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Monday, January 23, 2012

#OCCUPYTHECANYONOFHEROS . A movement I can side with


   Rematch of week 9 baby!  Oh wait what am I talking about Rematch of Super Bowl 42.  The Patriots and The Giants are going to do battle once again the 3rd time in the past 3 or for years  My math is off because I am to excited right now. The games that were play on championship sunday were everything you almost could ask for. Both games decided by a field goal one was missed and the other was made.  Let me explain.

   The Patriots and the Ravens battled in the early game. Well, if you consider 4:30  on the East coast early which we do. The Ravens Defense came out with nothing to lose, they stopped the vaunted Patriots passing attack . They held Tom Brady to zero passing touchdowns and made the kicker and the running game beat them the Pats had two rushing touchdowns one of them being a 4th down jumper by Tom Brady. All game it looked like the Ravens would have captured momentum with two picks against Brady and one of them being the amazing falling backwards and swat to the left almost looked like an incomplete pass type play that should have ended it for New England. As the game winded down the Ravens were marching down the field. Closer and closer the Ravens got to the safety zone of Billy Candid. You know the safety zone that stupid red line the booth puts down when the game is close and they need something to yap about. 32 yards away from tying the game with a field goal, now Candid  hit 10-12 from  that distance this season should have locked it down but he shanked it wide left. Thus ending another playoff run by the Ravens. This could be the last shot guys like Lewis and Reed have at the big one. No matter how much skate boarding Flacco did before the game he was playing to win. He threw for 306 yards with two big touchdowns. I really think the Ravens have a good shot next year they got over there biggest obstacles and now just have to get a better kicker. The Pats on the other hand are burning down the AFC right now. They are just waiting to see how Gronks ankle heals up and how he will be able to work in the Superbowl.

   49ers and the Giants game kinda just ended a little while ago. The game was a back and forth edge of your seat thrill ride that almost made me piss my pants.  The later game 6:30 here in the East 3:30 on the West and the defense did care what time it was because they were ready to go all day if they had to.  The 49ers came out firing Alex Smith connected with Vernon Davis who is not in the Pro Bowl ,( but I think he should get a nod for what he did in the playoffs) for a 70plus yard touch down that shut me up for a hot minute. But  Eli and the Giants would not be stopped. When he hit Bear Pascoe  for Pisces'  first NFL touchdown ever who's a former 49er so I bet that felt pretty sweet for the Bear. Before halftime The Giants took the lead with a field goal. Then it started to get real ugly. The Giants offense could barely move the ball on the surging 49ers defense. Back and forth it went until  Alex Smith and Vernon Davis connected again for a 28 yarder that made the Giants secondary look juvenile.The Whole game Victor Cruz had a huge game ,he had 10 receptions and over 140 plus yards but no tds. The time ticked away and finally Eli time came again, yes it did another 4th quarter touchdown to Mario Manningham  thanks to a Kyle Williams botch punt return, which if you are counting is the 3rd time these two have connected in the playoffs. The Giants were up 17-14 (sound familiar )? In the fourth with just about 5 minutes to play. Everything got crazy after that. Both offenses could not score. They would move the ball about 5 yards then sack. Until  the end of regulation. The Giants won the O.T coin flip because tails never fails and with these new O.T rules Big Blue was hoping for a Touchdown. But no, so they punted the ball back to the 49ers who had to score no matter what, field goal touchdown safety what ever that would have been the game. The Giants stopped the niners  but the niners stopped the Giants moved the ball up a little bit but nothing so Steve Weatherford  came in to punt one more time and Kyle Williams came into return the punt once again. Do you notice the hint of foreshadowing. Well, if you didn't get my foreshadowing you probably didn't get it when Joe Buck hammered it into your face.  I must have turned my head for like 2 seconds next thing I know Buck and Airman are going nuts Williams got stripped by Jaquan  Williams of the Giants and once again covered by Devin  Thomas. It was then followed by some heart breaking runs by Ahmad Bradshaw until Eli down it within the 10 yard line setting up a chip shot field goal. Even though the Giants got flagged for a delay of game because Coughlin wasn't watching the clock (Coughlin was  doing a Rex Ryan impersonation) and then it happened once again Larry Tynes kicked the Giants into the Super Bowl. Side note : After the game ending kick I ran up  the stairs of my house and tackled my brother . He was holding scissors  at the time and I almost got ran through.

   We have about 2 weeks before the big game. There is some sort of noise next week I guess with the Pro Bowl but honestly thats kind of a joke. Tim Tebow is going to be taking Brady's spot and Cam Newton will be taking Eli's. But really lets be honest here that will pale in comparison to the Hype this rematch will bring.  Brady V. Manning point 3 . Don't forget that week 10 match up.  More in depth coverage will come later this and next week . So much depth that it will make you sick. This week will be all about Eli next week will be about Brady . Chris Berman  and Tom Jackson can't hide their boners that long. Hold on to your nuts people it's going to get dicey out there. This is the time of the year where the bandwagons roll into town. Everyone who's heard of football or people who's teams that didn't make it or really just people who just suck at life. I am going to get a ton of shit for this but I am gonna say it. I am not cool with people saying they are "New York Fans" thats shit, pick a team it's not that hard. You know what I might do a solo post on that because I have a lot to say about that.  Heres my background  so you know where I come from. My family was a Giant season ticket holder since they started in the Polo Grounds. My Uncle Bill passed them to my dad in the late 80's  and my dad passed them on to me when I turned 18 and I had them up until I was 23 and I had to sell them to my Dad's brother Brother in law because of that Personal Seating License and the new stadium. I anit made of money kid. So now you know so next post you will have some context. Later Phuckers !
 P.s - Joe Paterno Past away this morning . Prayers go out to his family.

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