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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Another top 10 that I started around 7pm and finished at 3am ... I have to stop watching a million clips

   7 days mother Phuckers. 7 days until Super Bowl 46 or 47 I lost count. But yeah the day is getting closer can't you feel it? The press is sharping their teeth for Press week and like I said after Championship weekend. The first week will be about how good the Giants could be and second week will be about how Patriots are , because we as a public never realized these two teams were that good.  But I am still not in the Super Bowl mood... Yet maybe in a few days. I guess Wednesday I will kick in to gear or fake it . So to continue my own special procrastination week I am going to bring back my staple, my bread and butter , my wheel house and my go to move when I can't think of anything else ( there are no games in the New York / New Jersey area and I don't have NBA TV )  here is another top 10 list this time : Top Ten Best  Characters on T.V in the past 3 years. No reality shows just sitcoms, dramas, or story driven shows which I guess is covered by those first two words.   Thanks to and I am kind of an expert on this. The only reason this is happening is because the Pro Bowl and All Star games were just one big joke. Just a heads up I haven't seen Dexter nor do I watch NCIS's or CSI's so don't tell me that Robin is killing it with LL because I don't watch that shit or Game of Thrones so I am sorry pal.

Honorable mentions -
* Barney Stinson (How I met your Mother ) - Gay dude playing a womanizer awesome
* Detective Olivia Benson (Law and Order SVU) - She could interrogate me any day.... Wait that didn't sound right. 
* The Dudes from Workaholics - I had my reservations about this show. Once again Netflix showed me the folly of my ways. 
* Burt Chance Raising Hope - Smoke on that jerk . 
* Michael Scott - I miss you buddy 

 10.  Jorge Garcia - I never really watched Lost . I mean I saw one episode and they moved the Island by turning a wheel or something at that point right there I just said "Fuck it this show is fucking stupid"  so instead of giving it a second chance or  trying to watch it I just started messing with my friends who watch the show by giving telling them how the series finally is going to go. But Jorge is a super cool fat stoner guy. Since Lost ended he has done a few guest spots and now has a new show Alcatraz which sounds like an ok show I haven't had time to watch but I hear good things.  I mean what he does is not really acting its more just being  there and thats why he is #10 on this list  because he just showed up. 

9. Abed from Community  / Sheldon from Big Bang Theory  - Let me explain the tie and the lower then expected placement. Give of take a few vocabulary  changes they are the same character.  Two lanky guys who might have ashburgers , They are pretty much are there  to make all the lame jokes seem funnier because they make the other characters have the what the fuck did he just say reaction. I mean these characters basically make the show but it just seems that the show focuses around them a lot of the time. I would like to see more Annie episodes next season for two reasons 1. They have yet to explain in depth her hilarious time in rehab and 2. I am in love with Alison Brie so there is that factor. 

8. Don Draper Mad Men - Cap 'em here balls so hard mother fuckers think he is Alec Baldwin  in GlenGary GlenRoss.  Working in an advertising firm, smoking cigarettes , drinking booze in the office and banging broads like Sinatra. Single handedly brought back wearing suits at work.  I just started watching this show and I got a feeling that I might start wearing slick as fuck suits to my job. Also I wish I had a secretary like Joan Harris.  

7. Mike Ehrmantraut Breaking Bad - This dude is a boss. The P.I with  a dark past of being a bad ass. I thought the dude was cool  before he told Walt his back story but when he went into that plant by the end of season 3 and just  killed that Mexican hit squad. I can not wait until season 4 is on Netflix. Mike is a fucking champ I would rate him higher but I feel  that he hasn't really been a huge factor  in what I have seen . Who knows I could come back in a few months and just flip the script.  

6c. Liz Lemon-Since season 1 of 30 rock I  wanted to be Astronaut Mike Dexter. If you don't think vthats funny you don't watch 30 Rock. She smart , she is funny , she is opinionated, she is out of her mind , she stands up for her people, and  she eats ham whats not to like. She would rank higher but she doesn't really have the best lines. Which shows how cool Tina Fey really is  laying up those golden words to Tracy and Alec like a female John Stockton. 

6b. Lily Aldrin How I met your Mother - I love me some Alison Hannigan. I have been down with this girl since she told me what she did at band camp. That was a weird sentence , I don't normally talk like that. But what ever I have seen pretty much every episode of How I met your Mother thanks to and I think I said that before but I don't care. Lilly is cool, sexy , funny as  hell, and she could drink when is not busy getting prego . Season 2  she brings the heat. You know what just sign up with Netflix tell them that the Phantom Ballplayer sent you watch How I met your mother and then thank me  later. 

6a.  Jenny McArthur  The League - Oh man this was a tough call that show is gold and every character is better then the next but Jenny gets the nod because she is slammin'  hot ,knows football and talks shit like a boss. Some dudes don't find it attractive when a girl can shit talk , not this guy it is actually a plus if a girl can talk some shit. She is possibly the most realistic female character on t.v basically shattering the mold of what female characters are supposed to be like.  She brings the heat all the time. 

5. Darryl Dixon The Walking Dead - The toughest hombre on that show. Fuck Shane and Rick while their to busy trying to bang out Rick's wife Darryl is kicking ass. I hope you watched season 2 of The Walking Dead, basically it Shane and Rick's friendship was crumbling  due to Rick's son getting shot , looking for a place to camp ,and how long they should search for a missing girl. But while those two bickered Darryl was doing work. He went out on his own and was tracking down the girl through the woods. Dude fell off a horse ,then fell off a cliff ,had an arrow go through his gut,  had his shoe gnawed on by a walker , killed about 5 random walkers ,then got shot in the head and walks it off. Dude is a true blue champ most of those people would be dead if it wasn't for Darryl. 

4. Phil Dumphey  ,Cam Pritchard Modern Family & Jesse Pinkman Breaking Bad-I couldn't choose between these three . Both Phil and Cam are hilarious and steal the show whenever they are on screen. just pure comedy right there. On the Opposite end of the spectrum the Cook Captain has grown up since the 1st season. I guess it could of been after he help kill his 2nd person his character took a darker turn for the better.  There is a common factor about these three supporting actors, they are funny as hell . Intentionally or unintentionally they are the funniest part of their show.  

3. Annie Edison Community - Do you want me to explain why she is #2 ?  I am just going to put up a picture of her up and you can make up your own reasons.... I realize this looks creepy  but yo seriously how can you be mad ? 


2b. Jack Donaghy 30 Rock - My dude, future mayor of NYC.  The Jacker has possibly the best lines out of anyone. It's a close call because Tracy and Kenneth spout out some good lines but everybody is all about Kenneth and I think about 98% of Tracy's lines are just  Tracy Morgan being Tracy Morgan.  The fact the Jack is supposed to be this uptight right wing conservative that when ever he gets in to any zany adventures, or says anything off the cuff , or really just anything out right ridiculous  it is just gold. 
Doctor Leo Spaceman for Sugren General 

2a. Walter White-Straight pimp right here. When I was skeptical when I started watching Breaking Bad , I thought how could Malcolm's dad be a bad Ass. Well I was wrong. Walt White is such a bad ass even lung cancer couldn't stop him ,hell not even street wise drug lords could stop him. I just can't wait for season 4 I feel like I am missing out on something awesome. I never really wanted to try meth but if someone said hey try this blue meth from Heisenburg I would probably take them up on that offer. From what I hear shits the bomb yo. 

