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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Hey mid west or whatever here I come

      I am going on the road Phuckers... Well at least  for like a day or something like that. I am headed to Iowa to help my cousin Leann move back to New York. So me and my idiot cousin Mikey who apparently might write for this site again are taking the Mid west by storm and what I mean by storm is taking a plane to Chicago then making the ill transfer to another plane then going to what ever airport is out there, hanging out there for like a quick minute , and then getting in a car and driving  back to New York. We leave at 6:30am and return who the fuck knows.  I don't know what to expect from the crazy I or what ever they call Iowa but I bet I wont get to see a lot of it. 

    Yeah So I when I get back I will try to get one last Giants post in ,  Start covering the Knicks like a champ because they are moving ,  since baseball starts in a few more days and  my euphoria of the Giants will quickly disappear and who knows maybe their might be a hockey post who knows its a crazy world . So I will be back monday and hopefully some great company will get my awesome resume and give me a job. I might not be the most experienced but I look pretty good in a suit , and I am a natural leader so. Synergy, product integration, business jargon   profit points and shit like that .  

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