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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Who thought it was going to be us who went super racist on LinSanity ?


  Pheww that was a close one. Thank God Espn was so quick to throw out the headline "Chink in the  armor". How long do you think they had that one in the chamber?  Yo probably, like the day after the Knicks signed him. Some crafty hipster who was working for the Mike Lucia show who got the job because he dates the daughter of the guys who runs ESPN New York or something like that .  This is coming off the first lose in about 2 weeks for the Knicks.  Yes, the magical feeling of a 7 game winning streak in a 66 game season , getting to .500 , everybody going crazy about the new point guard as everyone looks at the worst case scenario when Amar'e and Melo come back because they forgot that 1. Amar'e loves the pick and roll like I love deep fried oreo's and 2. Lin and Melo played against the Nets and both had pretty good games, and finally everyone saying their favorite racist joke that they hear from their great uncle and ending  it with Insanity made me do it so that they don't offend anyone.  It's the guilty white person way of saying "No Homo" to Asians and the Black person way of saying absolutely anything they want because they have some funny shit to say, Thanks Kanye... After that grouping of word it kind nails the point home on how shocking it is that I didn't start the most racist thing about Incoming mail ... That doesn't work how about Lindow cleaner ,no , Linfu young with fired rice , hmm it's really hard to remember words that start with Lin or trying to remember my chinese food menu.

    Honestly I bet the order of who people thought would have been the first to drop the racist headline would have went : 1. Barstool , 2-1,000,000 other sites 1,000,001 Phantom Ballplayer and then all those prestigious web sites  and Espn would be dead last. But Espn has fired that reporter which is good because this was his 3rd warning and when you write for a world wide Sports media provider that type of "humor", "turn of phrase" or what ever you want to call it should not be allowed. I am just shocked that it took this long really, everyone has been dancing around it very diligently. Wait is diligently the one where you just say pretty much the worst thing you possibly and then blame other people when you cross the line ? If you want to know why this is such a huge thing in the sports world I'll tell you.


    The biggest sports market in the world has a player with a name that you can spell other words with, he is a good point guard playing in the right system where he can  pass and shot with a high succession rate, playing with solid guys around him , and oh yeah everyone is a kind of a tiny bit super  racist. Did that just blow your  progressive liberal minds?  Oh if Lin was Black he wouldn't get any press , oh really... Derek Rose,Rajon Rondo, Deron Williams, Chris Paul, John Wall, Russell Westbrook, Monte Ellis, Ricky Rubio, Tony Parker, Brandon Jennings , Jason Kidd, and Steve Nash. You see that that a fuck load of point guard who are better except for John Wall (who is Lin's bitch)  that have all been said to be the best point guard in the NBA at one point in their careers. 90% are African American, Rubio is Spanish , Parker is French , Nash is Canadian , and I have not clue what the hell Jason Kidd is. Think he is albino but I am not 100% on that. What I am trying to say is that all of those guys I have listed play the point extremely well and if they came to NYC and were winning games they would have catchy headline is the daily rags too. Derrick Rose "Madison Rose Garden" , Russell Westbrook" Upper Westbrook side shooter" , Tony Parker"Central Parker strangler " ,Rajon Rondo" Another Rondo hook up", Steve Nash " The New York Nash exchange"  and " What the fuck is Jason Kidd!... Seriously " see how easy that was.  It's really all about the W's and all that other stuff is just filler in between boner pill commercials thats the  Sports world. And to Floyd Mayweather, are you the guy who fought the Big Show because you'r a spotlight seeking slut and like other sluts just keep your mouth shut and get punched in the face by Manny Pacquiao

    So I took about a 24 hour break in between paragraph so if there any inconsistencies  I don't really apologize. This was a flimsy idea to begin with. I mean I do find it funny that pretty much this whole month which we honor  African Americans and their struggles, hardships  and triumphs where we see countless specials about Jackie Robinson, Martin Luther King J.R,  and others I just find it funny that on the other end of it they are kind of making fun of another race. I mean there is something there I just don't know what but I can see it. Also I think its about time we kinda chill this Insanity stuff because there are a bunch of other guys who are playing on the Knicks and they are doing very well. Chandler is in the Top 13 and climbing in rebounding , Melo is ranked 8th in scoring and has a shot to contend for the scoring title if he stays healthy and Steve Novak is going to become the new spokesmen for State Farm since he double checked on the Mavs today. So lets move on guys it's getting Linbearable  it shows how you have original ideas anymore it's really humLingating or what ever you have a journalism degree you can figure it out.

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