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Monday, February 6, 2012


LETS GET CRAZY NYC AND NEW JERSEY !                       

     Is this how it felt to be a Yankees fans in the late 90's ? 2 Super Bowls in 4 years holy shit I can't believe it I am so pumped right now I don't even know. I am so pumped that I might actually write  a good post tonight.  NEW YORK GIANTS 4 TIME SUPER BOWL CHAMPIONS 

   It's just about midnight here in Title town and I don't think I can sleep until Friday but I will because going out and doing stuff cost money and I have very little and I plan on saving  what ever I have left for Tuesday while I celebrate at the parade( My conversation with M.D about the Parade:" Dude to bad your working on Tuesday" Me, "I work everyday dude" M.D " The Parade is going to be fire" me " you gonna go? " Idk I have to check my money see if I have enough"me " I feel you man" M.D "I don't have a lot, What's more important Gas, food or Glory?" Me "I always go with Glory"M.D)  . I want to give a big shout out to my cousin Jay who is a huge Jets fan but will be playing for the DSNY Pipes and Drums band during the Parade.  Also before I get real into it I want to give shout outs to all my Giants fans that I know I wont write their names but I want to give them a blanket shout :

     This was the culmination of hard work, loyalty, and determination by everyone involved from the Champions on the Field , The Coaching staff, The Owners ,Front office guys, Medical Staff, Training staff, Practice squad, the all  People who work at GIANTS stadium , and to us the fans ! Everyone picked the Giants to fail. Steve Smith left to join the "Dream Team" so Victor Cruz took his spot and guess what he aint giving it back and he is going to get paid. After a hot start the NFL threw the toughest schedule in the league and We all survived. Eli was mocked and ridiculed by everyone when he said he was an elite level quarterback and what did he do he out played and then beat  every "MVP" caliber quarter back ( I would like another shot against Drew Brees) top defenses couldn't stop Eli when it counted now that he holds the record for most 4th quarter touchdown passes. The Defense was busted up for the first half of the season and then shut the   door on when it counted. We all won today we all fought hard with this team and they fought hard for all of us. This is a great day for Everyone who wears Giants colors with pride. It was us against the World and We won !

   OK so I am glad I got that out . I am so proud to be a  Life long Giants fan. But I would like to show some love to the Patriots and their fans. They went 13-3 this season which is great  and they have such a great offensive team. That  O-line is strong and Gronk/ Hernandez are just beast when healthy, and Robert Craft is one of the most classicist owners in the league I wish him luck and my prayers to his family. I know this is going to sound assholeish  but the best of luck next year I want you to fucking own the Jets.

     Today before the real Super Bowl  a crew of  rouges that I put together with Coughlin  like intelligence (side not I spelt intelligence wrong the first time)  to play football against the Elmont Fire department.  Well, we should have made up rules before the game because the first 30 minute was just making the rules and then the next 20 was editing those rules  but when we got rolling the Phantom Ballplayer Hooligans rolled big.

 Here is a game recap and I am sorry to the Elmont  Guys due to the Super Bowl I forgot most of your names except for Chester, Boris, and Tito because I know them.

  Starting Qb/defensive tackle - Your Boy Bry ... Me , WR's/Cb's/ Lb/Safeties/and line men= Ron ( mini Plex ) ,J-mart, J.J, J-fly, Mikey, Matty Ice and The Big Cat.  While Elmont came a little under staffed so Vinny Flex and Bones went over to fill up the gaps.  But that couldn't stop this touchdown machine . Dropping 5 yard dump screens for what seemed like 70 yard touchdowns.  Bombing out post patterns, fades and so many double moves that it would break your heart along with your ankles.

Final Score : Phantom Ballplayer Hooligans 10 Elmont Fire Department 3
        Stats :
 Bry- 9 Td passes 0 ints and 5 Qb rushes
 Jmart - 3 rec Tds  1 ints  6 Qb rushes , Stacked up in the back field giving me some time to sling that rock and juking and jiving like Elvis in his hay day.
 J.J - 2 rec. Tds , madd tackles , and one almost int
 Mikey - 1 rec. Td, 1 passing td , 1 int and one gift swat to the Elmont guys also he punted like my dude Steve Weatherford who is Swagger incarnate.
 Matty Ice-2 rec. td that  5 yards out 50 yards up ,  Swats on defense and late game O line .
J-Fly - 2 rec. tds (one from Mikey I think) and Swatting around like a a baller
The Big Cat - On one leg took on a fire Elmont Pass rush and held his ground. Then on the other side of the ball he had two clutch sacks late in the game even after Big Tito landed on his head.
Ron Mini Plex - 5 catches 0 tds , 1 pick and glove like pass coverage. Seriously if the Pats had Ron on their squad Manningham wouldn't have caught any of those clutch late passes.

   It was a great game and I can't wait to get back out there and play again. Also I am going to put this out there to readers in the New York/Long Island or anyone who has deep pockets. We will travel to you and give you a whoppin if you cover travel.... Hit me up at the email or at the Facebook page.

       Tuesday Who is going to #OCCUPYTHECANYONOFHEROS with me? I can't wait to go fucking crazy. I can't wait to hold in my pee because if I move I will never see my spot again but It's going to be a great time the City is going to rock and apparently the Rangers are doing extremely well this year, and Well I don't think the Mets could be anything special but If the Mets Win the World Series this year not only will I break down and cry with joy but I will do something  stupid I will leave that up to the viewers ( can't run around Naked because I am bashful) ... Wait were there other sports or tav shows on tonight ? I don't know I mean I only peed once today so changing the channel was not an option.




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