1.b Larry David  Curb Your Enthusiasm-The most honest characters ever  thought up... God I hope he thought it up. Larry David the creator of Seinfeld has been truthfully going around ruining peoples day with his no holds barred truth telling ways. Every episode is shenanigan packed but yet still realistic. Who of us hasn't been yelled out for not using a coaster, been stuck behind some bitch at an ice cream place who doesn't know what they want, or been at a party where Christian Salter swipes up a ton of caviar ? We all have been their but he speaks the truth . 

1a. Ron Fucking Swanson -  The top of the pyramid of greatness. The Ultra Libertarian  mustached cowboy . Swanson and Jack Donaghy  are the only two t.v characters that I would want to work for and shake their hand. Wait I actually work for Ron Swanson, I am serious one of my bosses is almost like Ron except without the mustache and whittling but pretty close. America!
   So thats the list I got out of hand during this top 10 list, well it's a top 14 really but still all good. I'll turn it around by the next time. Apparently I only watch these shows. If you have any suggestions send them to the Facebook page

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Some stuff to think and ponder while you try to search google images for " Prince Fielder Fat", "Paul O'niel Chants" and " Halloween Sluts"

    9 days away from the Super Bowl and I cannot honestly come up with anything better then the Goonies and making Jim Irsay cry.  Right now I am spilt watching Bones on and The Hot Stove guys talk to Eric Hosmer and it makes me feel bad that the Royals  will have a hell of a hard time trying to get anywhere in that division with all of those moves that were made in the past few months going back to when Ubaldo Jimenez and Delmon Young got sent over to the AL Central. Now who knows with Roberto and Derek Lowe with the Indians and some guy named Prince who can sock a few dingers in Detroit.  But I really don't want to talk about the Royals...yet .

    I mean I have a tickle in my spine to start talking about baseball again but its just a tickle . Look I am a Mets fan so what am I really looking forward to? Jason Bay might hit 20 home runs this year, the double play tandem of Justin Turner and Ruben Teajda, the return to prominence of Bobby Parnell ? But you know me  if they win the first game I will think they can go all the way. I am a gluten for punishment. But I am more upset with the MLB Network.

  They have been on the air for  4 years or so now. I get it they want to be broad in a narrow field ,so they overloaded their staff with a bunch of guys who have were noticeable when they played the game but not really known for their interview skills. For example Sean Casey known for being a great guy when he played known as the Mayor of Cincy. Wait have I talked about this all ready? I probably have all I want to know is what genius there  thought to them selves " Hey is Jerry Manuel doing anything right now? I Pretty sure he is. I mean Bobby Valentine just got hired and their have been a few  other old guys who shouldn't get another coaching job...Oh he isn't doing anything , that truly surprises me. Someone get him on the phone we are gonna lock him up before the A's make him their manager because they are making all the right moves this offseason. " I bet it was something like that. I am like 100% sure all major television network executive make personality decisions.

     Before I went up to the hospital to see my dad today I spent a good half an hour watching Outside the Lines on Espn. They had this story about regenerative Stem cell surgery.  A bunch of athletes like Peyton Manning, Bartolo Colon, and a bunch others athletes have flown to other countries to have this procedure done. Most people see the term Stem Cells and they think aborted babies, but no these doctors take stem cells out of the patients bone marrow which has to hurt like a mother fucker and cultivate the stem cells from there. But the FDA has all but banned this operation in America because they feel that the doctors are making and using a new drug with the cultured stem cells. They feel that the stem cells have to go through a testing process to find out if there are any side effects. So first thing first I feel this is unfair because The Stem cells are coming from that person and not being used on anyone else and I ask why are the FDA cramping on something that came from that person , will only be used on that person and has worked out so far. So the idea of greedy medical companies come flooding in because I could see some company just locking it down slapping on a huge price tag and fill in evil villain plot. We all know the drill. But then I started thinking deeper. The FDA is actually looking out for the public. Who knows what kind of side effects this surgery might have? It is a relatively new surgery and there are bound to be something that could go wrong its just the facts of life. But I am not smart enough to really form more of an opinion on this matter so if you have an opinion on it I would love to here it. Do you think America should allow this surgery and have it be tested and allowed by the FDA or do you think that America should allow the surgery but not have it go through FDA testing because the Stem Cells are coming from the person and the FDA shouldn't regulate something that isn't  an outside factor? Let me know what you think.

     Lets end this on a good note.  The NHL All Star game and the NFL Pro Bowl are this weekend and should I care? The Pro Bowl happens to be a game that teams play. Yeah no one cares about the Pro bowl not the fans and not the players the only ones who cares about the Pro Bowl are the Hawaiian people . When the Pro bowl comes to town they roll in that fat cash. It is a huge tourism day for Hawaii . If you don't remember back in 2006 Hawaii threatened to succeed from the US because the NFL  moved the Pro bowl to the NFL experience which is at the Super Bowl Location. So Goodell  worked his ginger magic and sent the Pro Bowl right back there. But having the Pro Bowl the week before the Super Bowl was the indifferent cherry on the useless sunday (get it) . So now the two best teams players who were voted in are not playing. But at least you get to see Aaron Rodgers and Drew Brees now.
    So apparently hockey is trying to change the fucking game when it comes to an All star game. They have this draft thing where players from every team can be drafted by two captains. Finally someone took the pick up game picking process. It's about time I wonder how bad the last picked all-star feels . Yeah its great you get to go to an all star game but you are pretty lame. I might actually watch this I haven't made up my mind yet. I am super pumped that it doesn't interrupt my yearly Pro Bowl nap but I don't know hockey. I mean the only things I can think of hockey is the 94 Rangers and Jeff Bookaboom , Mark "the Captain" Messier , Adam "Gravey" Graves, Brian Leech and Mike Richter  also every time someone mentions the Islanders M.D stands up puts one fist in the air and shouts out "CLARK FUCKING GILLIES!!!!" so I don't know to much. What is a Lundqvist ?

Friday, January 27, 2012

Manning V. Irsay in the Superbowl of Contracts... plus multiple Parks and Rec clips inside


     What is the biggest attraction in Indy ? The Pacers, the race way , Morton's stake house, and umm ... umm the world's largest egg? I don't know  I think they have an Ihop or something  to that extent. The reason why I am asking about the tourist traps of the great state of Indiana  because once Peyton Manning leaves thats all you got... I don't think thats enough.  Twitter slut and Colts owner Jim Irsay back hand bitch slapped Peyton today during the introduction press conference  of new head coach Chuck Pagano by calling Peyton a "politician" and should have kept his comments in the "family" which means you can't tell your teacher daddy hits you when he watches the game. OK maybe that analogy was a little offensive let me try again. Jim Irsay is calling Peyton out for doing what he does best, humiliating  the Colts as a whole.

