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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Orange and blue all over ? Well thats what everyone is saying


    The New York Knicks are gross right now. They are on a mighty wave of 6 straight losses and now there are grumblings that the Knicks are trying to send Amar'e Stoudemire to the Magic for Dwight Howard. Oh it's a fucking mess right now thank God the Giants are the best team in New York right now until spring time when the fucking Yankees play. I don't even want to get into it , If the Mets even think their line up could compete for 3rd place this year is just a joke. But back to the Knicks

   This is not the season we have been waiting for or even talked about. Things should be better  look  they have Melo blowing up for 25.7 points per game, Chandler and Stat grabbing about 8 - 9 rebounds a game, Iman Strumpert looks to be a prospect and with News and tweets yesterday it looks like Barron Davis is on his way back to the court which should be a better presence at the point then Mike Bibby and Toney Douglas.  But 6 games in a shortened season man that shit is weak. When Irish History month approaches (March) there are some Free agents coming back from China that they need to lock up and dump off some dead ass weight like Bibby and Balkman. I am not a big Renaldo Balkman fan to say the least, sorry but when you are a forward and you have a life time 3.8 rebound per game through out your 6 year career and you were a 1st rounder you kind suck. I was pumped when we sent him off to Denver for to scrubs and a biscuit.  Who I think was later turned into Andy Ratunis. But then they got him back in the Melo trade. That is the downfall of the trade.

   I could blame Balkman until I am blue in the face but that like getting mad at a wall for just standing , at least the wall could play defense once in a while. But the blame falls on D'antoni. The Knicks hand Mustache Mike and the boys  the keys to a pretty solid team , a possible scoring champion , 2 monsters in the paint, 2 guys who can kill it from the 2 guard and the bare minimum at the point until Barron Davis got his back lined up . Also Jimmy Dolan hired a defensive coach in Whats his name I totally forgot and I have no real motivation to find out what it is. So why are they under .500 ? Why are they Knicks on the second worst losing streak in their division ( sorry Toronto you know I got mad love for you but the Raptors are terrible). But right before the lock out that all anyone could talk about except for the lock out but it was a close 35th thing they were talking about but still the words were out there. Mike and his mustache have really under coached this year.

   Who have the Knicks lost to? Memphis , Oklahoma, Orlando, Phoenix, Milawaulkee, and Denver. I see at least 2 maybe 3 wins in those 6.  They could have beat the last the Suns and Bucks possibly the Magic. That 4 game winning streak seems like a life time ago. They play the mighty Bobcats tonight and the Cavs  on wednesday and if they lose one or both of these games there has to be some sort of change to the coaching staff. The Knicks need to pick it up now the Heat and the Rockets are up later this week and if they go up against the heat with an 8 game losing streak Spike Lee is going to kill someone. Who knows maybe this post might have an effect on them. You know why ... Yes my ego is out of control.

     Well, I guess it's not all that bad. I mean The Giants are great the Mets are looking at Cody Ross and Jeff Francis so that picked my heart up like an inch ( Come on guys ) and M.D is back from reclusion  and not a month to late. Mother Phucker comes back and swipes the 200th post , jerks probably waiting outside of kids footlocker to get his Michael Pineda   jersey or is bawling his eyes out becauseOl' Jorgey is calling it a career. In which I think is a same because now I have to wait to see the Old timers game to see his smoke bomb of a wife or a rerun of American Chopper when my dad is taking a break from a 37 hour crunch of the golf channel.  The next 2 weeks are going to get weird because there is no football on so I might cover more basketball and try to get some hoc....Hock....Hockey  get it like the Fonz  saying he is wrong, I am super funny, so shut up. Also I am a pretty old 26 years old. Happy Days  and shit like that.  


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