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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

I don't need sleep... I need writing classes anyone want to pay for them ?

   Barry Larkin is the only Hall a Fame nominee to be elected in 2011,  Josh McDaniels was hired by the Patriots to be some sort of coach oh wait he is going to be their new offensive coordinator and people are bugging out hard about it , and I have created a pretty awesome sandwich my brother the Big Q is quoted in saying  "Its like sex in a bun " and I trust his judgement because he hate a whole lot of things I do. All that and just that I don't want to write more at all in this post.  I should be sleeping its like 2:30 right now. 

   This past monday the all mighty Baseball Writers of America has cast their judgement over the athletes they wished they could of been and completed their  yearly  act of telling guys who have competed in one of the hardest sports in the history of sports "they are not as good as my expectations  so you are not worthy of  having your  career  immortalized unless you suck my ass." have elected Barry Larking of the Cincinatti  Reds as the only nominee to receive more then the required amount of votes. Larkin a life long Red had a great career as a shortstop and deserved to get in no question. Larkin is one of the last  few players to play his whole career with one team. So what is my issue with this whole process is that only electing one guy this year seems like a huge fuck you to the other nominees. I think there should be no less then 2 players elected in at a time. Next year there is a very interesting ballot because  they have Sammy Sosa, Barry Bonds, Rodger Clemens, Curt Schilling , Craig Biggio, and Mike Piazza up for the hall. Now as I see it there are only two guys who deserve to get in right away. Piazza and Biggio must be elected int the hall, if not there is no justice.  I know Schilling has two World Series rings but he has only 216 wins and a 3.46  career era. Biggio has 3,000 hits 5 sliver sluggers  4 gold gloves and is a multiple of all star selections and Piazza  has over a .300 career batting average, 427 home runs which is the all time home run record for catchers, 9 time sliver slugger, 12 time all star and was the Rookie of the year.  These two guys played in the Steroid era and so far have not been named or indicated in any usage of it unlike those other characters who I think only one of them hasn't been in court. 

   Today at work I checked my phone for sports updates and I saw a story come by for and it was about how people in Denver are up in arms about Josh McDainels being hired to take over for Bill O'Brien who went to take over at Pedophile State. This is an odd move by the Pats who are firmly sitting as the 1 seed  in the AFC. Why would they hire a guy who was the Rams offensive coordinator at seasons begin? You like that Seasons begin I think it adds a classy touch... But back to my point I can see why Tebowites are upset. The guy did draft the starting quarterback and knows what Tim is about but really there is a new  coaching staff there and you have to rely on the worst defense in the league to stop Tim Tebow... again. I know the Pats needed to fill the void left by O'Brien who will have one good season followed by four bad seasons like all other Belichick coaches. But adding a guy who sucked hard in St. Louis and is known as a whiz kid for play calling in the middle of the playoffs just seems off to me.  See I feel that football should take this policy from baseball. If you add anyone to your official roster before a designated deadline  close to the playoffs is automatically disqualified from playing in the playoffs. This should go for coaches too. So I am cool with the hire but I am not cool with him being on the field or being at practice during the playoffs. 

   Finally on Saturday afternoon I was hungry like creative hungry.  At that moment I got a text from my buddy Hambone and I asked him what I should do about my food situation. He suggested Cherry Valley which is a New York based 24 hour deli that makes these unreal sandwiches that hit the fucking spot at 2:30 am when you have been getting turned down by every girl in the bar.  But I was in no mood to go to Whitestone Queens or on Hempstead turnpike in West Hempstead.  So I got up went to the local supermarket picked up some flank steak, Mozzarella sticks, thick cut bacon stripes, sweet potato fires, and some french rolls (not my first choice but it did the job). So I heated up the oven kick on the grill and started working .Seasoned up the Sweet Potato fires ( salt garlic and oregano nothing special I am a simple man) Bacon on the skillet attachment after I tenderized the steak and marinated it for maybe about an hour and a half (normally I try to marinate the steak and I use Kens Honey Teriyaki which is straight hot fire and I let it sit a few more hours but I started late and I was hungry). It took about 20-25 minutes all together.  After pretty much all of the prep I got the Idea of toasting my roll so instead of just doing it dry I put the roll in the still hot bacon grease and then  over the open flame of the grill. As I write this I see why I am chubby. The construction of  the "Bengal" that what I named it goes as follows. Opened Roll, on each side of the bread put a Motzi stick,  fill the middle with sliced steak,  cut up the bacon and put it on the steak letting it soak up the marinated ,put a hand full of sweet potato fires on top and your choice if you want to add a topping I used ranch the next day on the left overs and it added to it.  Boom thats the Bengal. Since the Bengals lost the game against the Texans, so  on sunday I might make the Packer which is I guess a cheese block covered with bacon and more cheese? I'll figure it out by sunday.  After making and then eating this monster I am sure of two things. 1. I will die by the age of 28 of stomach explosion and 2. I am like 75% sure that girls don't find this appealing at all. And yes that is a refillable cup from Fenway park, they give out free refills!  That is the best thing about the Red Sox. 

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