   The Irsay's have owned the Colts since they played in Baltimore so Jim  has been in the organization for years. So he knows the team in and out that there is no question but what he has been doing this year has been down right stupid. Every week the Colts played he hit up twitter and said something stupid. Now don't get me wrong Irsay  seems like a really cool guy he seems to be down with the Boss,jamming on his axe ,probably signing his own versions of songs and he speaks his mind openly which is refreshing especially when you witness such a tremendous fall off of a team that was a Super Bowl contender every year. But when you have a guy who is one or maybe the greatest Quarterback in the NFL you shouldn't really call  him out in such a public way because  The Pac-12 is not as good as the AFC west so Andrew Luck is going to get messed up. Stanford played one team that was ranked higher then themselves this past season  and they blew that bowl game   so having a guy like Peyton on your roster to guide the kid a little bit isn't that bad of an idea. 

   Right now Irsay should have held off his comments because now Manning holds all the cards. Everyone is bugging on how Peyton's neck is going to be , but I saw that shitty Poppa John's commercial he is swinging  that thing around like a champ. So Manning is going to be ready to own it next season and since pretty much all other Dome teams have a Quarterback his options are really limited.  I mean I can think of a possible landing spot and wheel and deal some pieces to make a team that could be attractive new home for Peyton. 
   The Arizona Cardinals trade Kolb and 1st round draft pick to the Dolphins for Brandon Marshall and Jake Long and maybe a lower round draft pick because the Dolphins are looking for a Quarter back and Kolb might do a lot better in Miami due to the lowered expectations ( I just wanted to throw in some Ron Swanson links since they look alike). Then the Cardinals sign Manning to a 3 year 40 million dollar contract and have a wide receiver core of Larry Fitzgerald , Brandon Marshall( who thrive with a real qb) Early Doucett in the slot, and a bunch of burners , a budding Beanie Wells in the backfield   and Jake Long anchoring a o-line. Automatically makes the Cardinals a heavy favorite against the Niners in the pathetic NFC west. I am pretty sure I am not the first person to think about that deal. Plus not playing the Steelers, Texans, and Ravens in a pretty sweet dome in a warm weather area. I mean think about it  even if you couldn't get Long or Marshall for Kolb and they get draft picks I am pretty sure Reggie Wayne and Jeff Saturday would love to go after another ring with their boy and at a discount price and play with the best wide out in the game. And since last year they were not that good. YO AZ you should listen to me. 

  See that wasn't that hard it kinda just flowed. I understand keeping your business under wraps but you have to think  Irsay spent all season saying the Colts were going to draft Luck. He didn't make that a secret frankly after the Colts went 0-6 he was blowing up the twitter-verse with that noise. So can you blame Peyton when he said he didn't feel comfortable inside the Colts complex? His owner basically gave him his walking papers while letting him take road trips with the team.  Irsay just hired a new head coach that has a strictly defensive background... a very good defensive background  and if he drafts a franchise quarterback with the first pick in a system that has zero running game and the receivers are either free agents or a concussion waiting to happen I don't see Andrew having much Luck in his first 3 years ... see what I did there. 

    Peyton is that offense hell he is that team.  I am pretty sure who ever the offensive coordinator was shocked that he actually had to work this year because its been a fucking cake walk since 99. Peyton is a guaranteed  12 wins him self. How do they expect to keep up with the Texans or even the Titans because in limited action Jake Locker seems legit and Chris Johnson wont be that shitty again ? They need Peyton more then they need Luck. He makes everyone around him better.  Let him finish his time with a 2 year deal maybe he'll cut his price down so that you can get some free agents on both sides of the ball and maybe draft a running back in the second round. Seriously last time Peyton had a good running back was Edgrrian James. 

   The Colts have a lot to deal with this off season. A whole bunch of players that helped build that franchise to what is was last season are up for new contracts. But all I am saying  is that Irsay is a hypocrite for saying that Peyton should have kept his comments in house when he is a 140 character lighting rod.  Just saying. God  I hope Rob Lowe hooks me up with some inside info. Wait I literally  now know why he is still on Parks & Rec. 

Thursday, January 26, 2012

What to write about Goonies or baseball? Tough call... Fuck It Goonies

   The Tigers really Prince ? I thought we were boyz, I mean I said you were the dude of the year and how cool you were and then you lock up with the Tigers for 9 years for a sweet 214 million or so. All right I can't blame you for getting paid but the Tigers , bro  thats a bad spot . It's a big ball park and What ever man I thought you would have fit better with the Blue Jays. I'm not gonna get to  involved with  plus "The Goonies" are on ... is on what is the proper way to say that  the Goonies are on my television and I want to talk about that.

    So I have been off this week and I have been bored out of my fucking mind. Clean somethings here, apply for a new job their, feed my idiot dog, cook some food, eat some oatmeal... yup living the life fantastic over here.  But I have been able to catch some moves on Stars and Encore. Like I watched Mars needs moms or Mars wants moms whatever it was terrible. But The Goonies are on now and I am so happy, honestly it might be the highlight of my week right here.   Sean Aston, Josh Brolin, Corey Feldman, Martha Plimpton, Joe Pantaloon and a bunch of other people.

   Come on you know the story by now. A gang of latch key kids are bored and roving around an attic and find a random treasure map.  Mikey, Mouth, Data, Chunk and Mikey's brother  Brand ( for all this time I thought it was Brad) go searching for the treasure of 1 eyed Willy after their run in with the feared Fratelli  gang and they add local sluts Andy and Stef . Look you know the deal man. This gang of  bad asses and their tail pieces fuck around in a cave while the Chinese kid shoots gadgets out of his trench coat.

  As an adult (sort of) I learned so much from this movie seeing it with older and wiser eyes.

 1.) The Fat kid is not the weak link. He always brings something to the table wether it's the truffle shuffle of a 6 foot 8 mutant with super human strength. Unlike that loud mouth douche who knew what muerto is. Which 3 high school kids in the 80's never took a Spanish class? Thats why the town is going under to rich people

2.) Italians mothers hate their children. Mama Frazzle who had a voice of an angel by the way , seems to hate her 3 kids. So who do you think is the father of these kids , do you think she knows ? I am guess the two normal ones  must of come from a 4 way with the 3 stooges and Sloth came from Jason Vorheese and George the animal Steel. Either way she was a freak back in the 50's . She constantly beats Jake and Francis because they are fucking stupid but thats her fault instead of imprinting a life of crime she should have had them hit the books once in a while. Also she chained her child in the basement of a restaurant . How did that slip by the health board?  And then guilt tripping when he is getting justice. What a terrible mother, the kids obviously needed help.

3. Josh Brolin  is the king of swag. It doesn't matter what that dude does home boy locks it down with the school hottest girl but I am pretty sure her homely best friend wanted the Brander. Brand is pushing the limits of out right bossness . He is wearing gym shorts over sweatpants , riding a girls bike with training wheels ,  and letting the rich kid think he has upper hand and then boom he wins by locking up billions in old school coins .  Just ballin ' out on every level.

