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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas Jets Fans... You dumb bastards

 MEERRRRYYYY  CHRISTMAS PHUCKERS !!! ! I am Going to keep this really short. Jets Suck, Mark Sanchez is a terrible Quarterback , Eli Manning is the 4th best quarter back in the NFL, The Cowboys are disappointing and The Eagles straight up own their ass this year , Rex Ryan is a bitch who can't control his team or manage the clock, Tom Coughlin  is tougher then Stallone , Jason Pierre Paul can't be stopped by normal humans and The AFC west will always be the worst division in football.  Thats it If your upset about the length (nickel for every time I heard that ) just imagine all those topics with about 5 bro's , 25 different ways to say douche bag, 45 run on sentences , 60 jokes that fall flat and a closing statement that makes no sense. Mix those all together and thats pretty much a regular football post. So good night, Merry Christmas Happy Hanukkah Happy Kwanza and whatever else is out there I am gonna get ripped tonight on Rice Krispy treats, Coors Light, and pie.

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