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Friday, December 2, 2011

Now taking applications for a muse... Not the band

    I need one of them muses to keep my brain juices flowing because my brain right now looks like a twice sipped Capri Sun right now. Ugh  I never thought it was this hard to come up with back to back hilarious posts that both tickle the funny bone and tickle you Philosophically  as well. Also it's getting really easy just stroking my ego then actually doing any real work so I need to get my shit in order here.  So I am going to just write about three sports related stories that I guess are the big topics around this time. 

 Bobby Valentine is  back in the MLB. Thank you Jebuzz . Bobby the guy on the bench for the Red Sox. I can't wait for the season to start. Oh wait don't take this as me throwing the Red Sox support, no not a chance. Don't get me wrong I like Lester and the Muddy Chicken and Boston is a cool town but no I am not saying I like the Red Sox. The reason why I am so happy that Bobby  is back as  a manager is that he is no longer in the Sunday night Baseball booth. So finally Espn  can get someone who has a personality. So now the Sox will  take up their throne as the best third place team ever. Listen as you know I am a life long Mets fan so I know what Valentine is all about.  Yes, he did great in the NL east but thats because the only good team in that division was the Atlanta Braves but he never  had a winning record against them. He can rally the troops but how many times can you rally against the Yankees, Rays and the upcoming Blue Jays. It's going to be a hard road for the Red Sox paved with frustration and probably the Gm getting the boot but it should be funny to watch. 

   Poor Donavan McNabb. I truly feel bad about how his career has plummeted and it's not really his fault.  I was blessed as a young'n  to have Giants season tickets so I got to see a lot  great players play at Giants stadium. Guys like Dan Marino, Brett Farve , Reggie White, Randy Moss, Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Emmitt  Smith and Ron Dayne  but I actually got to see Donavan's first action as a pro Q.B .He was a threat every week but he only had one offensive weapon be still managed to be an elite quarterback. But 3 years ago the Eagles had a wild hair up their ass and sign Vick right out of jail and it basically signaled the end of McNabb's  career in Philly. The Eagles traded McNabb to the Shanahanned  Redskins who were buying up clowns with talent but they were clowns so that did not work out too well for him. But the start of this year the Eagles broke the bank by picking up some of the best talen ... I am sorry I couldn't finish that sentence without laughing extremely hard and I let you know by cutting off talent most of the way through to show that I had a problem finishing that sentence. I am so good at writing . McNabb walked away from his 4 year contract with the Skins to sign up with the Vikings  who have good pieces but they started out slow and since the drafter Christian Ponder in the first round so he was just buying his time. So Now McNabb has been released and is looking for a new home for the rest of the year. This is sad he was so good but now a few bad season his career is in shambles.  I feel that after this year McNabb should consider calling it. Every year the jobs for starting Q.B get slimmer and by asking for his release from the VIkings he doesn't want to be a back up teacher. So what is left for him. Dude should just walk out and get a job with a pre game show and capitalize his savvy. Best of luck to him with what ever he does after this year. 

  Finally the last thing I want to talk about is CP3 coming to the Knicks so they can run the game on the NBA. Boom , Hell yeah I have been buzzing since sunday about this. I hope it happens  the Knicks need a point guard. Don't get me wrong I love Chauncey Billiups . Mr. Big Shot is the man but he is a plug until the Knicks get their guy to run  D' antino's system. Yeah I don't know what the Knick have left to give up because they traded their 2014 top pick for Mello so I guess if they send Billups, 2013 # 1 and 2015 # 1 for Paul and sign Tyson Chandler for some more size and have Tariff  come off the bench to give Stat and Chandler some rest thats a winner bro. Now I am super pumped for something to that effect happening. The Knicks are in place to do some damage with in the next few years. See CP3 wants to be a Knick his boys Mello and A'mare play for the Knicks and they are not going to blow everything up to rebuild within the next 2 years like Celtics or the Lakers. Those teams are getting old the power teams are going to be the Mavs, Heat and Knicks just watch  I am speaking the truth.  This would be the starting 5 with Chris Paul in : Point guard Chris Paul, Shooting guard Iman  Shumpert / Landry Fields, Shooting Forward Carmelo Anthony , Power forward A'mare Stoudemire, and hypothetically center Tyson Chandler. Boom Rings for years. Jim Dolan make it happen. The Phantom Spotlight is on you now . 

   Welcome back sports its been awhile. I am feeling it. I just need to keep it together and maintain  a strong attitude for sports. But maybe once a week or once every three week I have to write about utter non sense to just keep my brain snapping. Right  Week 11 or 12 or whatever week just happened recap coming soon. 

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