4.  Only stereotypes live in Astoria ( the town where they live). Holy shit did the guy who wrote this hate Asians , Italians, fat people, Hispanics, the mentally handicap and rich kids because every horrible stereo type of these groups is exploited. Think about it  Data had all these inventions on his persons and when we finally meet his native land speaking father... he has a camera attached to him,Jake Frazzle signs shitty Italian songs, Chunk is always eating or crying and even his parents bring him Domino's (You can call it food but you can't call it pizza), the only Spanish person in the whole town is a maid and can't speak english, and the Rich family is full of arrogant dicks who are trying to grab boobs and destroy neighborhoods. This must be hard for you to read because it was hard for me to write. If you couldn't tell.

5.  How did One Eyed Willy actually die? Willy here sets up a billion crazy ass booby traps in the under belly of what I can suspect is Oregon and then you take it easy and die in some swank as part of your boat. I just don't get it  man. Also he died sitting upwards ? How does that happen and why are there so many skeletons around? What happened on that ship ?

6.  Professional explores are dumb. Tito Copperpot  or what ever his name was just died like 5 steps into the cave yet 11 people 8 of them under the age of 18, 3 of them with the I.q just above 22  and one senior citizen were able to get past all this crap while the college boy couldn't get past start. Take that Indiana Jones.

7. Whats the deal between Sloth and Chunk. I get it Mutant and fat kid bffers  for life . But what happened after? Did Chunks parents have the greatest health insurance in the world because with speech therapy, reconstructive surgery, all that dental work and repairing all that damage the Fratelli's did to Sloths mind   shit can't be cheap. Well I guess if they got a fat cut of that Willy pie I guess it would let them get a pretty comprehensive plan.

8.  Finally  there is always an easier way of getting around things.  At the end of the movie they find a fucking hole in the middle of the  rocks where there is an a.t.v patrol just driving around like nothings up, The Fratelli's find the stairs to Willy's gold crawl space while Mikey and the Goonies had to climb up from the bottom and  How did Chunk and Sloth get past the "slick shoes" pipe ? I am 100% certain that the motor oil Data put down was pretty strong and that chamber got flooded. What the Hell!

  "Don't you realize? The next time you see sky, it'll be over another town. The next time you take a test, it'll be in some other school. Our parents, they want the best of stuff for us. But right now, they got to do what's right for them. Because it's their time. Their time! Up there! Down here, it's our time. It's our time down here. That's all over the second we ride up Troy's bucket." "Goonies never say die!" 

   You know I realize I should have had a post of Goonies quotes it probably would have been 100 times better . But ok so I will get back to sports in a few days. I just needed the break and how often is Goonies on T.V without commercials, you can't blame me bro! You can't blame me. 
P.s I don't know why this happening with the fonts. 

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Orange and blue all over ? Well thats what everyone is saying


    The New York Knicks are gross right now. They are on a mighty wave of 6 straight losses and now there are grumblings that the Knicks are trying to send Amar'e Stoudemire to the Magic for Dwight Howard. Oh it's a fucking mess right now thank God the Giants are the best team in New York right now until spring time when the fucking Yankees play. I don't even want to get into it , If the Mets even think their line up could compete for 3rd place this year is just a joke. But back to the Knicks

   This is not the season we have been waiting for or even talked about. Things should be better  look  they have Melo blowing up for 25.7 points per game, Chandler and Stat grabbing about 8 - 9 rebounds a game, Iman Strumpert looks to be a prospect and with News and tweets yesterday it looks like Barron Davis is on his way back to the court which should be a better presence at the point then Mike Bibby and Toney Douglas.  But 6 games in a shortened season man that shit is weak. When Irish History month approaches (March) there are some Free agents coming back from China that they need to lock up and dump off some dead ass weight like Bibby and Balkman. I am not a big Renaldo Balkman fan to say the least, sorry but when you are a forward and you have a life time 3.8 rebound per game through out your 6 year career and you were a 1st rounder you kind suck. I was pumped when we sent him off to Denver for to scrubs and a biscuit.  Who I think was later turned into Andy Ratunis. But then they got him back in the Melo trade. That is the downfall of the trade.

   I could blame Balkman until I am blue in the face but that like getting mad at a wall for just standing , at least the wall could play defense once in a while. But the blame falls on D'antoni. The Knicks hand Mustache Mike and the boys  the keys to a pretty solid team , a possible scoring champion , 2 monsters in the paint, 2 guys who can kill it from the 2 guard and the bare minimum at the point until Barron Davis got his back lined up . Also Jimmy Dolan hired a defensive coach in Whats his name I totally forgot and I have no real motivation to find out what it is. So why are they under .500 ? Why are they Knicks on the second worst losing streak in their division ( sorry Toronto you know I got mad love for you but the Raptors are terrible). But right before the lock out that all anyone could talk about except for the lock out but it was a close 35th thing they were talking about but still the words were out there. Mike and his mustache have really under coached this year.

   Who have the Knicks lost to? Memphis , Oklahoma, Orlando, Phoenix, Milawaulkee, and Denver. I see at least 2 maybe 3 wins in those 6.  They could have beat the last the Suns and Bucks possibly the Magic. That 4 game winning streak seems like a life time ago. They play the mighty Bobcats tonight and the Cavs  on wednesday and if they lose one or both of these games there has to be some sort of change to the coaching staff. The Knicks need to pick it up now the Heat and the Rockets are up later this week and if they go up against the heat with an 8 game losing streak Spike Lee is going to kill someone. Who knows maybe this post might have an effect on them. You know why ... Yes my ego is out of control.

     Well, I guess it's not all that bad. I mean The Giants are great the Mets are looking at Cody Ross and Jeff Francis so that picked my heart up like an inch ( Come on guys ) and M.D is back from reclusion  and not a month to late. Mother Phucker comes back and swipes the 200th post , jerks probably waiting outside of kids footlocker to get his Michael Pineda   jersey or is bawling his eyes out becauseOl' Jorgey is calling it a career. In which I think is a same because now I have to wait to see the Old timers game to see his smoke bomb of a wife or a rerun of American Chopper when my dad is taking a break from a 37 hour crunch of the golf channel.  The next 2 weeks are going to get weird because there is no football on so I might cover more basketball and try to get some hoc....Hock....Hockey  get it like the Fonz  saying he is wrong, I am super funny, so shut up. Also I am a pretty old 26 years old. Happy Days  and shit like that.  


Monday, January 23, 2012

Welcome Home, Russel Jones.

