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Friday, December 9, 2011

Where will the Big Man go...

   Hey everyone hows everyone recovering from that wacky unfocused last 179 posts, oh I like to jest about my writing skills. Well yesterdays wasn't that great but todays should be a lot better because I actually have a topic to write about. I gotta tell you it feels so good to have an idea and execute it with classy-ness that I do so well.

    So with the signing of Jose Reyes and Albert Pujols means there is only one real BIG free agent left... puns intended the puns are always intended. Prince Fielder  is the last big fish in the free agent pond and there is one team out there that is trying their hardest to reel the big guy in. Prince Fielder is a big guy. There I said it without making a fishing reference.  But with local sports casters saying signing Prince is a bad move because of his weight and everyone thinks he is going to break down psychically. But for a fat guy who as a full time major leaguer has never played less then 157 games and has never hit below .260 thats pretty impressive as a 27 year old who has carried a terrible franchise and for a guy who is 1 year younger and in "worse shape " then Jose Reyes has only played 52 lesser games  then Jose. If you take it in to consideration  since Jose came up in 2003 and Prince came up in 2005 thats pretty impressive. I am not saying that Prince is destine to play over 3,000 games in the field I am saying all of this hate because M.D's second pick last year and My first rounder  in 2010 is just a big dude is completely farcical. Big dudes do it with style. Let that be a lesson to you... Ladies.

  So what team is going to lock this guy down. I am going to list a few possible landing spots for the new King of Crash... Have you seen his no doubt home run swing? Bros got swagg . So  what team is Likely to sign him ?

1. Washington Nationals -  Ok so I know my Terry Francona  to the Nats  this year didn't really work out but the season hasn't started yet. So Why would Prince  go here?  Oh I don't know Stephen Strasbourg, Bryce Harper, Ryan Zimmerman and Livan Hernandez. Ok well maybe not Livan Hernandez but if you put Prince in the 3 or 4 spot of this line up  ( 1. Ian Desmond SAs, 2. Jayson Werth Cf, 3. Ryan Zimmerman 3b, 4. Prince Fielder 1b, 5. Mike Morse rf , 6. Bryce Harper lf, 7. Wilson Ramos c, 8. Danny Espionsa 2b, 9. Stephen Strasbourg p) that looks pretty pretty pretty daunting. Screw the Marlins that team kinda jumps up to the top of the division. OK with all the positives there are  some negatives to the deal. If the Nats  throw out a big contract they might lose someone down the line. I don't know how much money the Nats  have in their pocket but I bet when Stars burg and Harper are done with their rookie contracts I highly doubt they will ask for league minimum.  It's likely that he will go to D.C

2. New York Yankees -  The Yankees love power hitters. You think I am lying ? Wait  its common knowledge that the Yankees love power hitting lefties. Yankee stadium is catered to lefties. So if you're wondering would Prince fit into  the Yankees puzzle? No he doesn't he is a pretty good defensive player and since the Yankees has one of the best two way 1st baseman in Mark Teixeria.  He would be the full time Dh.  If you want to take a guy who has been in the N.L for a while  then throw him into the Dh role  worst case scenario  look at Adam Dunn last year. That  was abysmal he hit like .159 last year a total disappointment. But best case scenario  Vladimir  Guerrero.  Is it likely that he goes to New York, highly unlikely. Though $$$$ cash money is hard to turn down.  You can't even think of a line up that would make anyones contract happy and a line up that a good lefty pitcher has a chub while on the mound against them. So many lefties

3.  Chicago Cubs - This is a tough one. Theo and his brain trust have a huge stone to move in their first year . See their problem is that Theo did so well in his first year in Boston by breaking the Curse of the Bambino and having a team that had one of the most improbable playoff run  by winning the last 3 of 7 when they were down 3-1 in the ALCS against the Yankees .  So the question is do the Cubs go after Prince. Sure they do but he wont go or if he does go they don't get out of 3rd place for the first 3 years of his contract. See the problem is the Cubs are two-seconds away from imploding. They need to rebuild before they buy another large contract that sinks the team down again. The Cubs are like a girl in a relationship with a bad dude. But that bad dude is named Carlos Zambrano. For some reason this guy is still on the team. Big Z should have been gone after he forced Lou Pinela to retire because of his "Mom".  Until they can break free of that manic they can't move on. I'd Say 50/50  because the Cubs have a bunch of money and are desperate and because since 2005 they have been the #2 enemy so conundrum.

4.  St. Louis Cardinals - What do you do after a rough break up? You get drunk and hook up with that fat chick who lives up the road... Yes in this scenario Prince Fielder is that Fat chick. It is a possibility that Prince can go to St. Louis. But would you want be that guy who signs a big contract to replace Albert Pujols ? Hell no. Also I highly doubt Prince wants to be booed in both two places along with Arizona.  So if it's highly unlikely that Prince end up here why did I list the Cards? I just needed a good break in between.

5.  Toronto Blue Jays - This is the team I actually like for Prince. He is protected and would be the 1st baseman. Toronto is not one  of those teams that are easily intimidated buy guys throwing out cash. They have over paid for players before like A.J. Burnett.  With the new wild card set up taking place this season ( I think) the Jays are hunting this year. But I know their main priority is pitching. They need a # 2 to go behind Ricky Romero. They could sign Roy Oswaltt  for a 2 year with an option for a 3rd for like 15 million since Oswaltt  is coming back for a back injury and give Prince a 7 year 100 million contract that will lock him and Joey Batts in for the next four years. Lets look at the line up with Prince in thick of it ... 1. Yunel  Escobar ss, 2. Kelly Johnson 2b, 3. Jose Bautista rf, 4. Prince Fielder 1b,  5. Brett Lawrie 3b, 6. Colby Rasmus cf , 7. J.P Arencibia c, 8. Adam Lind dh, 9. Eric Thames. They might swap Lind and Rasmus but if you look at that line up and if Arencibia takes a few pitches  thats a tight line up.They just added a true closer  Sergio Santos to their pretty solid bullpen.  So is it likely , I'd say it's his best place to go play and get his money. So Toronto don't go after Yu Darvish because nothing good comes out of Japan that isn't named Ichiro and Godzilla. 

   So I feel that The Blue Jays should be the best place for Prince to land. Oh Canada will love this guy and the Blue Jays will sky rocket to  being in the hunt for the Al East crown and a wild card. Look  I have been right on a few things like Tyson Chandler and some stuff I can't remember  but that doesn't mean I wasn't right. Though a Fielder Blue Jays jersey would be pretty sick. 

  Not to shabby. When I have an idea where I focus I am unstoppable. Lets look at the Jays projected line up 

1. Yunel Escobar - Short Stop
2. Kelly Johnson - 2nd Base
3. Jose Bautista  - Right Field 
4. Prince Fielder - 1st Base
5. Brett Lawrie - 3rd Base
6. Colby Rasmus - Center Field
7. J.P Arencibia - Catcher
8. Adam Lind - D.H
9. Eric Thames - Left Field 

    That shit is sick 


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