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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

YU got to be kidding me


    So a few hours ago the Texas Rangers won the bid to talk to Japanese pitching phenom Yu Darvish , at a record setting 51.7 million dollars  according to Yahoo sports, which is 6 hundred thousand dollars more then the Boston Red Sox threw out for Dice-K and a whopping 51.1 million to talk to him and then give him 52 million over 8 years of a wedded bliss that doesn't have them trying to ship him off to some other team these past two off seasons. But yes now the clock starts for the Rangers to lock up the big hurler.  Luckily for the Rangers they can get the 51.7 million back if they fail to work out at deal within 30 hours.

   So lets take a look at the 2 time American League  Champion Texas Rangers who look to maybe win it all next season.  If you look at all the teams in the A.L west  in comparison it is a logical expectation for the Rangers to compete for one of those Wild Cards. With the loss of CJ Wilson, moving Neftali  Feliz to the starting rotation for the rebounding Joe Nathan who will now be the closer, and not going after Prince Fielder to bulk up that offense like how the Angels did the Rangers  are going to coast into second place. Even with Yu Darvish  in the rotation.

  Now what will they do will id they work out a deal. Will they throw him into the fire right away or will they bring him  along so he can learn the American game and be  a factor in the 2013 season? What ever they do they still wont be a  1st place team. The Rangers are on the Mitch Moreland bandwagon hard. Moreland is a good defensive first basemen and an average hitter. But for the Rangers to be a real competitor they need to do two things 1. Only play night games  and 2. Hope and pray that the next 5 years Pujols and Wilson  do not show up to games.   Without Wilson as their sad excuse for an ace and Darvish  in. It looks like this  Colby Lewis, Alexi Ogando , Yu Darvish, Derek Holland, and Neftali  Feliz   . That is just a lot of question  marks right there. Ogando  who was straight up fire to start the season but fell off do to lack of experience and puttering out , the Rangers have been waiting for  Derek Holland to come through and during the post season  he showed up with a pedo stache and had some clutch performances.  But with Feliz, Darvish and Nathan being huge parts of this  teams success it will be hard for them to capture the crown.

  I know how this might look. You might say that I have shown I do not favor Japanese players and the records will prove me right that they are over rated and the only good Japanese player of all time is Ichro. Say what you will I watch enough baseball to know that he will be the only one to go into the Hall of Fame...…Ugh thats it I can't think of anymore.  I am watching some Simpsons episodes and NFL primetime. So I have a lessing   interest level on baseball right now. I just want to leave you with one lasting piece of wisdom. The Texas Rangers are over rated.  Start getting into the Christmas Spirit

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