    I'm back. It was time, and as I said earlier, you dumb motherfuckers have been zipping along, watching ESPN without a clue as to what's really going down around the baseball Yu-Niverse (get it? I will not mention fucking Yu Darvish again for the rest of the post; except to say that "I like to wear t-shirts with English writing" is maybe the best excuse ever for rocking a t-shirt with a straight pot leaf on it on your 3rd day in America). I was going to do a giant recap of everything that happened since the last time I got around to writing something on here, but you've already heard about it, and it'll bore you as much as it would me, so I'm jumping back into shit feet-first, as if I never left at all.
   Thank fucking God the Red Sox traded away Marco Scutaro. I've never been more excited to watch a player leave the American League East. Dude has been a pain in my ass since he was a Blue Jay. Good for the Rockies though, after being the little team that almost could for so long, they've made huge moves in terms of getting themselves on track. Scutaro and good 'ol Mikey Cuddyer will be great additions to that clubhouse, hopefully letting a far too old Jason Giambi take a rest now and again. (Keep an eye out for Giambi in one of those "Just For Men" commercials with Keith Hernandez one of these days, that grey goatee is fucking unsightly.) Scutaro at second base will be a huge upgrade over this Jonathan Herrera/ Chris Nelson platoon, which accounted for a whopping 7 home runs and a stellar .246 batting average. That's almost tied with Scutaros' individual totals from last year, by the way. Anyway, I would love to say that the Rockies have a chance this year, especially in a division as godawful as the NL West, but the Diamondbacks have too much starting pitching to be fucked with.
      If I had known how easy it was to get fake ID's in Latin America, I wouldn't have spent hours with a white crayon trying to chalk mine in high school. Fausto Carmona, or Roberto Hernandez Heredi, pulled that shit off beautifully. Leo Nunez got caught for the same thing earlier this offseason. I get it, past a certain age, Major League Scouts won't look at you, so you gotta make some shit up. Juan Carlos Oviedo became Leo Nunez. Fucking weak. That name sucks. My boy Roberto though, he changed his name to Fausto Fucking Carmona. Say what you will about his mediocre pitching skills, that name is boss as all get out. It sounds tough as hell. "Me and my boy Fausto went out this weekend, drank some 40's and then he beat the shit out of some dude." Replace that with Leo, it's just not working. Anyways, I'd do just about anything to make it to the Major Leagues, so if you have to change your name and lie about your age, do it. Who is it really hurting?
      Jesus Montero pumped me the fuck up. Kid is like the number one prospect the Yankees have, comes up last year for a cup of coffee, and puts on a show, I loved it. He seemed like the kind of Yankee everyone could get behind; came up through their farm system, sucked a bit defensively, but could pound the fuck out of the ball. That's all 90 percent of the fans want anyways. Boom traded to the Mariners. Gone until he's about 30, when the Yankees will resign him for a butt-ton of money. In the meantime we scooped up Michael Pineda and Hiroki Kuroda. Pineda has me a bit worried. Sort of unproven, but if he pans out, and your resident baseball Zeus thinks he probably will, good old Cash-man is a genius. With a rotation that basically contained CC Sabathia, Ivan Nova, and various piles of shit, my boys were shot. Boom! One night, like four hours, and the Yankees had a real fucking rotation for the first time since...quite a while. Kuroda was totally underrated, and his record is no reflection of his stuff, but more of a reflection of the fact that the Dodgers are fucking terrible. Pineda, same deal as Kuroda. He kept his stuff as good as can be expected for a first year pitchers, but the Mariners scored like 25.2 runs for all of last season, so his record isn't a complete reflection of him either. All in all, good work by the Yankees, will I go so far as to pull a Josh Beckett and predict 100 wins? No, because I'm not a fucking dickhead.
      On a final note, something really really amazing happened to me at the end of last season. It probably happened to a lot of you too, but I didn't get to discuss it on here. How fucking glorious was it to watch the Red Sox collapse? I try to not be too much of a homer on here, but I usually fail pretty miserably, and this time I just can't help it. It was so goddamned beautiful.

#OCCUPYTHECANYONOFHEROS . A movement I can side with


   Rematch of week 9 baby!  Oh wait what am I talking about Rematch of Super Bowl 42.  The Patriots and The Giants are going to do battle once again the 3rd time in the past 3 or for years  My math is off because I am to excited right now. The games that were play on championship sunday were everything you almost could ask for. Both games decided by a field goal one was missed and the other was made.  Let me explain.

   The Patriots and the Ravens battled in the early game. Well, if you consider 4:30  on the East coast early which we do. The Ravens Defense came out with nothing to lose, they stopped the vaunted Patriots passing attack . They held Tom Brady to zero passing touchdowns and made the kicker and the running game beat them the Pats had two rushing touchdowns one of them being a 4th down jumper by Tom Brady. All game it looked like the Ravens would have captured momentum with two picks against Brady and one of them being the amazing falling backwards and swat to the left almost looked like an incomplete pass type play that should have ended it for New England. As the game winded down the Ravens were marching down the field. Closer and closer the Ravens got to the safety zone of Billy Candid. You know the safety zone that stupid red line the booth puts down when the game is close and they need something to yap about. 32 yards away from tying the game with a field goal, now Candid  hit 10-12 from  that distance this season should have locked it down but he shanked it wide left. Thus ending another playoff run by the Ravens. This could be the last shot guys like Lewis and Reed have at the big one. No matter how much skate boarding Flacco did before the game he was playing to win. He threw for 306 yards with two big touchdowns. I really think the Ravens have a good shot next year they got over there biggest obstacles and now just have to get a better kicker. The Pats on the other hand are burning down the AFC right now. They are just waiting to see how Gronks ankle heals up and how he will be able to work in the Superbowl.

   49ers and the Giants game kinda just ended a little while ago. The game was a back and forth edge of your seat thrill ride that almost made me piss my pants.  The later game 6:30 here in the East 3:30 on the West and the defense did care what time it was because they were ready to go all day if they had to.  The 49ers came out firing Alex Smith connected with Vernon Davis who is not in the Pro Bowl ,( but I think he should get a nod for what he did in the playoffs) for a 70plus yard touch down that shut me up for a hot minute. But  Eli and the Giants would not be stopped. When he hit Bear Pascoe  for Pisces'  first NFL touchdown ever who's a former 49er so I bet that felt pretty sweet for the Bear. Before halftime The Giants took the lead with a field goal. Then it started to get real ugly. The Giants offense could barely move the ball on the surging 49ers defense. Back and forth it went until  Alex Smith and Vernon Davis connected again for a 28 yarder that made the Giants secondary look juvenile.The Whole game Victor Cruz had a huge game ,he had 10 receptions and over 140 plus yards but no tds. The time ticked away and finally Eli time came again, yes it did another 4th quarter touchdown to Mario Manningham  thanks to a Kyle Williams botch punt return, which if you are counting is the 3rd time these two have connected in the playoffs. The Giants were up 17-14 (sound familiar )? In the fourth with just about 5 minutes to play. Everything got crazy after that. Both offenses could not score. They would move the ball about 5 yards then sack. Until  the end of regulation. The Giants won the O.T coin flip because tails never fails and with these new O.T rules Big Blue was hoping for a Touchdown. But no, so they punted the ball back to the 49ers who had to score no matter what, field goal touchdown safety what ever that would have been the game. The Giants stopped the niners  but the niners stopped the Giants moved the ball up a little bit but nothing so Steve Weatherford  came in to punt one more time and Kyle Williams came into return the punt once again. Do you notice the hint of foreshadowing. Well, if you didn't get my foreshadowing you probably didn't get it when Joe Buck hammered it into your face.  I must have turned my head for like 2 seconds next thing I know Buck and Airman are going nuts Williams got stripped by Jaquan  Williams of the Giants and once again covered by Devin  Thomas. It was then followed by some heart breaking runs by Ahmad Bradshaw until Eli down it within the 10 yard line setting up a chip shot field goal. Even though the Giants got flagged for a delay of game because Coughlin wasn't watching the clock (Coughlin was  doing a Rex Ryan impersonation) and then it happened once again Larry Tynes kicked the Giants into the Super Bowl. Side note : After the game ending kick I ran up  the stairs of my house and tackled my brother . He was holding scissors  at the time and I almost got ran through.

