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Sunday, March 4, 2012

After this the Saints might put a bounty on me


    What was it friday or what ever news broke about the New Orleans Saints having a bounty system in place by defensive coordinator Greg Williams or Huey Lewis  I can't remember his name but non the less he set up a system that would pay defensive plays for hard hits? It would be like 1,500 for knock outs, 2,000 for injuries and if there was a good Qb playing against them the price would vary. The reports say that every coach on the team knew about it but didn't stop it, even the owner knew and tried to clean up the program.  Williams is now with the Rams and is sorry for his actions... Bullshit he isn't sorry that he put prices on players heads or other body parts , he's sorry he got caught for it and you can make damn sure that if the Rams play the Saints or he finds out who fucking opened their  bitch ass mouth because you can put money down that someone is going to get rocked in the face

     I call bullshit on the Saints owner lets call him Big Daddy you know from the Simpsons where Chief Wiggum went the big EZy. So Big Daddy here said he tried to clean up the system  in his own organization which Williams has been a part in since 09 when the Saints won the Super Bowl. So for 3 or so years this has been going on and you were "trying" to clean your system really I guess you tried so hard to clean your system out while the Saints dismantled teams before choking it in the playoffs back to back years. It must be so hard to discount all those wins and sloppy Chris Collinsworth wet kisses on your junk. The owner knew hell he cut the checks. The Saints had a taste of the top but realized their defense was full of terrible tacklers and basically a one sided team. Listen I don't like the Saints I think they are a classless team who runs up the score. But the fact that people are shocked that this happened . Did they ever watch a Saints game? Taking out 98 year old Brett Farve and then trying to take out 95 year old Kurt Warner in the playoffs.  Its like when people think Ryan Braun played clean, just idiotic blind ignorance. The thing is I figure as much from the Saints frankly I think other teams do some dirty ass shit to but they are madd quite about it like how the Giants faked an injury to slow the clock down it's just shit that happens behind closed doors. You know win at all costs , lets not act like these guys are all playing a friendly game of two hand touch. No, these guys are going all out to make money so they can live big lives and maybe have some left over so their kids don't have to worry about getting dick slapped by Sallie Mae. So these Un-drafted dudes who are not going to be paid   anything and might be cut for farting in the lunch room will do anything to get that dollar. Thats why they are in the NFL because they will do as much as they can to stay there.

   One more thing before I go. I know its spring training but could MLB please stop this pros V. colleges. I know its a cool thing that these kids face off against some big league talent but when is the last time one of these college pulled an upset and won ? Never, its just batting practice for these guys. It's just stupid. Hmm this was a pretty unfunny post. I guess I am getting tired with the stupidity of how the media is approaching some situations. I don't get how they pick and choice the stories they make heros and villains on. I mean they leave no stone Un tuned on Rodger Clemens to the point where you want him to go to jail , they sit on the fence on Ryan Braun and don't burn his shit down at his bullshit press conference, the call out the Giants for a common practice in the NFL , they take it easy on Josh Hamilton and now they are dumb struck by this incredibly oblivious reveal. The state of how shit gets done by the "big boys" is just unreal. I'll be back after monday.


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