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Friday, February 3, 2012

Is it the Super Bowl on Sunday? With all this non bulletin blotter I wouldn't of known

   Besides the first week of people asking if Eli is an Elite quarterback and Tom Brady's return to  glory. It has been a historically quite Super Bowl and who is the victim here ?  Is it the millions of fans who have other things going on and really could careless about media day, was it the players who are more focused on the game and who at least 4 of them missing the Pro Bowl ... 4 guys missed a free trip to Hawaii , or should we feel bad for everyone covering the game. Bingo ! The poor reporters and news outlets covering this game. I honestly feel sorry for these guys.

      Wednesday was media day which is usually filled with stupid players saying stupid things written down by some guy in a super hero costume because his out there covering the game for some 5th rate blog in Indy ... We are New York based.  But there has been nothing from either side except for Antrel   Rolle saying the Giants were going to win, Gronk talking about his ankle,  Welker was talking about his mustache, Ochocinco is still on the Patriots apparently and Deion Sander loves the fact he only has 257 yards , and Osi lost 20% of his Super Bowl check  because he missed an interview thus making it the dumbest NFL fine since the Troy Palmful phone call. So instead of dealing with it what do the crafty reporters do. They build up Brady's claim that New England is a Super Bowl team, Rolle said the Giants are going to win, Belichick's girlfriend is way to hot for that bridge troll and  they hack Gisele Brady's  email to her friends and family and say that Tom has lost his championship edge. Come on guys lets be pro's here and this is coming from a guy who consistently writes like he is trying to try out for CB4 ( Yeah I know I like early 90's Chris Rock movies). Look you knew coming into this one that quotes were going to be few and far between especially after the last one.

     Tom Brady is going to play great on sunday  I mean he over came that Carnival he can over come an email  and so is Eli Manning they are the 2 best quarterbacks this season numbers be damned.   This will be a good game you have a great offense going up a hot defense and a great offense going up against Vance Wilfork and 10 other guys who say they play defense.   Julian Edelman is going t  o be out there to try and stop someone who is not the top 3 wide out for the Giants and The Giants will  suit up a porn star or Kate Upton to slow down Gronk  I mean thats a good game plan.  I want the Giants to win badly because I want to go to that parade. So for me to give some bullshit prediction will just be wasting my time and your time. I made it pretty clear who I am going to root for the past 5 weeks.  So really lets move on.

    Hey Peyton Manning is cleared to fuck with Jim Irsay. How bad do you think he feels right now ? I bet pretty bad , Pey Day is now looking for those bucks and a place to sling that rock around(told you) like Mike Tahoe. Hmmm My dude E-Jaxx (Edwin Jackson) just signed with Nationals so thats great news for Mets fans. Yup just fucking great news.  This show Doomsday providers or Extreme Hoarders shows how the mental health care system  is working out. I am pretty sure that all of those people were super crazy way before Obama was elected but I can understand why they'd blame him since you know  everyone blames him for everything.  Take that Politics and your way to smart for me attitude.


   So lets go Giants and after sunday its 100% baseball.

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