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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Ramblings of a Person with a size 8 fitted hatted... Aka genius


   So the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim of California of the West Coast of the Ring of Fire (thats a real thing) of the earthquake state of the fuck it it can go on forever have just pissed in the eye of everyone who thought they stood a chance in the 2012 season by signing Albert Pujols... and some other nerd. I'm sorry but I can't take anyone seriously when they call them self straight edge, look  I understand not drinking or not doing drugs thats your choice and I respect that but when you throw it in my face like I'm the jerk because I don't have hang ups of when my tee ball coach benched me thats when I lose tremendous amounts of respect for you.

  But whatever it's not like the Angels will win the whole thing. WHHATT shock and awe. How can I say such blasphemy? Its like the Phillies and Red Sox of last season. Spend money and lose in important games. Also C.J Wilson I don't know if you know this was terrible in the playoffs. So if you are an American League team fan don't sweat it. What you should sweat is the KANSAS CITY ROYALS!! Boom baby Bruce Chen for 2 more years what are you kidding me steal of the offseason .... Yo KC  I am hyping you up over here could you for once not make me look like a fucking jerk? I get enough of that from the Mets. The brain surgeons at Espn  interviewed Sandy Alderson  about the Pujols signing after they showed The Blue Jays Gm, Brian Cashman , and I think the Marlins  Gm like the Mets were even in this race.  So with the Marlins giving Mark Buehrle  a 4 year contract after he hasn't been that "ace" like how he was before his no hitter back in 09.  What a joke so I am calling the Marlins trade mark to the new and improved A.L. Huston Astros midway through the 2013 season because Bryce Harper  will owns his ass.

   The Cubs made some sort of move today. They traded away Tyler Colvin and some pretty good prospects for Ian Stewart and I don't know what they are thinking Ian Stewart hit a whopping .156 with zero homers and 6 big ribeye steaks in 48 games with 122 at bats.  But then again Tyler Colvin only hit .150 in 80 games with 206 at bats so eeerrh  pretty even I guess.  Should I mention that besides letting Jose Reyes go the Mets also made three moves  in the presupposes of the Albert bomb went off.  It was shocking I knew what presupposes is and the fact they traded away Angel Pagan after a pretty sub par season. Besides his 30 something steals he didn't do as well as we all hoped he would. But they sent them off to the  Jokes by the Bay in San Fran... Hey Giants how'd Carlos Beltran work out for you?  Thanks for your best pitching prospect and Ramon Ramirez  so thanks again.  So Watch the Blue Jays and the Dodgers  next year I think they might be pretty good.

  Lets talk about some Basketball. So who called it? Tyson Chandler is close to signing with the Knicks. I was pumped when I heard this shit. Except when I heard some bull shit that my dude A'mare might be traded for Chris Paul. That totally harshen my  morning buzz. But I know thats crap because if the Hornets have no money to give CP3 then how are they going to pay Stat's  80 million dollar contract. So it looks like the Knicks have some height now. Chandler is know for his defense and tough play just what the Knicks need  take that east division.

   Yeah so this was weird just some ramblings about baseball and what .Ugh  I can't get into a floq but that might change.

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