   We have about 2 weeks before the big game. There is some sort of noise next week I guess with the Pro Bowl but honestly thats kind of a joke. Tim Tebow is going to be taking Brady's spot and Cam Newton will be taking Eli's. But really lets be honest here that will pale in comparison to the Hype this rematch will bring.  Brady V. Manning point 3 . Don't forget that week 10 match up.  More in depth coverage will come later this and next week . So much depth that it will make you sick. This week will be all about Eli next week will be about Brady . Chris Berman  and Tom Jackson can't hide their boners that long. Hold on to your nuts people it's going to get dicey out there. This is the time of the year where the bandwagons roll into town. Everyone who's heard of football or people who's teams that didn't make it or really just people who just suck at life. I am going to get a ton of shit for this but I am gonna say it. I am not cool with people saying they are "New York Fans" thats shit, pick a team it's not that hard. You know what I might do a solo post on that because I have a lot to say about that.  Heres my background  so you know where I come from. My family was a Giant season ticket holder since they started in the Polo Grounds. My Uncle Bill passed them to my dad in the late 80's  and my dad passed them on to me when I turned 18 and I had them up until I was 23 and I had to sell them to my Dad's brother Brother in law because of that Personal Seating License and the new stadium. I anit made of money kid. So now you know so next post you will have some context. Later Phuckers !
 P.s - Joe Paterno Past away this morning . Prayers go out to his family.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

I have no idea what SOPA is but I think they hate me so lets see what happens

    Sorry I haven't posted since what sunday / monday. It has nothing to do with SOPA  or pipa  or what ever is going on. I am not certain I fully understand it but if I get in trouble for copying an image from google or a link from youtube my shit is done. Thats my thing and I don't make enough to pay the fee or hire a lawyer or even enough to pay off  my car bill at one shot. My mind has been elsewhere to be honest and I haven't watched any sports since monday night so I am way behind on my sports. Are they still playing basketball ? Sorry peeps my shits been jumbled.

    I was trying to catch up on some sports yesterday. Now when I do that I go through a few websites to see what is the big topic or what is going down in sports that day. I normally hit up,, Yahoosports, Barstoolsports ( I like to GTA) , and Bleacherreport that is just a few of the sites I like to check out and I told you about it because I  think thats what I have to do with this whole SOPA shit. But anyway I was stopped in my track because of a Yahoo article about my favorite my gurllll  T-Swift. Yeah apparently Taylor Swift found out  dating rich famous and good looking dudes is not her cup of tea because they are scum bags. She wants a dude who isn't a bitch ass fool and not bothered by her success and security. Well, look no further T-Swift I am the man of your dreams.   I am going to be honest  I can carry my own  I don't really need you to buy me things , I can cook (kinda), clean , fix shit , I am extremely patient with stuff, I clean up well, I am totally cool with making my self look like a jackass ( see this is an example) and my taste in music is pretty good so we can have a good time just hanging out.  Oh best part I look nothing like a Joanass Brother, John Mayer, Jake Gyellnhall or any other celebrity though I have been mistaken for Phillip Seymour Hoffman in Along Came Polly and the Stay Puff Marshmallow man but never in a negative way.  If you read this and you don't find it creepy you can hit me up on twitter ,  Facebook or the email .  I look forward to not hearing from you and if your are reading you might want to stop now because I can almost grantee you that it wont get any better then this...

   Instead of sports I have been watching movies with strong female leads though... I do have some questions about them which I do want answers to.  The three movies I recent watched that well lets just say caught my interest were The Roommate, Black Swan and Tucker & Dale vs. Evil. Ok I know that last one is not a movie with a strong female presence but I do have my questions.  So where should I start well the common question I have for 2 of the 3 is, where the boobies at ? I am sorry but when I hear the words horror movie or straight to dvd I expect to see at least 3 sets of boobies. Don't give me this shit that the actresses are trying to crave out a career as a respectable actress , which is total bull shit because Helen Mirren did it way back in the day and look at her everyone respects the shit out of her so much they don't mention Caligula at all.  I feel "The Roommate" would have been 400x more watchable if I don't know one of the hot girls in it showed some boob instead of nothing. There were so many opportunities and they blew it. I really don't have a problem with "Dale and Tucker" because it was goofy. But the Roommate was trying to be scary. Look my arguments wont be boob based but horror movies have formula. It goes Boobies then blood then boobies,boobies and boobies then blood ,blood  then boob then blood movies over 75 minutes well spent this is how shit works it's the rules that are set in stone for shitty horror movies. Look Black Swan was crazy as shit. She is crazy, then a lesbian , then a bird , then crazy again and she hands out with the worst kind of people. So I blame them for Natalie Portman descent into crazy all she need was someone to be like " Hey Natalie Portman its cool take a shit and clam the fuck down . Hug? " and it would have been a way different movie. Overall Black Swan brought the crazy and left it on your door step and made you deal with it , you should check it out. But "The Roommate"  refrain from watching . Please its fucking awful. Here you think "Oh shit I am finally gonna get to see more of  Minka Kelly and a bunch of other hot chicks who want to be leading ladies on a CW drama where they can get banged in the ear by a vampire , so shit is gonna be sexy." But after the first 15 minutes you realize you have been bamboozled. First off I had the volume up to 75 on my t.v and I still couldn't really hear Minka Kelly say anything and when you could under stand what she was saying it was like she also was think "What the fuck am I saying, no college freshman says this shit."   Oh yeah another implausible aspect of this shit film. The "love interest" is a Frat boy who plays the drums  in a shitty college band who has Minka  Kelly live in the frat house when the plot thickens. OK lets be real for like 2 seconds frat dudes who play the drums are usually swimming in pussy and swimming in roofies , second Minka  Kelly living more then 2 minutes inside of a frat house is the most ridicules thing I have ever seen. There would be some serious Porky's shit happening all the time. No way , I'd do it do you know how hot Minka  Kelly is ?  But what ever I turned off my brain after Leighton Meester  dresses up like Minka Kelly and kills Minka's ex with a 1 inch box cutter. That movie is stupid and need at least 25 boobs to make it better.

