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Saturday, January 14, 2012

A post with Football, Basketball,Hockey and Baseball? I know I am shocked too

     Here we are people tomorrow starts the second round of the playoffs, basketball is in pretty much full swing and people are pretty ok with that , Hockey is clicking along and apparently I should be paying attention to it, and Oh my what is this the hot stove is picking up big time.  January is turning out be the month we have all been waiting for. Now If Prince Fielder would just sign with a team all ready so we can focus on more pressing matters. Like getting ready for St. Patricks day , which is the last holiday before baseball starts up.

     Like most people I am getting tired of Tebowmaina. But what I am getting even more tired of is how the people who made the mania is now making the people still are feeling the flow of it because of the wild ride he has put the Rocky Mountains area on for the past few weeks. I understand why the media is doing this, it's a simple ploy to gain rating I get but it's getting ugly. I don't like how some writers who were on Tebow's junk when it started are now mocking the kid, Basically what these writers/reporters/whatever are like kids who set some gasoline on fire and are blaming the fire department when the fire burns down the house.  Tomorrow or Saturday, January 14th whenever you might read this Tebow and the Broncos take on the one and only true love the media Tom Brady in the highlight game of the day since the better game is going to be the Saints and the 49ers. The Saints and 49ers game is should be the most well rounded game. The Saints have a great offense and the 49ers have a great defense. A we will finally see what wins second round playoff games. As the Texans play the Ravens in what should be the least watched game in this whole round. There has been like 2% coverage of this game. Seriously this is the break down 2% Texans V. Ravens, 15%  49ers V. Saints,  30% Giants V. Packers and  53% Tebows V. Bradys . Speaking of the Giants and Packers, I can't wait for this game . If you follow me on twitter and by the numbers you don't during Giants game I am all over it sending out pretty classic tweets and I got one locked ,loaded and ready to fire. So follow me and find out worst thing that can happen is I disappoint... but you should be used to that by now. 

     I have been watching non-stop basketball highlights for about the last 2 hours and I do have to say I like what I see.  Ricky Rubio is ripping it up in Minnesota. He is playing like a young Steve Nash except with a Spanish flair. The Knicks and 76ers both were hot and now not so much. Derrick Rose is going to win MVP again this year. That dude is sick I don't know what it is but I don't know why they can't win it all.  I figure it has something to do with the Heat just treating the rest of the league like little children. I guess Spolster implied a new philosophy this season. It seems that Kobe got sick of hearing that he was done so he has decided to go H.A.M on everyone as trades of Dwight Howard to the Lakers have resurfaced. I haven't heard a thing about the Nets since Jay-Z had his daughter so I guess what he said was true. Nets can go 0-82 but I look at you like this shits crazy... This shit Cray

   I am going to start take applications for my favorite Hockey teams. My fandom is up for lively debate. I have seen some highlights and I think I might want to start getting into Hockey. I am thinking about it since the hockey has still yet to post after we talked. So I would like to hear some spirited debate about why I the holder of the proven Phantom Spotlight should shine it on one lucky team.  You can send me your suggestions on the Facebook site. Remember I have the GoldenTouch just ask those teams that the spotlight has shined on.  

   Can you feel it? It's so close I can taste it . Oh wait I have to pee I'll be right back.... And I am back. Baseball bitches its right around the corner. Well not really but it's getting really close and finally some big waves have been made. Just a little while ago prized Yankees Prospect and future false birth certifiacte suspect Jesus Montero was traded to the Seattle Marginal hitters... I mean Mariners for Stud pitcher Michael Pineada and some other prospect. Seattle you got fucked once again. You accquried a "Power hitting Prospect" which I highly doubt. You accquired a product of Yankee hype just like  Dioneer Navarro , Brad Hasley , Dustin Mosley and Joba Chamberlain before.  Whatever I am gonna let M.D run with it  because the Yankees are his territory.  Is anyone wondering how the Angels are going to set their lineup this year. With all these additions and re-signs (funny no bullpen adds though) They literally are overburden with talent, and that even with out super star in waiting Mike Trout in the everyday lineup. I do not know why they are keeping Bobby Abreu on the roster , If they say its because he works out walks and has a high on base %  his batting average has dropped 40 points since 2009 the last time the Angels were in the playoffs, his on base % has fallen by about 37 points over the past three years, and he has annually dropped in walks since the Yankees dumped him for Swish. His first year with the Los Angeles Of Anaheim of California of the East Coast Of America  he had 94 walks the next year he had 87 and last year he had 78, and he is not the same player he was and but he could be traded to teams like Baltimore and Boston teams who need a part time Dh. Also they resigned Howie Kendrick and Kendrys Morales  who had one good year and the Angeles have been waiting for him to have more then 200 at bats . Look they have a lot of players who are going to crush homers but they need to make moves to solidify that staff because they obviously didn't look at extremely expensive # 3 pitcher C.J Wilson's playoff stats. (1-5 4.82, 46 hits given up in 52.1 innings pitched, 29 walks , 10 home runs given up  and 32 runs overall ) Totally worth that 5 year 77.5 million deal. Jason Bay's deal is way better.

   I hope everyone has a great sports weekend. Before I go I want you to check out my buddy Willy's band they just dropped this sick ass track called Lady Ashley, it's fucking hot fire.

P.S- Who was Shocked that M.D came back ?


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