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Monday, January 2, 2012

It's over it's all over... Well except for 12 teams


      Happy New Year Phuckers   how are you doing this year so far?  Well, for 12 teams (6 from the AFC and 6 from the NFC) it was a pretty good weekend.  See I had plans to write about something during the early games yesterday so I could hit monday like a champ. But with my debilitating hangover and the Giants game  I kinda forgot, so my bust.  But I am here today on monday after work and  still on the mend so lets talk about football. Oh yeah there is some sort of Hockey game going today does anyone know what  the deal is with that?

   What to start with what to start with... The Rams , Bucs  and Colts drop the hammer on their coaches and I know more will come by the end of the month. But the 1,2 and possibly 4th pick in the up coming draft  called it a day with their head coaches who they fell in love with last season.  If you look at it without the whole records thing being the issue   Steve Spagnola  (Rams) and Raheem Morris (Bucs ) basically had the same head coaching tenure. OK I know that sentence was roughly thrown together but check it. They had a shitty first year then  a playoff run second year and now shitty 3rd and final year. But is it their fault? Both teams had their first round type Quarterbacks have lousy years filled with inconsistencies and injuries ,  The Stud running backs on both teams were hurt and slowed down this year which lead to an uneven offensive displays, No wide outs,  terrible offensive lines and finally their defenses were just non existent. Frankly yes you can blame the coaches.  Spags  won a super bowl with the Giants his first year as a defensive coordinator after being a long time assistant in Philly.  So he came out with some hype but couldn't live up to it and he had a chance to buy some time last season with Bradford fire start and with how weak the NFC west was last year . That was his one true shot at the playoffs.
  I was bummed that the Bucs  were a 4-12 this year. What a set back for this young and possibly exciting team. I had hope for them coming into this season. They Had a stud Quarterback on the verge of breaking out, a running back who was a fantasy goldmine , an under rated receiver core and that Tampa Bay defense  so it looked like they could upset this year . When Flacons started off slow it was the Bucs  time to shine... FART NOISE. It was just a total organizational break down this year. Awful so when the Saints and the Flacons got hot the Bucs got stupid.
  Now I have no clue if Raheem Morris will get another job as a head coach but I know he'll be interviewed. But there is for some reason a market for Spagnola.  With Spags ring he can pretty much get a call from mostly all of the teams that axed their coach but Morris might be offered a job as a defensive coordinator since he has a background in defense. But it's highly unlikely that he will wear the big boy head set.  Oh yeah I forgot the Colts . Today Jim Irsay said good by to long time to the Polian family  who helped build the team around Peyton Manning and only Peyton Manning. This could be the start of the dismantling of the once feared Colts. See there are a lot of rumors that because the Colts sucked so hard for Luck this year he will be suiting up for another team  next season. So it will be interesting watching Twitter hound Jim Irsay blow up his team.  Next firing should be Norv Turner  that was a weak 8-8 and way to under preform for the past 4 years in a row.

    The Playoff picture puzzle finally got solved last night. Finally it was getting gross. With all of those weird tie breaker scenarios and  with the Bengals falling into a playoff birth because the Jets totally shat the bed. But more on that later, now we see the teams that I said would be there. Well, I was close I was about 80% right and 80% is pretty good.  Especially when I am not an expert so take that everyone.  But I did make a few mistakes. I said the Cowboys and the Raiders while the Bengals and the  Lions got in instead. But I am fine with those mistakes. Also I am pretty sure my prediction about the Flacons and the Giants is going to be wrong.  With how the Giants have been playing the last two weeks and the Falcons coming up to New York when it's going to 47 degrees and with a wind chill it might feel like 20. So can the dome team full of guys who have played in hot weather most of their college careers   I am talking to you Julio Jones and Michael Turner. But I pretty much stand by most of my picks. Except the Giants Win it all because Eli blows up on everyones face. I think I know what the Super Bowl theme song should be. Click the link and tell me you don't agree, its hot fire.

