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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Thank You Jose for the 1050 games over 9 years

   Lets see how mad am I that Jose Reyes now a Miami Marlin? Hmm actually not really, I am kind of over it all ready. The news came down maybe about an hour ago that this years N.L. Bunting champ , I mean batting champ  has signed a 6 year 106 million dollar contract with the  newly named  Miami Marlins make their 2nd big splash of the young offseason. Their first move was signing cheese burger champ Heath Bell and now they lock up Jose Reyes. But really we all knew this was coming. You'd have to be almost brain dead to be shocked that the Mets would fumble the ball with him. Look I love the Mets and I want them to win so that I can give  every Yankee fan  a special Fuck off that would resinate for years. But I knew the score when the season ended. 

  If Jose Reyes wanted to say a  Met then he wouldn't have bunted at his first at bat and then take him self out of the game right after at the last game of the season to "lock up" the batting title. Reyes who I was a fan of  went to where the money is  so I can't kill him. Too much , I mean I am going to give him some shit for leaving the Mets. Wait am I ? No why he  jumped off a sinking ship. I love the Mets but yo seriously I don't blame the guy , I have gone out her multiple times and have sided with people for getting their money. So killing Reyes  would be hypocritical. So best of luck to  him and the Miami Marlins who according to my brother the "Big Q" is the first ever Gay team.  I think it has something to do with their whole rainbow color deal they go going on.  I just want to say if you 

  That brings me to my next point. This signing is huge for the Marlins who lets face it is probably the most pathetic team in the whole league. Say what you will about the Mets and Star Wars night at least they didn't re-sell tickets to a game they lost, I understand it was a no hitter but you don't see the Brave selling unsold tickets to the game Randy Johnson blanked them, or the Rays when Edwin Jackson went berserker  on his pitch count.  No, its like when the New Jersey Nets gave out reservable jerseys. If you don't know two or three years ago whenever they totally sucked ass. Well, some rocket scientist in the Nets promo department came up with the idea to give out reservable jerseys but it's not a home and away Nets jersey which you think it would be. No, this clown had the team make up these jerseys with one side was the Nets home jersey on one side and on the other side was another teams superstars jersey . I think there was 6 of them Lebron  James, Dwayne Wayne, Paul Pierce, Chris Bosh,  Kobe Bryant, and I think Tim Duncan or maybe Eddie Curry I don't really remember that far back.  But besides saying that the Nets and Marlins are super sad and pathetic. You can spend all the money in the world it wont make you a champion...Look at the Heat.  I wonder how Ozzie is going to handle the egos of Hanley, Jose, Heath, LoMo, and whatever trash heap they get. 

  Look I just want to wish Jose  the best of luck down in Miami. You'll probably get to throw up the first jump ball at the Heats opening game.   May your trips to the dl only be 15 days? Just don't get mad when you end up the 3rd best team in NL east. Watch out for those Nats , they be dangerous.


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