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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Playoff Predictions ... Just to start the giant snowball rolling


    In fantasy football leagues around the United States the playoffs will start this weekend. Yes, those late season match ups that you planned for in the draft back in the end of August . All the waiver wires moves, the trades, the shit talking and all of the comeback wins have paid off for the smartest of players. Like me in both my leagues I am the in the top 3. Yes, in  my work league I finished with the 3rd seed overall and in Mikey's  league I have the 1 seed overall and still have one more regular season match up to play because he is a dope when setting up the playoff system. So I thought "Well maybe I should write about how I totally whooped shit this year," but I am going into my playoff match up in the work league on a 3 game losing streak so I am not that excited about that. So instead I think I will be one of the first people to set up a hypothetical  playoff tree.  Both wild cards both divisions both championship games , and finally the Super Bowl.

   So lets bracket this bitch out like a champ.

In the AFC

East - New England Patriots
North - Baltimore Ravens
South - Houston Texans
West -* Denver Broncos
Wild Cards - Pittsburg Steelers and *Oakland Raiders

* The Broncos will  beat the Bears and the Chargers to take the division away from Oakland who will lose against the Packers but will have a strong end of the season forcing the Jets to win out. If the Jets lose one of their next 4 games ( Chiefs, Eagles, Giants, and Dolphins) and the Raiders win 3 of their last 4 ( Packers, Lions, Chiefs and Chargers) if that happens the Raiders have the tie breaker over the Jets. Right and if you look at it they both are playing a few spoilers but the Eagles Giants and Dolphins have better defenses then Packers Lions and Chargers. As proven by last week and Vick should be back this week.

In the NFC

East - *New York Giants
North - Green Bay Packers
South - New Orleans Saints
West - San Francisco 49ers
Wild Cards -  Atlanta Flacons and *Dallas Cowboys

* The Bears have hit a hard part of their schedule and with the injury to Forte and Cutler it's a tough road to go with Kaleb Hannie  and Marion Barber. Their defense has to be the focal point of their team until Forte gets back. But for the Giants and Cowboys, I know the Giants are on a 4 game losing streak flow but its December and the Cowboys are historically terrible in this month. The Giants and Cowboys meet up twice and with this sundays "morale victory" the Giants stare in the face of living up to the under preforming prediction that was cast on them in the pre season. But the Giants  need this game more then the Cowboys and if the game is close with 2 minutes left  in the 4th game over Giants win. Since there are two more match ups and the Giants play the Redskins and the Jets before their last game with the Cowboys it should be interesting.

AFC seeding

AFC Conference
3. Houston Texans V. 6. Oakland Raiders... winner Texans . Foster, Johnson and the Texans Defense stay strong and shut down Palmer and Run DMC.

4.  Denver Broncos V.  5.Pittsburg Steelers...  winner Steelers. Timmy Tebow's luck runs out against a health Troy and the Boys .

1. New England(Bye) - Home field 

2. Baltimore Ravens(Bye)

AFC  Division
1. New England Patriots V. 5. Pittsburgh Steelers... winner Patriots. Gronk , Welker, and Branch have big days with Brady dropping 350.

2. Baltimore Ravens V. Houston Texans...  winner Texans with an upset Arian Foster blows up for 200  all purpose yards and 3 touchdowns.   For a 21-14 game

AFC Championship
1. New England Patriots V. 3. Houston Texans ... Winner New England Patriots . Houston in the Cold of Massachusetts  not a good match up . Brady will cut them up  all day

NFC seeding

NFC Conference
3. New Orleans Saints V. 6.Dallas Cowboys... winner New Orleans Saints. Brees  is too good this year and now he has a better running game then Reggie Bush. 42-33

4. New York Giants V. 5. Atlanta Falcons... Winner Atlanta Falcons. The Giants Defense will be too beat up and Eli's 450 yard display wont be enough to beat Ryan, Jones, White, ToGo, Turner and that new defense.

1. Green Bay Packers (Bye) Home Field

2. San Francisco 49ers

NFC Division

1. Green Bay Packers V. 5. Atlanta Falcons... Winner Falcons.I know big shock but I feel this is the year Matt Ryan finally slays the monkey on his back know as Aaron Rodgers. The Pack have been playing very good football but last sundays match up against the Giants showed the holes in their aura. But the new rivalry will finally be noticed by the big wigs instead of by me. But this should be the best game of the whole playoffs.

2.  San Francisco 49ers V. New Orleans Saints ... Winner San Francisco 49ers. At Candle Stick the 49ers have the edge. Brees and the Saints should take it to the last tick but Alex Smith is sipping the Harbaugh Kool aide.

NFC Championship

San Fransisco 49ers V. Atlanta Falcons... Winner Falcons . Look if they can beat the Pack in Lambeu  they can beat San Fran in the Sticks.  This one I am not super sold on but there is always a team every year that Suprizes  the world and the Falcons can do it.

Super Bowl
New England Patriots V. Atlanta Falcons.... And the Winner is the New England Patriots. The game will actually have  The Dirty Birds win their first ever Super Bowl. They upset the 14 pt favorite Patriots in a stunning 3-2 game. Some will say it was the most boringest Super Bowl ever. Ok lets be real in this fictious prediction blog post.  If this is the real Super Bowl game. The score will be something like 28-24 with Brady getting picked off in a 4th quarter . But the Falcons will get flagged for excessive celebarting thus leading the Patriots to a much deserved victory... By the way that bullshit with that high school kid who raised his arm up as he was running in the game winning touch down and the ref threw an unsportsman like conduct. I hope shitty refs go to a shitty refs luncheon and all contract food poisoning so bad they crap out their skeletons. SO they now what it feels like to all of us when they make terrible calls.

   IF any one of these predictions come true except Super Bowl Monday me to put up a personal video of me just big band boasting. So enjoy the last few weeks of football. Good luck to your fantasy teams during the Playoffs.

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