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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

OOps Sorry I forgot to do that thing I said I would.

   Yeah sorry champ I totally forgot to write which team had the best offensive weapons in the playoffs and apparently My Qb ranking was pretty much shot since Tebow blew away all the other by throwing 316 yards on 10 passes. So on after a week were he throws 6 pass for 60 yards he throw 4 more passes for 20 more yards a throw. I guess Tim Tebow read and thought "Well I can do better than that fat asshole, " and then he beat Clyde Barrow... I  mean Big Ben.  I bet Ben was walking around Denver with Hines Ward & Troy Polamalu  and as they past a hat store  he turned to them "This is my Victory hat ... Bros! This hat is going to totally burn it down on the post game interview. I will show Tom Brady that I Ben Roethlisberger stands alone on top of the stylish QuarterBack Mountain. " and when the game ended  all he had to hide his face was that goofy ass hat. But I don't want to spend most of my time ripping apart Ben's head wear. I mean it was kinda funny to start with but it's not  solo paragraph worthy.

     Right now I have the BCS championship and Blue Mountain State on at the same time and honestly the fictional college football team is so much more interesting then this snooze fest. Bama  is Rolling  hard with field goals over the LSU Tigers who are just terrible right now.  He is making these short passes that are netting like 3 yards but he is only connecting on like 2 of those passes on a drive  and now they are down 21-0 in the fourth. LSU has just humiliated  themselves tonight. Honey Badger should have caed a tiny bit more. He has been getting burned up by Aj McCarron . If they don't give the MVP to the kickers there is no justice. He had 4 field goals and carried the team for at least 3 and a half quarters.  This a prime example why College football is a sad excuse of football. If this was a pro game it would be blacked out.   I hate College football its lame as shit.

    I haven't really been watching basketball lately because you know the playoffs. I see that the 76ers are in first place as well as the Heat, Clippers,Spurs , Thunder,and the Bulls are in First place and there is still talk of Dwight Howard being moved soon. I like Howard on the Magic I just wish that  they could get a team around him again. Ever since they made it to the Championship and got run up by the Lakers they have not been able to find guys to put around the Big Man. So If they do ship him off I just hope it's not to the Lakers. Nothing against them But I am just sick of hearing how good the West was and how the East is old. Well, that has changed. Look I'll try to get back to basket ball if the Giants lose against the Pack  on sunday. Also Ricky Rubio seems to be working out pretty will right . Totally worth that draft pick back then .

     Is it only me but is this whole Drew Brees being a classy guy kind of a lie? I know I gave Brees his own turn under the spotlight when he broke the record but looking at  the games closer  Drew and the Saints are not that classy. I am sorry but when your up in the 4th quarter by 17 with 2 time outs left and 3 minutes left do you honestly have to throw. Thats rubbing your opponents face in the dirt and I kind wished the next time Brees dropped back Suh kicked him in the head. I have gone on record and said I like the Lions but he pulled this shit on the last game of the season on the Panthers. Yes, he was pulled  in the 4th. Look I think that Brees and the Saints coaching staff are a bunch of dicks who realize their defense is not as good as they expected so they have to run up the score so much the other team can't come back. Just like the Patriots. Brady and Brees might be winners but they are sore winners.

   Ok so this was jumbled and shit like that  I will get back to later. Oh yeah is there really a Flanagan High school and are there a bunch of sluts there?  I am not asking for scouting purposes I am asking because that was our 3rd highest keyword search for the past 2 days.  Hey is any one going to see Haywire ? I am not fully sold on this movie but I am getting there.


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