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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Another top 10 that I started around 7pm and finished at 3am ... I have to stop watching a million clips

   7 days mother Phuckers. 7 days until Super Bowl 46 or 47 I lost count. But yeah the day is getting closer can't you feel it? The press is sharping their teeth for Press week and like I said after Championship weekend. The first week will be about how good the Giants could be and second week will be about how Patriots are , because we as a public never realized these two teams were that good.  But I am still not in the Super Bowl mood... Yet maybe in a few days. I guess Wednesday I will kick in to gear or fake it . So to continue my own special procrastination week I am going to bring back my staple, my bread and butter , my wheel house and my go to move when I can't think of anything else ( there are no games in the New York / New Jersey area and I don't have NBA TV )  here is another top 10 list this time : Top Ten Best  Characters on T.V in the past 3 years. No reality shows just sitcoms, dramas, or story driven shows which I guess is covered by those first two words.   Thanks to and I am kind of an expert on this. The only reason this is happening is because the Pro Bowl and All Star games were just one big joke. Just a heads up I haven't seen Dexter nor do I watch NCIS's or CSI's so don't tell me that Robin is killing it with LL because I don't watch that shit or Game of Thrones so I am sorry pal.

Honorable mentions -
* Barney Stinson (How I met your Mother ) - Gay dude playing a womanizer awesome
* Detective Olivia Benson (Law and Order SVU) - She could interrogate me any day.... Wait that didn't sound right. 
* The Dudes from Workaholics - I had my reservations about this show. Once again Netflix showed me the folly of my ways. 
* Burt Chance Raising Hope - Smoke on that jerk . 
* Michael Scott - I miss you buddy 

 10.  Jorge Garcia - I never really watched Lost . I mean I saw one episode and they moved the Island by turning a wheel or something at that point right there I just said "Fuck it this show is fucking stupid"  so instead of giving it a second chance or  trying to watch it I just started messing with my friends who watch the show by giving telling them how the series finally is going to go. But Jorge is a super cool fat stoner guy. Since Lost ended he has done a few guest spots and now has a new show Alcatraz which sounds like an ok show I haven't had time to watch but I hear good things.  I mean what he does is not really acting its more just being  there and thats why he is #10 on this list  because he just showed up. 

9. Abed from Community  / Sheldon from Big Bang Theory  - Let me explain the tie and the lower then expected placement. Give of take a few vocabulary  changes they are the same character.  Two lanky guys who might have ashburgers , They are pretty much are there  to make all the lame jokes seem funnier because they make the other characters have the what the fuck did he just say reaction. I mean these characters basically make the show but it just seems that the show focuses around them a lot of the time. I would like to see more Annie episodes next season for two reasons 1. They have yet to explain in depth her hilarious time in rehab and 2. I am in love with Alison Brie so there is that factor. 

8. Don Draper Mad Men - Cap 'em here balls so hard mother fuckers think he is Alec Baldwin  in GlenGary GlenRoss.  Working in an advertising firm, smoking cigarettes , drinking booze in the office and banging broads like Sinatra. Single handedly brought back wearing suits at work.  I just started watching this show and I got a feeling that I might start wearing slick as fuck suits to my job. Also I wish I had a secretary like Joan Harris.  

7. Mike Ehrmantraut Breaking Bad - This dude is a boss. The P.I with  a dark past of being a bad ass. I thought the dude was cool  before he told Walt his back story but when he went into that plant by the end of season 3 and just  killed that Mexican hit squad. I can not wait until season 4 is on Netflix. Mike is a fucking champ I would rate him higher but I feel  that he hasn't really been a huge factor  in what I have seen . Who knows I could come back in a few months and just flip the script.  

6c. Liz Lemon-Since season 1 of 30 rock I  wanted to be Astronaut Mike Dexter. If you don't think vthats funny you don't watch 30 Rock. She smart , she is funny , she is opinionated, she is out of her mind , she stands up for her people, and  she eats ham whats not to like. She would rank higher but she doesn't really have the best lines. Which shows how cool Tina Fey really is  laying up those golden words to Tracy and Alec like a female John Stockton. 

