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Monday, January 16, 2012

Shut Up Jim Mora I am talking playoffs


  I am literally so happy I don't know what I if I can write a full post tonight but I will try to get something down for you and maybe you can share my joy.  Right so no one has sent me any suggestions for hockey to start to root for. So I will continue not watching hockey during the playoffs. Hooray consistency. 

Lets talk NFL playoffs. This past weekend we found out what 4 teams will be playing for their "leagues" championship. This had to be about one of the sickest weekend of football this year. I know thats a broad statement since it's the playoffs and every game is hyped up to a fever pitch. But some of these games were pretty good this weekend. 

   Saints V. 49ers - This was the first game on the docket. Drew Brees took his high powered and ram it down your throat even if they  are up 17 with 2 minutes left in the game offense that was the heavy favorite against the 49ers who's defense  is at the best its been in a long time. The 49ers kicked off the game with two quick scores one after the 49ers marched down the field on the Saints and the second after the Saints thought that the niners offense couldn't do it again so they fumbled the kickoff and the niners took over in the Saints RedZone. Brees was not at his best this game . You know he only threw for 462 yards with 4 tds  but he had 2 big interceptions. San Fran was able to hold the Saints running game to a measly 37 yards overall. The huge question for the niners this weekend was if there offense could match the Saints because we all knew the Saints would drop 27 easy . After the niners gave up the lead late in the 4th quarter Vernon Davis took over. He carried the torch perfectly with the post pattern in the endzone crushing the Saints dreams. 

   Patriots V. Broncos - Why was this the late game again? Oh yeah because it had to media lighting rods behind center.The Broncos took their defense that is still without safety and defensive leader Brian Dawkins. Look the Broncos have a bright future once they find their identity as a team. But they had no business being there and Tom Brady let them now it. Heres the thing after you your up 35-7 before halftime with 5 passing touchdowns I think you got the win. So there was no need to have any passing plays. The Broncos knew they lost and going up 45-10 and Brady was still out there that is just bull shit. But no seemed to give a shit.  So that ended Tebowmania. I gotta say the kid is classier then Brady. Tebow didn't blame anyone said the Pats were a great team he never mentioned that they ran up the score, and he mentioned that he visited with a kid who I bet has some sort of really sad illness that would have been exploited by ESPN if they made it to the Super Bowl.  The Pats go on to play another game. Another issue I have with this game is all the people saying Tebow sucks or anything like that and I know  I have said that Sanchez and Romo suck but look the kid put his heart out there got ripped apart by everyone shrugged it off and played his ass off. He might not be the most fundamentally sound player  but respect the fact he gives it his all and fights all day. Plus how many playoff games against one of the best defenses in the game did you win? 

   Texans V. Ravens -  I can't wait to see the Texans back in the playoffs and hopefully they have everyone healthy because with that roster and the guys they found out about this year they are going to start something special. But the Ravens are way to good at home. I think in their last 20 games at home before todays game they were 19-1 thats pretty good since thats about 2.5 seasons of not losing at home. The Texans made it a game but the Vets had the extra edge. Yates threw 3 picks and in the playoffs its hard to win when you throw 1. But This was a better game then I think everyone expected. The Ravens are the best team to beat the Pats because their defense  can play with the Pats offense.  

   Giants V. Packers - Here it is the part of the post I have been waiting to write. You see I could have scratched it down first and then settled down and wrote a stellar post about other teams. Fuck that noise thats not how I do things. Let me get real with you guys I am a homer, I will root for the Giants against anyone . A team of Hall of Famers  I will go with the Giants,  A team of Feel good sob stories I will go with the  Giants, A team full of Super Models who if they won would have an oily naked party with me because those ladies find me sexy  I would root for... well thats a toss up , But I will wear a Giants Jersey.Ok let me recap this sum bitch. The Giants went into the "Frozen tundra" where the Super Bowl Champion Green Bay Packers live with their 15-1 regular season record and the love of the everyone I mean everyone (refs included). The Giants got up to a 10-3 lead after a Tynes Field goal and a Hakeem Nicks big touchdown run. But with a blown call on a Greg Jennings fumble the Packers were able to take advantage and score a touchdown tying the game at 10. the Giants running game was barely going anywhere but with 30 some odd seconds left in the half Ahmad Bradshaw was able to break off the longest run of the half and get out of bounds which set up an Eli Manning hail Mary pass to Hakeem Nicks who's gigantic hands plucked the ball out of the sky with half to the packers secondary on him.  With the score 20-10 at the half the Packers got the ball after the half. This is where everyone said Aaron Rodgers was going to put it together and comeback and win.  But his receivers had  a different game plan.  The 3rd quarter kinda sucked the Packers only scored 3 points.   The Giants put up 17 points with a Tynes short yardage field goal, a Manning to Manningham endzone heartbreaker and the crushing Brandon Jacobs game ending rushing touchdown.  I don't want to sound like a jerk but the refs really fucked up most of this game.  You know what I don't want to get into it because there will be so much coverage on it.... Oh yeah Discount Double Check 

    I just want to end this by say this about the Giants. When Eli said he was an elite quarterback and should be respected as one everyone laughed : He broke records and played better then any other Quarterback in the forth quarter, Steve Smith went to Philly for a shot at the playoffs and they had to start a no one by the name of Victor Cruz no one thought he'd do a damn thing : The Media was upset when he got snubbed for the Pro-bowl,When the season started and half their team was hurt or on other teams and Dallas and Philly loaded up on talent : they started off 6-2 ,  they were said to be dead in the water before they played the Jets: they won big , They were picked to lose against the Cowboys because the Cowboys were a more talented team : they won big,  the talking head said Atlanta would run all over them : they shut them down , Everyone said the Packers had to many weapons and Aaron Rodgers was too good and Eli couldn't match the "MVP" in a shoot out: They won big. No matter what happens next week in San Fran The Giants have put together a great season,they have earned every thing on sunday and through out the season( I know its a hockey speech but Come on bro you get my point).  So bring on the Hate , tell them they aren't good enough to clean Aaron Rodgers jock, and tell them that Tom Coughlin is most unpopular and no body wants to play for him because he is to strict. Go ahead tell them watch what happens just ask Tom Brady, Rex Ryan, B.J. Raji, and anyone who thinks they can knock them down. Go Ahead I dare you. 

   Yo look I am still super pumped about this win for Big Blue and I want to start up a hash tag on twitter and on facebook  #DejaBlue. So if you feel it let me hear it. 

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