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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Some stuff to think and ponder while you try to search google images for " Prince Fielder Fat", "Paul O'niel Chants" and " Halloween Sluts"

    9 days away from the Super Bowl and I cannot honestly come up with anything better then the Goonies and making Jim Irsay cry.  Right now I am spilt watching Bones on and The Hot Stove guys talk to Eric Hosmer and it makes me feel bad that the Royals  will have a hell of a hard time trying to get anywhere in that division with all of those moves that were made in the past few months going back to when Ubaldo Jimenez and Delmon Young got sent over to the AL Central. Now who knows with Roberto and Derek Lowe with the Indians and some guy named Prince who can sock a few dingers in Detroit.  But I really don't want to talk about the Royals...yet .

    I mean I have a tickle in my spine to start talking about baseball again but its just a tickle . Look I am a Mets fan so what am I really looking forward to? Jason Bay might hit 20 home runs this year, the double play tandem of Justin Turner and Ruben Teajda, the return to prominence of Bobby Parnell ? But you know me  if they win the first game I will think they can go all the way. I am a gluten for punishment. But I am more upset with the MLB Network.

  They have been on the air for  4 years or so now. I get it they want to be broad in a narrow field ,so they overloaded their staff with a bunch of guys who have were noticeable when they played the game but not really known for their interview skills. For example Sean Casey known for being a great guy when he played known as the Mayor of Cincy. Wait have I talked about this all ready? I probably have all I want to know is what genius there  thought to them selves " Hey is Jerry Manuel doing anything right now? I Pretty sure he is. I mean Bobby Valentine just got hired and their have been a few  other old guys who shouldn't get another coaching job...Oh he isn't doing anything , that truly surprises me. Someone get him on the phone we are gonna lock him up before the A's make him their manager because they are making all the right moves this offseason. " I bet it was something like that. I am like 100% sure all major television network executive make personality decisions.

     Before I went up to the hospital to see my dad today I spent a good half an hour watching Outside the Lines on Espn. They had this story about regenerative Stem cell surgery.  A bunch of athletes like Peyton Manning, Bartolo Colon, and a bunch others athletes have flown to other countries to have this procedure done. Most people see the term Stem Cells and they think aborted babies, but no these doctors take stem cells out of the patients bone marrow which has to hurt like a mother fucker and cultivate the stem cells from there. But the FDA has all but banned this operation in America because they feel that the doctors are making and using a new drug with the cultured stem cells. They feel that the stem cells have to go through a testing process to find out if there are any side effects. So first thing first I feel this is unfair because The Stem cells are coming from that person and not being used on anyone else and I ask why are the FDA cramping on something that came from that person , will only be used on that person and has worked out so far. So the idea of greedy medical companies come flooding in because I could see some company just locking it down slapping on a huge price tag and fill in evil villain plot. We all know the drill. But then I started thinking deeper. The FDA is actually looking out for the public. Who knows what kind of side effects this surgery might have? It is a relatively new surgery and there are bound to be something that could go wrong its just the facts of life. But I am not smart enough to really form more of an opinion on this matter so if you have an opinion on it I would love to here it. Do you think America should allow this surgery and have it be tested and allowed by the FDA or do you think that America should allow the surgery but not have it go through FDA testing because the Stem Cells are coming from the person and the FDA shouldn't regulate something that isn't  an outside factor? Let me know what you think.

     Lets end this on a good note.  The NHL All Star game and the NFL Pro Bowl are this weekend and should I care? The Pro Bowl happens to be a game that teams play. Yeah no one cares about the Pro bowl not the fans and not the players the only ones who cares about the Pro Bowl are the Hawaiian people . When the Pro bowl comes to town they roll in that fat cash. It is a huge tourism day for Hawaii . If you don't remember back in 2006 Hawaii threatened to succeed from the US because the NFL  moved the Pro bowl to the NFL experience which is at the Super Bowl Location. So Goodell  worked his ginger magic and sent the Pro Bowl right back there. But having the Pro Bowl the week before the Super Bowl was the indifferent cherry on the useless sunday (get it) . So now the two best teams players who were voted in are not playing. But at least you get to see Aaron Rodgers and Drew Brees now.
    So apparently hockey is trying to change the fucking game when it comes to an All star game. They have this draft thing where players from every team can be drafted by two captains. Finally someone took the pick up game picking process. It's about time I wonder how bad the last picked all-star feels . Yeah its great you get to go to an all star game but you are pretty lame. I might actually watch this I haven't made up my mind yet. I am super pumped that it doesn't interrupt my yearly Pro Bowl nap but I don't know hockey. I mean the only things I can think of hockey is the 94 Rangers and Jeff Bookaboom , Mark "the Captain" Messier , Adam "Gravey" Graves, Brian Leech and Mike Richter  also every time someone mentions the Islanders M.D stands up puts one fist in the air and shouts out "CLARK FUCKING GILLIES!!!!" so I don't know to much. What is a Lundqvist ?

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