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Friday, December 16, 2011

I cover some stuff sports related again. Yes it's not about food or nerdy shit

 Just a few topics I want to cover before I hit the hay tonight because I am still feeling weird from last night. I guess that is to be expected when you almost gas your self like I was in WWII.

   Sam Hurd of the Chicago Bears and originally  of the Dallas Cowboys has been busted for trying to "set-up " a drug dealing network. After skimming the article and hearing all day on the radio and t.v I have an idea of what Mr. Hurd tried to do. He watched a back-to-back marathon of Weeds and Breaking Bad and got a wild hair up his ass that he could be a king pin.  Yes, I 've seen this before after you watch a few episodes of Breaking Bad the biz looks so easy and if you get the right partner it could be easy street.Or maybe he caught Blow on Stars who knows but this idiot was throwing out cash like he was Ochocinco. $25,000 for kilos of coke and $450 for pounds of weed. So he had his swag card stamped by Tony Montana . But unfortunately for him Montana isn't real and dead (spoiler alert) . I just can't wait to see who he sold to because you know for a fact when that shit hits people are going to go nuts. I am calling it right now there are a lot of shitty players on that list. Also how much do you think reporters are pissed off that he is on the Bears right now and not the Cowboys. Just think of the headline Cocaine Cowboy.  That would have killed .

   I don't honestly understand why teams are going ape shit over Yu Darvish . Teams are lining up throwing money just to talk to the guy and who ever wins the right to sign him will only regret it later. I am siding on the pessimistic side of the Darvish  race and I am so happy that the Mets are having money troubles so they didn't even think of putting a single dollar in that hat but you know with their luck even if they thought of trying to go after this guy and bid on the right to talk to him they'd probably win and he'd be terrible. Which brings me to the point he will be terrible like Dice - K , Tomo  Okha ,  Kaz  Ishii , Kei  Igawa and the list goes on of disappointing Japanese players? Frankly the only two players who came over from Japan to do anything great here is obviously Ichro and Hideki Matsui.  Look I am not saying that Yu wont be good frankly I have seen him pitch in the WBC and he has stuff. He actually could turn out to be a difference maker but he has to go to a team that will bring him along the right way.If not, you have to look at the possibility of Hideki Irabu and to a lesser extent Dice-K. Wether its injury or just not living up to the hype is it worth it to dump 55 or more million dollars into an untested pitcher who will be signed by a contender or possible contender and be labeled as an ace.

    I am going to stick with baseball one last time.  Now people who read this know how I side a lot with lower market teams because well my team is now a  money strapped team. But I like teams that can build from the farm and smart free agent signings (Still a Mets fan). But can people stop saying that the Yankees are going to trade off Jesus Montero  for King Felix. It's  not going to happen Hernandez is signed up for the next 3 or 4 years at a heavy penny and yeah the Mariners would like to free up some extra cash to lock up  other prospects for years but thats unlikely.  The Mariners are built on pitching , I say that because their ball park is massive and they have no big slugger besides Justin Smoak who has hit just about 24 career bombs.  The Mariners are going to hold on to King Felix until the end of his contract. The addition of Monitor would be a bump to their offense but Monitor is being looked at through pin striped glasses.   So please for the love of God stop this madness and focus on getting Hanley and J. J  from Miami. You can send A.J , A-rod  , and Austin Romain  down there so they can get punched and take steroids as one is just a good prospect.  There its settled.

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