only Golden Era nominee to be elected in. Unfortunately Santo did don't live to see this day. Ron Santo pasted away last December 3rd  with his long battle with Bladder Cancer and Diabetes . He is remembered as a gentleman and a great human. I am thrilled  that Santo's family can celebrate this great man's triumph and his legend will forever be enshrined in Cooperstown.  I think about 2 years ago I saw an "Real Sports with Bryant Gumble " report on Ron Santo's struggle of getting elected to go into the Hall of fame. It was heart breaking. They showed him waiting by the phone for the call and when it came in he couldn't answer it after years of disappointment and he had his wife answer the phone, she fielded the call and after it was done which looked like 15 seconds  they just crumbled. It was heart breaking.  I want to rip into the voters for taking so long to vote Santo in but the Golden Era Committee is only allowed to vote in one player. I find that awful. Why only one? Is there not enough room in the Hall ? Look I don't want to  say anything real negative on this entry because I respect Ron Santo for all that he has done for his team,fans, community and for Diabetes research.  Congratulations Ron Santo you earned this honor. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your whole family.

    Yo, haters to the left.    Tim Tebow  is fer  reel  boi. Let me clean that up for you. Tim Tebow  is 6-1 as a starter this year and has the Broncos tied for 1st place of the AFC west. How is everyone still shocked that this dude has captivated the nation with his good guy attitude and leading 4th quarter wins? I have gone on this blog and have said with confidence that this kid is pretty good.  Will they win in the playoffs if they get there? I don't know but it will be exciting. I want to see that roller coaster in action. Wouldn't it be something if the Broncos ride this wave of success to the Super Bowl and win? What would those "experts" have to say if Tim Tebow   and Von Miller lead the Broncos to a true Cinderella Story  to a Super Bowl victory? I know, ............. . Nothing all of those clowns will be flabbergasted. Look I wish the Broncos the best of luck the rest of the year and I hope they keep on winning they have the Bears, Pats, Bills and Chiefs left on this season. I see two more wins in this ride and if the Broncos and Jets end 9-7 they will go in as the second wild card because they have the tie breaker over both the Jets and the Bengals so really they have a legit shot at getting in. Go get 'em Tebow .

    I am having a tough time figuring out what should be the final topic. Should I talk about how after the whole Sandusky  scandal broke there  have been more breaking cases of assistants being accused of sexually assaulting children and see if there is a link between pedophilia and being an assistant, Fox News accusing the Muppets of being commie because the foil in the movie is an Oil Tycoon name Tex Richman and just blowing up about how leftist Hollywood is painting a negative light over big business and rich people. But they forgot to mention that Batman and Iron Man are  the only rich, company owning, and respected  superhero's in comic and film and their villains seem to be down on their luck guys who are terrible humans... Poor people make terrible kids movie bad guys because poor people have nothing to lose so they go all cazy on your asses, or should I talk about watching a Nicholas Cage post Con-Air action movie out of context is just as confusing as watching a Nicholas Cage movie Post Con-Air action movie from start to finish. Seriously I have on that movie he made where he is this nuts o cop in NawLans  and yes I am enjoying his crazy but I am so lost. A guys soul was dancing to  what sounds like Nicholas Cage signing  some blues.  It just seems  like male actor in this movie is trying to out crazy Nick but are out of their league. Home boy brings his crazy up in this movie.... What to yammer on about.

   Carp its 2 am so I'll sum them up if you want more in depth paragraphs hit up the Facebook page. Yes, there is a link between being an Assistant and a pedophile its called relaxed fit Khakis those are pedo  pants. Fox News is a joke and this proves it. Saying the left media is brain washing children who just see colors,shapes, animals and barely understand plot are not going to go out and protest on wall street as they get an abortion while Kermit the Frog and Fozzy  Bear light up their "medical pot" as they sign songs about free health care and food stamps. One of the reports asked " Why is there a  Fat and Starving muppet on Sesame Street when there is food stamps and all these other programs to help out poor families" its to show kids that just because they are different they aren't different, get it ? So kids don't make fun of other kids just because they are poor and can't eat because their food stamps don't last forever and there are still starving children out there. Saying the Left is brain washing children is like me saying the Right is brain washing stupid adults. We can go back and forth all day but call it what you will brainwashing/indoctrinating (spelt it right on the first try, Public School )!  Poor people make terrible kids movie Villains its just a scientific fact so deal with it. And for Nick Cage... Keep it up buddy I like crazy ass you it's entertaining. I would rather watch a terrible movie where I can basically shut off my brain and not really care about story and plot and just see random acts of violence, reckless drug use/alcholal abuse, maybe a few boobs strode about here and there and just  aggressive dialog. Good job pal go get paid man.

   So that is that a little bit of everything. A respectful spot, a little boasting about my dude Tim Tebow and just an assault of topical subjects with some humor all jumbled in. Yeah I'd say that this post is one of my most mediocre one yet. Haha , its probably good I just don't like to be that guy who pats him self on the back after he blows everyone mind with amazing words. You know I am humble. Actually maybe I am the most humblest guy in the world... So suck it Ghandi your weak ass shit don't fly herder.

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