     Finally I want to get a little bit personal. Now I am normally not the guy to let his personal life get mixed in with my alter ego( yes this is my alter ego , Real me is way cooler and can speak fluent english ). But My Dad has been in the hospital since last thursday with  diabetes fucking with his good foot ( he has one fake  leg). So he had a procedure yesterday and he is recovering and waiting on the doctors words. You know hospital shit. So last night me and my brother the BIG Q went to see him after his procedure and the room they have him was empty except for the dude next to him watching a tela  neuva  we hung out talked about the Giants , the Big Bang Theory, and then we watched Glee as a family. So today me and the Big Q went up to see him again and when we got into the room we saw that he profited 3 new roomies. Heres were it gets interesting the guy across from him was an evangelist which from what I guess is an extremely annoying christen. I know this because he and his lady were reciting bible versus and praying out loud. Now  I don't have a problem with that at all, everyone is free to pray to whatever or who ever they want to , thats what America was built on   so I have absolutely no problem with  the hymns and the praise him bidness  , look I have an uncle who is a minister and I am Irish so I know.
   Here is my problem, the Lady friend started to go to bed to bed and give the other guys a little sermon about the Lord and how he cured another person with  stage 4 cancer and how we all should except Jesus as our savior.  Then she came over to us to testify the good word , the only one of the 3 of us who kept a straight face was my dad because he is an old pro at listening to religious jiber  jabber since he went to catholic school and hasn't been back to mass since Christmas 1976.  Big Q is off in the corner hiding under his hat almost crying with laughter and I couldn't pick my head up due to my sarcastic grin and I was failing at holding back my laughter.  Lets just say we have our own way of "being one with our savior" and thats not it. I get she was trying to be nice and share words that put her at comfort but just because they work for her doesn't mean they work for everyone else.  So stop shoving it down peoples throat. If I offended you, you must be that person who does it. Today I felt like I was sodomized by the lord and not in the good way.... People are entitled to their own beliefs and what ever just don't shove it down our throats. Thats it, I mean the lady was nice but yo keep it to your self. I bet she would not be cool with me going over to her for 10 minutes and ranting about how  I feel that soda in a vending machine should cost $.25.  How does Champ Bailey deal with it ?

  I realize the hypocrisy  since I write a blog and I let my opinion be know by millions( Thousands...hundreds,,.dozens) but I don't force my view on you readers I give an informed argument and I give you the chance to get back to me with any difference of opinion and plus half the shit I say is coming from my ass and I let it be known. Yeah so thats it I'll get back to you soon. Hopefully I can still get pictures from because thats where about 85% of the views come from.        

Monday, January 16, 2012

Shut Up Jim Mora I am talking playoffs


  I am literally so happy I don't know what I if I can write a full post tonight but I will try to get something down for you and maybe you can share my joy.  Right so no one has sent me any suggestions for hockey to start to root for. So I will continue not watching hockey during the playoffs. Hooray consistency. 

Lets talk NFL playoffs. This past weekend we found out what 4 teams will be playing for their "leagues" championship. This had to be about one of the sickest weekend of football this year. I know thats a broad statement since it's the playoffs and every game is hyped up to a fever pitch. But some of these games were pretty good this weekend. 

   Saints V. 49ers - This was the first game on the docket. Drew Brees took his high powered and ram it down your throat even if they  are up 17 with 2 minutes left in the game offense that was the heavy favorite against the 49ers who's defense  is at the best its been in a long time. The 49ers kicked off the game with two quick scores one after the 49ers marched down the field on the Saints and the second after the Saints thought that the niners offense couldn't do it again so they fumbled the kickoff and the niners took over in the Saints RedZone. Brees was not at his best this game . You know he only threw for 462 yards with 4 tds  but he had 2 big interceptions. San Fran was able to hold the Saints running game to a measly 37 yards overall. The huge question for the niners this weekend was if there offense could match the Saints because we all knew the Saints would drop 27 easy . After the niners gave up the lead late in the 4th quarter Vernon Davis took over. He carried the torch perfectly with the post pattern in the endzone crushing the Saints dreams. 

   Patriots V. Broncos - Why was this the late game again? Oh yeah because it had to media lighting rods behind center.The Broncos took their defense that is still without safety and defensive leader Brian Dawkins. Look the Broncos have a bright future once they find their identity as a team. But they had no business being there and Tom Brady let them now it. Heres the thing after you your up 35-7 before halftime with 5 passing touchdowns I think you got the win. So there was no need to have any passing plays. The Broncos knew they lost and going up 45-10 and Brady was still out there that is just bull shit. But no seemed to give a shit.  So that ended Tebowmania. I gotta say the kid is classier then Brady. Tebow didn't blame anyone said the Pats were a great team he never mentioned that they ran up the score, and he mentioned that he visited with a kid who I bet has some sort of really sad illness that would have been exploited by ESPN if they made it to the Super Bowl.  The Pats go on to play another game. Another issue I have with this game is all the people saying Tebow sucks or anything like that and I know  I have said that Sanchez and Romo suck but look the kid put his heart out there got ripped apart by everyone shrugged it off and played his ass off. He might not be the most fundamentally sound player  but respect the fact he gives it his all and fights all day. Plus how many playoff games against one of the best defenses in the game did you win? 

   Texans V. Ravens -  I can't wait to see the Texans back in the playoffs and hopefully they have everyone healthy because with that roster and the guys they found out about this year they are going to start something special. But the Ravens are way to good at home. I think in their last 20 games at home before todays game they were 19-1 thats pretty good since thats about 2.5 seasons of not losing at home. The Texans made it a game but the Vets had the extra edge. Yates threw 3 picks and in the playoffs its hard to win when you throw 1. But This was a better game then I think everyone expected. The Ravens are the best team to beat the Pats because their defense  can play with the Pats offense.  

   Giants V. Packers - Here it is the part of the post I have been waiting to write. You see I could have scratched it down first and then settled down and wrote a stellar post about other teams. Fuck that noise thats not how I do things. Let me get real with you guys I am a homer, I will root for the Giants against anyone . A team of Hall of Famers  I will go with the Giants,  A team of Feel good sob stories I will go with the  Giants, A team full of Super Models who if they won would have an oily naked party with me because those ladies find me sexy  I would root for... well thats a toss up , But I will wear a Giants Jersey.Ok let me recap this sum bitch. The Giants went into the "Frozen tundra" where the Super Bowl Champion Green Bay Packers live with their 15-1 regular season record and the love of the everyone I mean everyone (refs included). The Giants got up to a 10-3 lead after a Tynes Field goal and a Hakeem Nicks big touchdown run. But with a blown call on a Greg Jennings fumble the Packers were able to take advantage and score a touchdown tying the game at 10. the Giants running game was barely going anywhere but with 30 some odd seconds left in the half Ahmad Bradshaw was able to break off the longest run of the half and get out of bounds which set up an Eli Manning hail Mary pass to Hakeem Nicks who's gigantic hands plucked the ball out of the sky with half to the packers secondary on him.  With the score 20-10 at the half the Packers got the ball after the half. This is where everyone said Aaron Rodgers was going to put it together and comeback and win.  But his receivers had  a different game plan.  The 3rd quarter kinda sucked the Packers only scored 3 points.   The Giants put up 17 points with a Tynes short yardage field goal, a Manning to Manningham endzone heartbreaker and the crushing Brandon Jacobs game ending rushing touchdown.  I don't want to sound like a jerk but the refs really fucked up most of this game.  You know what I don't want to get into it because there will be so much coverage on it.... Oh yeah Discount Double Check 

