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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Knicks V. Rangers in a showdown for the affection of The 212 (Title Town)

  How much does the sports world hate New York right now ?  It just seems that the City that never sleeps also never loses. Shit that would be an awesome t-shirt (patten pending patten pending ) or has it been made in to a shirt , either way this has been a good 2 weeks for the Empire State  since Tom Brady threw that incomplete hail Mary.  Both the Rangers and the Knicks have been nothing but fire since the Giants won. I know I just repeated my self but I love saying that the New York Giants ( thats right Chris Christie you fat bastard. The Giants have been playing in New Jersey since the 70's and still say they're a New York team. Get the hint )  are Super Bowl Champions.   I have to stop that and talk about the Knicks and Rangers.  The two teams that share the Garden might in fact tare it apart with too much awesomeness. Like that scene in Godzilla but instead of it being filled with Raptor babies its filled with home made Jeremy Lin jerseys and dudes with #30 on fedoras.

     Right now the Knicks are in the grips of "Lin-sanity". If you haven't heard and I don't know how you did unless you count on the Phantom as your  only sports news source and by that I say thank you but bro you gotta expand your horizons. Jeremy Lin is an undrafted second year point guard from Harvard  who average about 16 point per game and has been nothing but fire since coming off the bench against the Nets and dropping 20 plus point and then going H.A.M  on the next three teams  Jazz, Lakers and T-Wolves  right now he has a double double going on against the Raptors. But the whole world is buzzing about how good Jeremy is. I mean he put up 38 on Kobe  and is actually running the point which the Knicks desperately need.  Lin was able to shine as the solo star since Melo has been out with a groin /leg injury and Amar'e  has  missed the last few games due to the death  of his older brother. But he is now back in the rotation and is thriving with Lin at the point They sit 13-15 and 8th overall  in the East and climbing. Oh yeah the Knicks just won. Lin-sanity continues . Lin with 27 pts and 11helpers ,Stat with 21 and 9 rebounds , Chandler with 13 and 9 rebounds , Landry and Iman both had 8 pts and the rest of team under preformed. They were out rebounded all game but with Chandler being such a boss late and Jeremy Lin suffering from clutchensons and being propelled by the power of twitter and slightly racist catch phrases.  Crouching Tiger  Hidden Point guard , Linja   and a bunch of others that I don't feel like saying. More on Lin later since that my thing , I like to beat a dead horse.

   On the other side of the Garden the New York Rangers have just been unreal...apparently. Look you know and I know I am not the biggest hockey fan. Frankly these words are going to be like writing french   but I will give it a shot.  The Rangers are 36-13-5 with 77 pts ( I don't know what that means). But yeah it seems like the Rangers are shooting fire I guess but they are having a hard time grabbing the spotlight from the afore mentioned Knicks because the Rangers  don't have a guy who's last name can be used as a prefix or someone that has a cool story. Instead they have Henrik Lunquivdst who might be the best goalie in the league and a few guys who are on pace to have career high goal scoring seasons. They are on a 5 game winning streak and just shut out The Stanley Cup Champs Boston Bruins.  It looks like the Rangers are the real deal. I have no clue when the NHL playoffs start but everyone is saying that they look like they can be a team to deal with which is great for this city.  Do the Islanders still play in New York ? I haven't heard a damn thing about them since they tried to play a scrimmage in K.C and like 5 people showed up.  Also I am pretty sure that 100% male Rangers fans would take one from Lundquivdst if he asked. Happy Valentine's Day !

   So who should get the light ?  Should the fans of New York  ride the 1st place Rangers and just be the out right favorite or should they go with the "underdog" Lincentric  Knicks who are working their way up the rankings?  Why not follow both at the same time. Its great to be an out right favorite but it is rewarding to be an underdog and right now the New York sports has the chance to be both at the same time. The Garden is hopping and on fire right now  which is great it's the early 90's all over again . Sorry rest of the Sports world  deal with it. Both Knicks and Rangers fans have been waiting for it.
      New York is going to win everything this year. It starts with Football next is Hockey followed by Basketball then Pro Lacrosse because I think New York has 7 teams in the  MLL league and then to put a pretty bow on it  with the Mets being the only team to win the World Series with the bare minimum of talent. You can call me at 1800-848-5286 ext 96 (Title Town).  If that is actually a real number first off thats pretty awesome and second off I am so sorry that no one will call you.   Go New York Go New York go!

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