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Wednesday, February 8, 2012



      This Morning I woke up got dress right around 7:15 am just in enough time to make an 8:03 train to the city to watch the Super Bowl Champion New York Giants march down the legendary Canyon of Heros where so many ...Heros have marched before. So with some spare time I  drove through the nearest McDonald's and purchased me a bowl of their oatmeal which I have had and have enjoyed before. But today was different because that shit ran through me pretty bad. Know I would have trooped through it but it was too much so I went home and lets just say I missed the next 5 trains and for every one step forward I took 2 steps back to my bathroom and one more poop joke I think you'll get that I was in pain. So with a moment I sent a text to one of my buddies ,Little Grinke  or L.G for short  and asked him to cover the parade and because L.G is such stand up guy (big fan of the site ) he even took pictures of the Parade to.  So while L.G and a few other of my friends had a great time #OCCUPYINGTHECANYONOFHEROS  I was camped in front for my T.V feeling both  terrible and guilty. If more then 6 people read this thing I would have hidden in my basement.       

     Parade coverage by Phantom field reporter  L.G. ... Heads up the font is going to get a little weird

"    Ok well today was the parade celebrating big blue's 4th Super Bowl win, and after experiencing it first hand all I can say is wow! Wow that that many people can be shitfaced  before noon. Their had to be over half of the estimated million fans in attendance totally plastered. Besides the smell of booze though, the parade was incredible. The atmosphere there was unbELIevable, cheesy, I know.

     But people were going nuts all the way from Penn station to the "Canyon of Heros" filling the air with chants of "Lets go giants!" and "Fuck Boston". The crowd also displayed their hatred towards the Patriots by nearly crucifying a kid probably around the same age as me (18 +) for wearing a Tom Brady jersey. He was having a bad day to say the least, he was having beer and expletives thrown at him like he was a wife of a redneck.

      It even got to the point were he had to be escorted out by the cops. Other than that there were absolutely no complaints, the floats were awesome and the fact that there were tons upon tons of shredded paper and toilet paper flying through the air, though most people (including myself) used the toilet paper to hit cars, sanitation workers and pretty much anyone else who looked like they deserved it. While Eli and Tom looked like straight up G's on their float as they passed around the Lombardi trophy, while Antrel  Rolle and the rest of the secondary were dancing around on their own float like a  50 cent video. But I do have to give a big shout out to Prince Amukamara who was rockin' an awesome flat top that would make Patrick Ewing  jealous. But when it was all said and done it turned out to be one of the best experiences of   my life. " 

     Short and sweet. It a nice change when someone else gives it a go isn't it ? I would like to thank L.G for covering the Parade for the Phantom and I would like to thank Gatorade for helping my stomach. Today was such a great day to have a  Championship parade. Best part is that all day I have seen Jets fans hit up twitter and Facebook saying how "classless ,how Giants fans should leave the Jets alone and blah blah blah"  but what they are actually saying " Come on guys. I know we talked a ton of shit before the season started and  since you beat us so bad and showed that we are really not as good as we said we are  that doesn't mean you have to let us know. "  Well our coach didn't say we were going to win the Super Bowl all he did was work to develop a good system with an elite level  quarter back , never giving up when they went on a four game losing streak, went on the road against the best teams in the NFL and beat those teams and oh yeah won the Super Bowl .   With Football being completely over I will do one more post about the Giants and I will try not to make Jets,Cowboys,and Pats fans cry with it . 

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