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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

"Be Nice to me I am a New York Fan" Thats you thats your voice ... take that.


   I wonder if other cities that have 2 or more team have this problem?  For the past 3 weeks their have been Giants fans coming out of the shadows. I find it really annoying when these 4th quarter fans come up and make asses of themselves and giving real fans a bad name. Ok maybe it's not that serious but still its pretty annoying.  Each week more and more "Giants fans" come out of their Jets / Cowboys / Packers caves, put on the Blue , start talking out of their ass whenever Eli throws an incomplete pass and They try dancing like Victor Cruz.  I understand the local media pandering to the fans because lets face it they have to be like that . But why are fans trying to make  asses of them selves.  This is the week were  people come out with songs to annoy me ... I hate that I actually like this one. It's fucking catchy. Mother Fucking Super Bowl . Funny story , back in 2007 at thanksgiving I was out at my Aunts and Uncles house talking with my Dad, cousin Kevin,  and Uncle Rich about Eli Manning and his future with the Giants. Kevin and I agreed that when Eli gets the right pieces he will be the best Quarterback  the Giants have ever had but my Uncle said "The Giants will never win a Super Bowl with Eli Manning as the Quarterback". True story .

    I have been a New York Football Giants fan since I was 8 , I am pretty sure that I told everyone that a few posts back and I had been going to games until I was 23 so thats 15 years of going to East Rutherford New Jersey for Long Island making that trek in weight losing heat and body part losing cold. My dad made me go to a game that was  - 10 in december when I was 11 so when I got older I wouldn't be a fair weather fan. I am the same way with the Mets but the last time people jump on their band wagon was back in 2006 and that was 6 years ago. But It's different with the Giants because it was only hot girls that were turning into Mets fans and that was fine with me but  I understand people who don't really watch  sports and only paying attention during the Championships thats fine frankly when people tell me that  I have more respect for them when they are honest.

  I just don't like when I talk to people during games or what ever and they tell me that they are "New York Fans" ugh even saying it makes me mad.  Ok let me explain because I am friends with "New York Fans" who will argue and debate their point to me kind of respecting their view for like 5 minutes but then I remember why I don't like that term. Remember way back when I wrote a post about fandom? Yeah well I see rooting for a team is like picking sides in a fight. Sounds like I am taking way to seriously but look around me saying that were are picking a side in a fight is the like the least serious thing nowadays. Shits crazy right. Maybe I don't fully understand where these people are coming from , maybe these people have a hard time making a decisions. It must suck ordering food with them. Look I get it New York has great sports teams and it's a lot of fun to root for a winner. The Ride is amazing (2007 - 2008 was unreal) but when it's your team winning the Championship it makes the ride so much better. So why not pick a side. Yes, the Jets have only made 1 super bowl and the Giants have made 5 and won 4 so I can see the appeal.   When the Yankees made the World Series back in 2009 I didn't root for The Yankees or for New York I rooted for the Phillies to lose I didn't care how it happened.  I picked my side with the Mets and since they crashed and burned so nicely that year I just tried to enjoy baseball. Call me a liar or what thats the truth.  If you are a sports fan pick your side and stick with it. Having your feelings hurt sucks especially when your team doesn't win trust me I know. But it's indescribable feeling when you stick it out with one team for years and they win it all. If you think I am a dick because you are such a huge pussy and can't be a real fan maybe you should stop watching sports your call.

  Pick a side and  Stay with it. If you hate the Giants hate the Giants , if you hate the Patriots hate the Patriots, if you hate both teams then tough shit maybe your team should have drafted better players and not have a coach who sucks in pressure situations.  The biggest game of the year is going to take place in about 5 days. If you're not a fan just enjoy the game I hear there is going to be a sick ass spot for The Avengers so that could be worth watching. Just what ever you do don't act like you king shit because your "team" never loses and don't get mad\ when I laugh in your face.  Lets get it Clear I love New York I love the Giants I love the Mets I am in a love hate thing with the Knicks and I am coming around on hockey. So when a team from this area does well and it's not the ones I have all ready listed I don't fucking like it.

                                                         #ALLIN ...God damnit it's so catchy


P.S - I forgot to put Kenny Powers on the list of best T.V characters.

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