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Friday, January 27, 2012

Manning V. Irsay in the Superbowl of Contracts... plus multiple Parks and Rec clips inside


     What is the biggest attraction in Indy ? The Pacers, the race way , Morton's stake house, and umm ... umm the world's largest egg? I don't know  I think they have an Ihop or something  to that extent. The reason why I am asking about the tourist traps of the great state of Indiana  because once Peyton Manning leaves thats all you got... I don't think thats enough.  Twitter slut and Colts owner Jim Irsay back hand bitch slapped Peyton today during the introduction press conference  of new head coach Chuck Pagano by calling Peyton a "politician" and should have kept his comments in the "family" which means you can't tell your teacher daddy hits you when he watches the game. OK maybe that analogy was a little offensive let me try again. Jim Irsay is calling Peyton out for doing what he does best, humiliating  the Colts as a whole.

   The Irsay's have owned the Colts since they played in Baltimore so Jim  has been in the organization for years. So he knows the team in and out that there is no question but what he has been doing this year has been down right stupid. Every week the Colts played he hit up twitter and said something stupid. Now don't get me wrong Irsay  seems like a really cool guy he seems to be down with the Boss,jamming on his axe ,probably signing his own versions of songs and he speaks his mind openly which is refreshing especially when you witness such a tremendous fall off of a team that was a Super Bowl contender every year. But when you have a guy who is one or maybe the greatest Quarterback in the NFL you shouldn't really call  him out in such a public way because  The Pac-12 is not as good as the AFC west so Andrew Luck is going to get messed up. Stanford played one team that was ranked higher then themselves this past season  and they blew that bowl game   so having a guy like Peyton on your roster to guide the kid a little bit isn't that bad of an idea. 

   Right now Irsay should have held off his comments because now Manning holds all the cards. Everyone is bugging on how Peyton's neck is going to be , but I saw that shitty Poppa John's commercial he is swinging  that thing around like a champ. So Manning is going to be ready to own it next season and since pretty much all other Dome teams have a Quarterback his options are really limited.  I mean I can think of a possible landing spot and wheel and deal some pieces to make a team that could be attractive new home for Peyton. 
   The Arizona Cardinals trade Kolb and 1st round draft pick to the Dolphins for Brandon Marshall and Jake Long and maybe a lower round draft pick because the Dolphins are looking for a Quarter back and Kolb might do a lot better in Miami due to the lowered expectations ( I just wanted to throw in some Ron Swanson links since they look alike). Then the Cardinals sign Manning to a 3 year 40 million dollar contract and have a wide receiver core of Larry Fitzgerald , Brandon Marshall( who thrive with a real qb) Early Doucett in the slot, and a bunch of burners , a budding Beanie Wells in the backfield   and Jake Long anchoring a o-line. Automatically makes the Cardinals a heavy favorite against the Niners in the pathetic NFC west. I am pretty sure I am not the first person to think about that deal. Plus not playing the Steelers, Texans, and Ravens in a pretty sweet dome in a warm weather area. I mean think about it  even if you couldn't get Long or Marshall for Kolb and they get draft picks I am pretty sure Reggie Wayne and Jeff Saturday would love to go after another ring with their boy and at a discount price and play with the best wide out in the game. And since last year they were not that good. YO AZ you should listen to me. 

  See that wasn't that hard it kinda just flowed. I understand keeping your business under wraps but you have to think  Irsay spent all season saying the Colts were going to draft Luck. He didn't make that a secret frankly after the Colts went 0-6 he was blowing up the twitter-verse with that noise. So can you blame Peyton when he said he didn't feel comfortable inside the Colts complex? His owner basically gave him his walking papers while letting him take road trips with the team.  Irsay just hired a new head coach that has a strictly defensive background... a very good defensive background  and if he drafts a franchise quarterback with the first pick in a system that has zero running game and the receivers are either free agents or a concussion waiting to happen I don't see Andrew having much Luck in his first 3 years ... see what I did there. 

    Peyton is that offense hell he is that team.  I am pretty sure who ever the offensive coordinator was shocked that he actually had to work this year because its been a fucking cake walk since 99. Peyton is a guaranteed  12 wins him self. How do they expect to keep up with the Texans or even the Titans because in limited action Jake Locker seems legit and Chris Johnson wont be that shitty again ? They need Peyton more then they need Luck. He makes everyone around him better.  Let him finish his time with a 2 year deal maybe he'll cut his price down so that you can get some free agents on both sides of the ball and maybe draft a running back in the second round. Seriously last time Peyton had a good running back was Edgrrian James. 

   The Colts have a lot to deal with this off season. A whole bunch of players that helped build that franchise to what is was last season are up for new contracts. But all I am saying  is that Irsay is a hypocrite for saying that Peyton should have kept his comments in house when he is a 140 character lighting rod.  Just saying. God  I hope Rob Lowe hooks me up with some inside info. Wait I literally  now know why he is still on Parks & Rec. 

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