    All right here it is the moment most of you stuck around for. The 2011 Super Bowl champs New York Jets and the 2011 Super Bowl Champs Dallas Cowboys showed up big this week... Wait how can two teams win the win the same Super Bowl ? Wait did they win last night. No , No they didn't. Sadly the two teams that have the most hated fan bases seasons went bust yesterday. The Jets dropped a  tough one against the Dolphins and the Cowboys  became hurdles and tackling dummies against the Giants. Needless to say I was thrilled.Since I was crushing  the illest  of hangovers and I finished season 3 of Breaking Bad  so it turned out to be a great day.
   Lets go more in depth  on the Jets game.  The Jets needed a win and they needed a Bengals, Broncos,Raiders, and Titans loss so they can get into the playoffs for a third year in  a row. So they basically needed a miracle to make it and it would all start with a win. So check it the Bengals lost against the Ravens, The Raiders lost against the Chargers , The Broncos lost to the Chiefs  but the Titans beat the Texans. Not the right combo there for Rexy and the Jets.  Sanchez showed that old school playoff form with 3 interceptions  late in the game which gave the Dolphins enough momentum to beat the Jets 19-17. Crushing Fireman Ed's and Rex Ryan's Super Bowl dreams.  Well, it's not like they didn't have help. Captain Santino  Holmes did his part with starting fights with Sanchez and other members of the offense and finally his most noblest act of the season when he lead by example by being benched by the end of the game. This is why you don't give guys who stretch your cap to its limit a C on their shoulder because big money guys means bigger ego. There is only room on that team for one destructive ego on that team and that spot is for the head coach. This is Rex Ryan's fault , oh its great how he takes all the blame off his players what a guy. That is stupid when players don't preform its their fault. Its like what I was taught as a kid.  If you make a mistake  and someone else takes the blame for that mistake you will make the same mistake. But if you own up to your faults and mistakes  you stop making those mistakes and become a better person for it. Or some shit like that. If Rex Ryan wants to be a good head coach he needs to let players take the hit for shit they did.
   Oh boy have I been waiting to write this. I have been waiting 17 weeks to finally let the world know how I feel about the Cowboys without the fear of the stupid awesome Phantom spotlight rearing its ugly beautiful face and shine its light on them and they would run the table and we would never hear the end of it from all those ass hole Cowboys fans. Yeah so I hate them, I hate everything about them, every move they make every play they call , and all their talent that they say is so good when frankly they suck. I have been saying this for years and on sunday night the world saw it and even the biggest Cowboy hard on havers ESPN were agreeing. Trent Dilfer was putting them through the ringer and I still think they got off early. Trent called the Cowboy core over rated and under preforming. BLAh BLAH Blah  They are terrible and a bunch of jokes. Tony Romo is battling Rex Grossman for the worst QuarterBack in the NFC east and Mark Sanchez for biggest joke in the NFL. Problem is Mark Sanchez can get to the championship.
   Dear Ryan twins :  I think you have a great future in this game and yes you have been in the NFL for years. But you do have a  future in pre game comentary. Your time is almost up. Rob you are one loss to the Eagles way from being hired by the  Saskatchewan Roughriders as their ball boy. Jerry is not the right guy to Fucks with pal. Now Rexy next season what are we going to say at the draft combine "I think the New York Jess ( because he has a lisp or something) will be compete and might be a surprise team but we have a huge hole at quarterback , running back, offensive line, defensive line, safety , linebacker , and kicker. So I think  we can battle it out for a wild card spot but you can't expect anything crazy since we have a 4th year rookie at quarterback.  But yeah  we could be a team lets see what happens. It's a long season." Thats what you say when some says what are the Jets chances because homie if you say you're going to win the Super Bowl when there are still glaring holes in your team and not live up to your boast you're ass is fired. Talk a page out of Tom Coughlin's book.  Treat your players with respect and like grown men not college kids. You don't want to push them so hard because you wont be voted most liked coach by the players. Well to fucking bad , you think  Bellchick, Coughlin,and  Tomlin  give a shit if they are liked. No they care about winning if they have to hurt someones feelings in the course they will.  So yeah take that you jerks.  

    This football season was a pretty good one for 12 teams . Now we get to see what hard work,determination, and praying to Jesus can do for you.   Oh yeah before I go I won my cousins fantasy football league last night thanks to my dude VICTOR CRUUUUUUZZZZZ. So I just wanted to let you all know to fucks with this guy. ... I don't know why the lines on my open letter to the Ryan twins but this shit is long enough I doubt anyone cares.

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