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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Just a little monday mediocrity


    OK I want to keep this quick because I am on the verge of the craziest pukefest of all time. Yeah My brother the Big Q had this bug last week and now I have it and I am about t-minus 6 hours away from it taking off for 2days .

   I just want to clear some things that I might have missed in my last post. Ryan Braun got off his charges because his sample was held at the testing facility for a few days longer then  normal and because of that and that alone he will not be suspended.So  that is fair ... Douche Bag .

   Why is their hype on Danica Patrick ? Isn't she fucking terrible at driving and moderately attractive you know what will make her sexier ... If she won ever, winners are hot? Further more why is NASCAR so popular ? There is nothing special about people making left turns not even they are just veering left. Ohh you drive real fast  and cut people off  thats great  try driving 45 mph through Queens  and then tell me how difficult NASCAR actually is.  If you think about it when I turned 16 and got my drivers licensee I could have been one of the best drivers in NASCAR. Also You can't drive in the rain ? See right there you lose all credit as a competition based event because NASCAR is not a sport. Also Fox has got to be fucking kidding me with still  running coverage of the Daytona 500 since a car blew up like 3 hours ago or something and they are just showing these fucks sitting around. If you want to show rednecks doing stupid shit play cops or House or something else.

   Did anyone else think the Slam dunk contest sucked balls this year? 4 nobodies jumping over people and boring the shit out of me. I set my day up so I could watch it, I picked up some food made my self a descent dinner cracked a few beers and by the time whats his name did the black out dunk I was watching my 5th episode of Archer on Netflix. The NBA needs to do something about this. I get the A plays don't want to compete because they are assholes but come on. How about this make it like baseball , if a player has over 20 hard slams before the All star break they are asked to compete non of this if you want to you can because All star weekend has become Everybody show off weekend. Kevin Love won the 3 point contest  and beat Kevin Durant. SHock and AWe

   Umm I am actually gonna stop because... well shits getting real in my stomach

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