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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Everything is terrible part ...Well lets see I guess part 99

   Hey guys sorry I haven't delighted you eyes with my amazing words/ word play for the past couple of days.  Because you see with the holiday that just past and the season finale of The Walking Dead I have just been in a comatose state. How crazy was both things I just mentioned. The only thing I have to say about St. Patricks day is that as much as I try to avoid it and I tried so hard to avoid this . I turned out to be Ted Mosby... Architect . With the Walking Dead just fire thats all I can say about this season. Fire all around  just everything about this season was incredible. Everyone who got killed , with that bombshell and all those walkers just getting iced like gangbusters and the ending was just the cherry on top of a zombie sundae  with all the fix-ins.... Yeah Lets just say I was thoroughly pleased with what I saw.

   But since this is a sports blog and since we still mainly talk about sports. I guess I can try to muster some stuff up to get your fill of the Phantom today. Lets see , The Knicks are good again for now. After they fired Mike D' Antoni and gave the keys for now to Mike Woodson there has been no hotter team in the East. Lets face it D'Antoni's system was killing Melo and A'mare.  But with Woodson taking the  helm slowing the team down so that   Melo  can get settled into a good shooting stance (which Melo looks like a brand new man with out Mustache Mike on his shit)  and crushing it on defense has had everyone here talking about the playoffs once again.  I just wish that the Knicks could play this motivated and survive until the playoffs. But  if the Knicks can roll out a few more wins maybe against a good team like the Heat or Celtics I will feel more comfortable with them in the hunt for the playoffs. I feel bad for Woodson though. No matter how good he makes this team there is no way in hell is he staying the head coach after this season. Head Coach of the Knicks is way to big of a job for the guy who used to coach the Atlanta Hawks. I am pretty sure the Knicks are going to move heaven and earth to sign up a guy like Phil Jackson. Actually they are going to burn down L.A to sign Phil jackson.

   I honestly can not believe how hard the Broncos fucked Tim Tebow.  Even with the news today about how they have traded him to the Jets but that might fall apart because of how stupid the Broncos were when they drafted him and gave him a shit ton of money to only play like 9 games. Now don't get me wrong I like Tim Tebow I think he is a great athlete and a good person but If he does come to the Jets he will be on College Gameday with in two years. It's a career killing move for him and its sad because thats where the quarter back position is going, he is the prototype that guys like Cam Newtown, RG3 and countless others are going to be. He gets so much shit from the press for playing the game hard and his way that really you feel that he is not as good as the wins prove he is. Yes you can say the kicker and defense won those games but really it was a team thing. except of the Buffalo game he never was the real cause of the Broncos to lose. Also how can anyone think John Elway is a man of integrity anymore? He tells the press right after the Broncos defense gets bitch slapped by the Pats that Tebow is his guy next year and then they spend the whole start of the offseason trying and getting Peyton Manning all because John Elway was once 35 ? Thats nice, I was once 15 but you don't see me going out there and trying to pick up 15 year old girls because I know what 15 is like. No thats fucking creepy and completely ridiculous. John Elway is a bold face liar and I hope for Peyton Manning sake it works out and Tebow just kills them when he is doing pre games ." Aw shucks Phil I sure do hate that John Elway dick bag, by golly gee willickers . By the Way I am banging every attractive woman that crosses my path because Thats what Tabooing actually means. "  I don't know where I was going on that whole I was 15 shit but I hope you understand that John Elway is a douche bag who always hated Tim Tebow. Thats why he pretty much protested the Broncos who asked him to be the GM when the year they drafted him and when Tebow started to play in real games he took over real fast and tried his hardest to get rid of this kid who's only real crime is that no one ever told him how to throw a football the cookie cutter way.

   Two weeks away. I can't wait just two little weeks away and the way days have been flying by since last May it should be here in no time and I am getting pumped. the Mets are kinda tickling me in all the right ways. Yes that sentence just happened , But Johan Santana is coming back then the last year and a half. Look We don't need him to win 20 games this year , we just need him to move Mike Pelfrey down to the #4 or 5 spot because well lets face it the Big Lick is really just not doing that great at the 3+ spot. Also lets give a quick whats up to eye injuries this spring training. I know there has only been two but thats like a 200% increase since 1986 when 3 kidney Joe became One eyed Pete in the span of an afternoon. Both players are made up I am just trying to make a point. But this injury has two sides of  seriousness to it. Like A.J Burrnett bunted and took one in the peeper and is out for 8 weeks and we all laughed and had a great time laughing at him . But a few days ago Drunkie Cabrera took a bad read on a hooper at 3rd base and no one laughed at him... except for me because I used to play 3rd base and that is not how you do it pal. You don't sit back and play the hop you charge it so if it hops it hits you in the gut instead of the FACE. Moron, the Detroit Tigers defense should be a show to watch this season. Other news I am starting to hate this 30 clubs in 30 Days bullshit on the MLB network. Why can't these guys just speak the truth about teams. " I love the Twins this year." crap ,no one likes the Twins.  It's just one big hand job to blind fans into believing that their team won't suck this year ... any team in the west not named the Angels or D-backs. I want to pitch a show to MLB network and call it " What fans really think" and have it be a 30 minute show where I go around talking to random fans who know the truth . I can see the first episode and I will call it " Delusion thy name is Andy Petite " and I talk to yankees fans who can only speak in nouns.  Emmy worthy.

   Ok enough of that noise.  For some reason I am super hyped up right now I don't know what it is. It could be that I am actually excited for baseball because I did see that Johan went 6 today and that is just music to my hears or maybe I am going crazy. Either way I am pumped up. On a more personal not I am thinking about  maybe starting to train of for the "Run For you Life 5k" zombie run that is going on . LEts face it running 3.1 miles with obstacles  being chased by zombies sounds like a great time and we all know I could stand to run and drop some pounds even though I am looking pretty good with this no bad sugars kick. But I think it would be pretty fucking cool to get my run on being chased by zombies thus making me the best guy for the job if the Zombie apocalypse happens , well I mean I am pretty clever and can fix shit, cook food, I have a pretty good sense of directions , I only use side streets so I know short cuts, and lets face it the only thing holding me back is my fat ass so really if I lean up and get all juke on these undead fools I could be a valuable asset to any group.  Has anyone else thought like this once in their life ?

    Thats a good question. Have you ever thought about what you bring to the table during the Zombie apocalypse , who would you pick to be in your group of lets say 10 and what would be your go to ( location, weapon, and mode of transport  of choice) ? Oh I smell solo post on this topic. Give me you answers on the Facebook thingy that your not a fan of and lets talk zombies before baseball starts.

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