6b. Lily Aldrin How I met your Mother - I love me some Alison Hannigan. I have been down with this girl since she told me what she did at band camp. That was a weird sentence , I don't normally talk like that. But what ever I have seen pretty much every episode of How I met your Mother thanks to and I think I said that before but I don't care. Lilly is cool, sexy , funny as  hell, and she could drink when is not busy getting prego . Season 2  she brings the heat. You know what just sign up with Netflix tell them that the Phantom Ballplayer sent you watch How I met your mother and then thank me  later. 

6a.  Jenny McArthur  The League - Oh man this was a tough call that show is gold and every character is better then the next but Jenny gets the nod because she is slammin'  hot ,knows football and talks shit like a boss. Some dudes don't find it attractive when a girl can shit talk , not this guy it is actually a plus if a girl can talk some shit. She is possibly the most realistic female character on t.v basically shattering the mold of what female characters are supposed to be like.  She brings the heat all the time. 

5. Darryl Dixon The Walking Dead - The toughest hombre on that show. Fuck Shane and Rick while their to busy trying to bang out Rick's wife Darryl is kicking ass. I hope you watched season 2 of The Walking Dead, basically it Shane and Rick's friendship was crumbling  due to Rick's son getting shot , looking for a place to camp ,and how long they should search for a missing girl. But while those two bickered Darryl was doing work. He went out on his own and was tracking down the girl through the woods. Dude fell off a horse ,then fell off a cliff ,had an arrow go through his gut,  had his shoe gnawed on by a walker , killed about 5 random walkers ,then got shot in the head and walks it off. Dude is a true blue champ most of those people would be dead if it wasn't for Darryl. 

4. Phil Dumphey  ,Cam Pritchard Modern Family & Jesse Pinkman Breaking Bad-I couldn't choose between these three . Both Phil and Cam are hilarious and steal the show whenever they are on screen. just pure comedy right there. On the Opposite end of the spectrum the Cook Captain has grown up since the 1st season. I guess it could of been after he help kill his 2nd person his character took a darker turn for the better.  There is a common factor about these three supporting actors, they are funny as hell . Intentionally or unintentionally they are the funniest part of their show.  

3. Annie Edison Community - Do you want me to explain why she is #2 ?  I am just going to put up a picture of her up and you can make up your own reasons.... I realize this looks creepy  but yo seriously how can you be mad ? 


2b. Jack Donaghy 30 Rock - My dude, future mayor of NYC.  The Jacker has possibly the best lines out of anyone. It's a close call because Tracy and Kenneth spout out some good lines but everybody is all about Kenneth and I think about 98% of Tracy's lines are just  Tracy Morgan being Tracy Morgan.  The fact the Jack is supposed to be this uptight right wing conservative that when ever he gets in to any zany adventures, or says anything off the cuff , or really just anything out right ridiculous  it is just gold. 
Doctor Leo Spaceman for Sugren General 

2a. Walter White-Straight pimp right here. When I was skeptical when I started watching Breaking Bad , I thought how could Malcolm's dad be a bad Ass. Well I was wrong. Walt White is such a bad ass even lung cancer couldn't stop him ,hell not even street wise drug lords could stop him. I just can't wait for season 4 I feel like I am missing out on something awesome. I never really wanted to try meth but if someone said hey try this blue meth from Heisenburg I would probably take them up on that offer. From what I hear shits the bomb yo. 

1.b Larry David  Curb Your Enthusiasm-The most honest characters ever  thought up... God I hope he thought it up. Larry David the creator of Seinfeld has been truthfully going around ruining peoples day with his no holds barred truth telling ways. Every episode is shenanigan packed but yet still realistic. Who of us hasn't been yelled out for not using a coaster, been stuck behind some bitch at an ice cream place who doesn't know what they want, or been at a party where Christian Salter swipes up a ton of caviar ? We all have been their but he speaks the truth . 

1a. Ron Fucking Swanson -  The top of the pyramid of greatness. The Ultra Libertarian  mustached cowboy . Swanson and Jack Donaghy  are the only two t.v characters that I would want to work for and shake their hand. Wait I actually work for Ron Swanson, I am serious one of my bosses is almost like Ron except without the mustache and whittling but pretty close. America!
   So thats the list I got out of hand during this top 10 list, well it's a top 14 really but still all good. I'll turn it around by the next time. Apparently I only watch these shows. If you have any suggestions send them to the Facebook page


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