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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Gary The Kid Carter

     Earlier today we heard the new that Hall of Fame Catcher long time Montreal Expo and New York Met Gary Cater has pasted away after losing his year long  battle with brain cancer, Cater was 57 years old. Carter played for 19 years with the Expos,Mets,Giants,Dodgers, Expos and hit 324 career home runs. Being inducted to the Hall of fame in 2003 which put a cherry on top a great career.  His number was retired by the Expos a few years before the Expos left for D.C and has been looked at as a hero by fans of the New York Mets  franchise. There will be multiple articles written today that are going to be way better then this but in the next paragraph I would like to say a few words in honor of Mr. Carter.

   When I was younger I had 3 heros in my life Raphael from the Ninja Turtles, Peter Venkman from Ghost Busters , and Gary Carter granted I was 1 years old when the Mets won the World Series and was 4 when they waived him in 1989 but I admired how "The Kid" played the game and if it wasn't for Gary Carter I would have played soccer so I am entirely grateful for that. When I first started playing baseball I wanted to play catcher and have the number 8 but that number was taken and in tee ball playing catcher isn't really that awesome since you can't block the plate and wear your huge ass glasses under the mask without your mother getting mad at you. When I was growing up one of my favorite items was a Gary Carter autographed baseball. It was given to me as a gift when I was a young sprout. I used to rub the ball for good luck before every tee ball until first year of kids pitch because I thought maybe I could play like Gary. Didn't work but I still think of Gary as an idol till today.  I feel and I know I am not alone on this. But since the Expos no longer exist and the Nationals did not continue to honor the previous retired numbers , I feel that as a show of respect for the 5 years that Gary played in New York and since he brought a title, was a 4 time all star , 2 time sliver slugger,  and was a award winning manager in their farm system. I feel that the Mets should retire the #8.  It seems like the right thing to do.

    I could go on and on about how great Gary Carter was as a person and how great he was as a player. But if you watch MLB Network they will put on a great video tribute for him. Thoughts and prayers go to his family.  Rest in Peace Gary "The Kid" Carter 1954-2012.


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