    I just want to end this by say this about the Giants. When Eli said he was an elite quarterback and should be respected as one everyone laughed : He broke records and played better then any other Quarterback in the forth quarter, Steve Smith went to Philly for a shot at the playoffs and they had to start a no one by the name of Victor Cruz no one thought he'd do a damn thing : The Media was upset when he got snubbed for the Pro-bowl,When the season started and half their team was hurt or on other teams and Dallas and Philly loaded up on talent : they started off 6-2 ,  they were said to be dead in the water before they played the Jets: they won big , They were picked to lose against the Cowboys because the Cowboys were a more talented team : they won big,  the talking head said Atlanta would run all over them : they shut them down , Everyone said the Packers had to many weapons and Aaron Rodgers was too good and Eli couldn't match the "MVP" in a shoot out: They won big. No matter what happens next week in San Fran The Giants have put together a great season,they have earned every thing on sunday and through out the season( I know its a hockey speech but Come on bro you get my point).  So bring on the Hate , tell them they aren't good enough to clean Aaron Rodgers jock, and tell them that Tom Coughlin is most unpopular and no body wants to play for him because he is to strict. Go ahead tell them watch what happens just ask Tom Brady, Rex Ryan, B.J. Raji, and anyone who thinks they can knock them down. Go Ahead I dare you. 

   Yo look I am still super pumped about this win for Big Blue and I want to start up a hash tag on twitter and on facebook  #DejaBlue. So if you feel it let me hear it. 

Saturday, January 14, 2012

A post with Football, Basketball,Hockey and Baseball? I know I am shocked too

     Here we are people tomorrow starts the second round of the playoffs, basketball is in pretty much full swing and people are pretty ok with that , Hockey is clicking along and apparently I should be paying attention to it, and Oh my what is this the hot stove is picking up big time.  January is turning out be the month we have all been waiting for. Now If Prince Fielder would just sign with a team all ready so we can focus on more pressing matters. Like getting ready for St. Patricks day , which is the last holiday before baseball starts up.

     Like most people I am getting tired of Tebowmaina. But what I am getting even more tired of is how the people who made the mania is now making the people still are feeling the flow of it because of the wild ride he has put the Rocky Mountains area on for the past few weeks. I understand why the media is doing this, it's a simple ploy to gain rating I get but it's getting ugly. I don't like how some writers who were on Tebow's junk when it started are now mocking the kid, Basically what these writers/reporters/whatever are like kids who set some gasoline on fire and are blaming the fire department when the fire burns down the house.  Tomorrow or Saturday, January 14th whenever you might read this Tebow and the Broncos take on the one and only true love the media Tom Brady in the highlight game of the day since the better game is going to be the Saints and the 49ers. The Saints and 49ers game is should be the most well rounded game. The Saints have a great offense and the 49ers have a great defense. A we will finally see what wins second round playoff games. As the Texans play the Ravens in what should be the least watched game in this whole round. There has been like 2% coverage of this game. Seriously this is the break down 2% Texans V. Ravens, 15%  49ers V. Saints,  30% Giants V. Packers and  53% Tebows V. Bradys . Speaking of the Giants and Packers, I can't wait for this game . If you follow me on twitter and by the numbers you don't during Giants game I am all over it sending out pretty classic tweets and I got one locked ,loaded and ready to fire. So follow me and find out worst thing that can happen is I disappoint... but you should be used to that by now. 

     I have been watching non-stop basketball highlights for about the last 2 hours and I do have to say I like what I see.  Ricky Rubio is ripping it up in Minnesota. He is playing like a young Steve Nash except with a Spanish flair. The Knicks and 76ers both were hot and now not so much. Derrick Rose is going to win MVP again this year. That dude is sick I don't know what it is but I don't know why they can't win it all.  I figure it has something to do with the Heat just treating the rest of the league like little children. I guess Spolster implied a new philosophy this season. It seems that Kobe got sick of hearing that he was done so he has decided to go H.A.M on everyone as trades of Dwight Howard to the Lakers have resurfaced. I haven't heard a thing about the Nets since Jay-Z had his daughter so I guess what he said was true. Nets can go 0-82 but I look at you like this shits crazy... This shit Cray

   I am going to start take applications for my favorite Hockey teams. My fandom is up for lively debate. I have seen some highlights and I think I might want to start getting into Hockey. I am thinking about it since the hockey has still yet to post after we talked. So I would like to hear some spirited debate about why I the holder of the proven Phantom Spotlight should shine it on one lucky team.  You can send me your suggestions on the Facebook site. Remember I have the GoldenTouch just ask those teams that the spotlight has shined on.  

   Can you feel it? It's so close I can taste it . Oh wait I have to pee I'll be right back.... And I am back. Baseball bitches its right around the corner. Well not really but it's getting really close and finally some big waves have been made. Just a little while ago prized Yankees Prospect and future false birth certifiacte suspect Jesus Montero was traded to the Seattle Marginal hitters... I mean Mariners for Stud pitcher Michael Pineada and some other prospect. Seattle you got fucked once again. You accquried a "Power hitting Prospect" which I highly doubt. You accquired a product of Yankee hype just like  Dioneer Navarro , Brad Hasley , Dustin Mosley and Joba Chamberlain before.  Whatever I am gonna let M.D run with it  because the Yankees are his territory.  Is anyone wondering how the Angels are going to set their lineup this year. With all these additions and re-signs (funny no bullpen adds though) They literally are overburden with talent, and that even with out super star in waiting Mike Trout in the everyday lineup. I do not know why they are keeping Bobby Abreu on the roster , If they say its because he works out walks and has a high on base %  his batting average has dropped 40 points since 2009 the last time the Angels were in the playoffs, his on base % has fallen by about 37 points over the past three years, and he has annually dropped in walks since the Yankees dumped him for Swish. His first year with the Los Angeles Of Anaheim of California of the East Coast Of America  he had 94 walks the next year he had 87 and last year he had 78, and he is not the same player he was and but he could be traded to teams like Baltimore and Boston teams who need a part time Dh. Also they resigned Howie Kendrick and Kendrys Morales  who had one good year and the Angeles have been waiting for him to have more then 200 at bats . Look they have a lot of players who are going to crush homers but they need to make moves to solidify that staff because they obviously didn't look at extremely expensive # 3 pitcher C.J Wilson's playoff stats. (1-5 4.82, 46 hits given up in 52.1 innings pitched, 29 walks , 10 home runs given up  and 32 runs overall ) Totally worth that 5 year 77.5 million deal. Jason Bay's deal is way better.

   I hope everyone has a great sports weekend. Before I go I want you to check out my buddy Willy's band they just dropped this sick ass track called Lady Ashley, it's fucking hot fire.

P.S- Who was Shocked that M.D came back ?